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However, I remember that December so as if it ended only вчераВ that especially ice day and so extremely cold December I till the evening was late on study, discussing the project exposed on a competition with the teacher. There were I only at 20 o'clock when on the street there was a continuous night. Before an exit I faced Marina — one of enough few students of our university. Having exchanged a couple of words, we missed each other: it went to itself home, and I stopped to finish smoking a cigarette then set to the same party, as she — to the hostel. Shivering from the wind blowing through, up to an ankle in snow, I went on a concrete labyrinth of high-rise buildings and buildings as suddenly in the neighboring lane I heard maiden shriek. To me the guy of gopovaty exterior holding obviously maiden bag in hand towards ran out. Before beginning to describe the feats, it is worth admitting that I made it instinctively, without having thought at all. All my sporting achievements came down to annual visit of a rocking chair, and fighting experience — to couple of half-drunk fights where I usually simply and simply was hit on the head. It somehow turned out rushed on the guy, trying to cut it. Not especially aiming, I launched a series of attacks aiming in the head. I was lucky, several times the fist got on his face. Here it turned into counterattack, will light to me on a nose so that at me brightened in eyes. I seized his collar and began to be filled up, we as a result fell together. The street mugger jumped the first and, having awarded me with the blow in edges which took place casually, took to the heels. In turmoil of a fight he nevertheless threw a bag. The girl in whom I, having been surprised, learned to Marin ran up to me. — Holy Christ! — she exclaimed. — You have blood all right! I touched a nose. On I am mute there was blood. — Trifles. — I applied a snow lump to a nose. — we Will go to me — she helped me to get up and shook off. — I here nearby live. Yes I too a number of veins, the hostel was in the neighboring quarter. But someone will refuse when he is invited to herself by the young nice classmate? The marine lived alone. In the one-room apartment rented by the rich parents owning the city-forming enterprise of one small town. I learned all this, sitting at it in kitchen. A marine it was delightful I am talkative, and at the same time and is rather clever. The nose burned, but blood already passed, I washed in her bathroom, and now sat on a small sofa, observing as the girl rushes, making a dinner to which I was invited by Marina, having categorically said that refusals aren't accepted though I also didn't think to refuse. Probably It is necessary to tell about appearance of this girl, and here is what to tell about. She was frankly good. Average growth, with a long straight chestnut-colored hair, she possessed a magnificent figure. The fitting blouses and jeans favourably emphasized size 2 breast — 3, an outstanding bottom and long direct legs. From a supermodel ideal it was separated unless fuller, than it is necessary hips, however for me it was one more plus — I always liked slightly plump girls. At last, Marina finished the preparations. She exposed easy salad, the cut snack, some fruit and frozen berries on a table, exposed cognac and champagne which I right there poured on two wine glasses. — For the courageous and wonderful man who protected me. — she said a toast, looking to me in eyes. We drank. The small, casual conversation during which we gradually passed to personal was started. I learned that Marina half a year as left the guy, having learned about his treason. Having explosive character, the girl loaded to it and his passion in a face with the gas spray, and is proud left. And I And I, couldn't live together with someone, I loved loneliness. Having absolutely forgotten about time, I stirred with Marina several hours in succession. The champagne bottle was almost completely split, I passed to cognac. In the end our communication passed into the category of tactile. We already held hands and caressed each other fingers. And when I nevertheless looked for hours, with surprise learned that nearly midnight. — the Devil, I won't get to halls now. — And someone told you that you will go to it? — The marine poured the champagne remains on wine glasses. — On брудершафт For acquaintance.