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And if to look at the slender legs in proportion passing to round to the daddy, the acting pubis, the low waist, two ideal hillocks of a magnificent breast topped with the sticking-out nipples, a lovely face with beautiful sponges and big eyes and a hairstyle of a caret. Looking at all this, and there is a wish "to eat" her. Call my charm Ira or as usual I call it Toffee. We are married already 5 years, a sexual relationship somehow became boring and we approached that it is necessary to diversify them somehow. About it and history. We lived at that time in the suburb of Kiev in the one-room apartment. And I don't remember any more in what occasion there arrived to us one of my friends Andrey. Friday of 18 hours we sit in kitchen we take alcohol three together, Andrey my wife Ira and I. Tequila for three of 0.7 went as children to school. - An iris, well we so far with Andrukha descend behind additive? – I told. - Yes, Ira dont'you mind? – Andrukha echoed. - Yes, boys descend, and that somehow there is a wish п …, descend, and I so far in a shower descend after cheerful Friday! Toffee answered. At that moment I didn't attach significance to the fact that my sun I stopped short. And we went, took 0.7 more tequilas already not to go yet, the benefit the lime of the house was. I open a key a door we enter the apartment, we come on kitchen, neither in the room, nor in kitchen of nobody, passing by the combined bathroom on kitchen, I pay attention that in the bathroom light burns and the door is closed. - And where Ira? – Andrukha asks. - Most likely in the bathroom if you want, you can check! – I answer. Andrukha in a neponyatka with the rounded eyes looks at me. - "Turnip"!!! – I speak and I show a hand on a window which is at the level of the head between the bathroom and kitchen, spilling us on a glass Tequila of Iris in the bathroom so far. Andrukha continues to look at me like a deer in the headlights. - Put a stool, get up on it and look in a window, Irka there or not! – I speak. - Aaaaaaaaa!!!! I understood!!! – Andrukha speaks, putting a stool near a wall and climbing up her. - And you don't mind if I look at your naked wife???? – Andrey asks. - Yes, I don't mind if you fuck her!!! – already in a boozy state I answer. - What, seriously???? – looking already in a window, Andrukha asks. - Quite seriously, only it is necessary to ask still Iris, she minds or for! – I answer. - And naked Iris, is even more appetizing, than dressed and I to her would blow!!! – Andrukha speaks, apparently without hearing me any more. - Аллё! Garage!!! We will drink today or how?! Or you Bush to look and jerk off on my wife? – pinning up I speak. Adryukh with not hunting is interrupted by contemplation of my naked wife and sits down to a table. While the wife was in the bathroom, we bakhnut still 4 ryumakh of Tequila and a bull vzha a yak an occasional office, went to a balcony, to a smoke break. Returning to kitchen found my Toffee standing to us a back near a plate in a transparent peignoir on a naked body through which it was accurately visible round the daddy of my wife. Andrukha from surprise even was dumbfounded from this look. And here Iris faces us with words: "About! Boys you already came?!".-Д - д - yes! – all that Andrukha could squeeze out, admiring the delights which are slightly veiled by a peignoir. While I spilled Tequila on ryumakha, Andrukha just didn't take eyes from Iris, and she as, feeling on itself a stare, under an igryval, pretending that nothing occurs. I approached a table to make coffee and accidentally at her the small spoon fell, she respectively bent down standing behind her to us a back, opening a look to her floor the revealed slightly moist small lips and an entrance to a vagina. Andrey, without tearing off a look, I admired delights of my wife. In this state it brought me not childly, I looked at Andrukha, eyes burned with lust, in trousers somewhat considerably stuck out. I looked at a face of Toffee which looked at Andrey's reaction, then the wife with interrogative - looked with a playful vzlyad at me. Then I said: - Iris! And we would like to have with you sex! - The wife odobryayushche winked at me. - We? It someone? – playfully I asked Iris. - It we! – without having sustained escaped at Andrey. - Adryushenka! – having tenderly said, turning and becoming on knees before Andrey, - you Want? I will suck your dick! – looking with desire, in eyes to Andrey told Iris. - Yes! – having overturned a glass of Tequila Andrukha told. Iris, without waiting for his consent, I already undid a fly on his trousers, releasing poured by desire, advantage of 18 cm in size in length and 3.5 cm in volume. And only the flesh burning with desire outside escaped, it was absorbed by gentle sponges of my wife. At first I clasped a head with lips, I released it, I began to play a uvula. Being played by a uvula tip with a head, clasping with sponges then swallowing almost to the basis and so caressing and сося the friend's dick, standing on knees to me the revealed delights. I got the sticking-out dick from shorts and, masturbating it, I admired blowjob of the wife to other man. Seeing the slightly opened wife's bosom, I wanted, something there to introduce. The Chinese cucumber of 30 cm in length and 4 cm in the volume which the wife didn't manage to cut yet caught sight, having quickly taken a cucumber in the right hand and having moistened with saliva, the tip of a cucumber put him to the slightly opened attracting bosom of my wife. Having slightly pressed cucumber, I got into a vagina of my wife sucking a dick at the friend, 5 cm and 5 more cm with ease were included into the bosom flaring passion. Iris began to moan from pleasure. Having disregarded the dick, I was switched by the left hand to a clitoris of the wife, right entering all are deeper and deeper cucumber. While Iris the dick to Andrey who having rolled up eyes violently sucked, having clasped with hands the wife's head, had her in a charming mouth. I, seeing that Iris just about will terminate, I increased amplitude of movements of cucumber in a vagina which got into her on 20-25 cm so that I hardly managed to hold him. Iris began to cum violently, wagging hips. Having left her a clitoris alone, having licked a thumb of the left hand, having put him to the daddy, with ease I entered her. Having made a little forward movements a finger in buttocks of my wife, I left cucumber in a vagina. Having kneeled fast it was attached to buttocks. Having taken out a finger and having inserted a dick I began to have violently anal sex and my Toffee. Passed literally a couple of minutes and, judging by groans, Andrey was going to cum in a perstny mouth of my wife who still few times terminated while I had her in appetizing the daddy. And here exclamations of an orgasm of Andrey which poured out the seed in a mouth of my wife, behind him were heard and also I began to pour out a seed in the daddy Iris. Which blocked the orgazmichesky shout our groans. To be continued... P.S. I wait for your otzyva!