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Quite so, the innocent girl at the age of eight years sold in slavery. But you shouldn't think that everything as you got used. The slave trader, that already I accepted my senior didn't take away me, as well as them. Term was allotted to us. Give in stages. The capital of our peninsula is the Palace city of Sidan. The power of the city — guilds of slave traders, more precisely three guilds. It is our glory and our damnation. Slaves everywhere slaves and the status at them everywhere different, but Sidan specializes in slaves for joys of misters for a long time. Here both slave traders go and collect at poor families of children and pay them for it money. But the benefit the decree was issued hundred years ago that children live at parents to the term of the full maturing — twenty years. Here and we serve our sentence, expecting and shuddering from each knock at a door. My brother bought cheap as he was the first and he is a boy, small demand. My sister was driven to the witch who conducted the ritual for training of the slave. And I was prescribed the magician for my own preparation. By fourteen years my term of visit of the magician came. I waited for this day so long that when it came, I was ready to it and didn't faint for fear any more. At the magician I met the buyer. The dark figure hidden by a raincoat and anything else. Waited for me, and I was one. The old woman examined me, glanced in eyes, felt the head and a neck. Then small dialogue with my buyer and all. The buyer left. — Sit down, the slave. — loudly the skilled worker of magic told. I modestly sat down on a chair beside her. — What is your name? — Mother and the father call me "Younger" — I modestly answered. — Everything is right, you shouldn't have a name. Whether you walk with other children? — No. Mother forbids. — Truly. There is no need to see to you other party of a medal. What area around your house? — Prisold. — Remarkably. Did you see wild beings? — Yes. They buy milk from our cow and often are at our place. — Remarkably. — a little more loudly the woman once again told I looked at me. — Drink this mixture. — The bottle with blue liquid appeared at me in hands, and I without words drained it. — Remarkably. Now sit still and don't stir mnevolshebniyets I read spells and long I went around my chair. I sat and was afraid to move, but at all felt nothing. When the procedure was ended, the magician sat down opposite and wiped sweat from a forehead. — From now on, and about the most "day of an appeal" I taboo on you. You will hide the body from all including from yourself. I will give you clothes and I will cover with concealment bed curtains. Nobody has to see you about day of an appeal. — she painfully gave a flick to me and handed a parcel of things. — And I forbid you to communicate from a lyudmishla years. I lived packed as the baby, without having an opportunity to remove gloves and a veil from a face, wearing bulky clothes that all outlines hid me Somme from the whole world. I didn't even feel the body, vaguely understanding that I continue to gain weight and grow. I couldn't speak with the family, but I could speak with our guests whose society I began to appreciate much more. My brother was taken away one rainy morning. Year and two months later us my sister under dark moonlight night left. And now I am going to celebrate the twentieth day from the birth with a parcel of favourite things that find room in a parcel no more kitchen pot. Hours struck the last time in a bell and at a door of a postuchalin a threshold that figure in a raincoat and a hood appeared. My parents welcomed the guest and they left having left me in one of rooms one at an entrance. There passed about a half an hour until the figure returned to me. From bed curtains of a raincoat there was an accurate female hand and turned palm up. I put the hand on it, my time has come, from this day I will be a slave. On my hand the small pendant in the form of a half moon with kristalliky tears on the center was put. Cold metal in a trice heated up and left well noticeable print on my hand. Magic tag full of strength. The next five years I won't have freedom, I will be watched by all to someone it is permitted and I will be always returned to my owner in case of escape. — Followed me. — the figure spoke a deep female voice. It was more and more interesting to me someone was my buyer, but clothes hid it from me. We left and got into the carriage, the click of a whip and our crew started. The customer, at last, threw off the cape and it was completely naked. I was struck. On the contrary the woman of years of forty with the sound breast which didn't lose youthful elasticity sat, her nipples fervently stuck out, slender legs were zakinuta one on another, the flat stomach wasn't will cover age tags. The woman was surprisingly beautiful and young, even hands didn't give her age, but here a voice and eyes And still her ear had a magic tag which lost the force. Before me the former slave sat. She looked at me and was silent, I was silent too, already by force of habit. But silence was broken later hour — You know someone I am? — she asked indifferent tone and looked in a window. — you the hostess. — so I demanded to ethics enclosed to all slaves. — No, I am a dealer. And I not in guilds. — it was already interesting. Slave traders out of guilds, as a rule, the small traders who aren't surviving in the market it is more than a few years, but she was and ten years ago. — It to be pleasant to me that you are silent all the time, but you have to be universal. I carry you on the market. You one of trainers will buy today, I don't know what waits for you, but I don't work with sadists so you can not worry, my clients people good. — whether I Can ask? — I said in low tones. — Ask. — Why you are undressed? — this question surprised her, she turned away from a window and looked on me a little with astonishment. — As well as you, I was bought many years ago, and, as well as you visited the magician. She gave me youth in exchange for naked life. I can't wear clothes as they age me quicker than time therefore the raincoat is that only thing that to me it is available. Further I was silent, and the customer looked out of the window. I followed her example and watched how my house in the distance disappears, the wood Prisold. An hour later I dozed off and just laid down on sitting. The customer didn't object, otherwise would already express the displeasure, but probably — I am lucky. I was patted on the head. I sat down at once and dumped the dream remains. The carriage already stood, the customer was in a raincoat. — Rise, we are late. — terribly the woman told and we hastily left transport. — Tell nothing, don't answer questions of clients, I will tell everything. When purchase is made the new owner, he is a trainer, itself will give you permissions and the bans. We passed three small streets, and left to river port. I never saw so many people earlier at once. Life boiled and raged, a great number of dealers, slaves with boxes and chests, dissolute women. All this raging crowd flickered around us so far we went to the small building on a wooden flooring. The door opened, and we appeared in the big hall with fine lighting. Even not to be believed that in such ordinary-looking wooden building there can be such rich furniture. Already waited for us. Five chairs were occupied. The customer brought me to a small scaffold and now all could consider me. And I in turn could look at clients. — Dear Trenera, I welcome you as guests, you know me, and I know you. Therefore I suggest not to drag out process of purchase in a long box. Today, as well as every year, I present you "pig in a poke". Your questions will be satisfied up to standard and the buyer won't come off the loser, I assure you. — she rapaciously smiled.