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The person with blue eyes and chubby lips with a narrow chin - is shorter, I look much younger, owing to the fact that I play sports, I don't smoke and particular problems in life weren't. I had such period in life three years ago when I remained one - without husband's supervision. Here then that everything also began. I went somehow in the evening to the girlfriend - to drink wines to sit-chat. Заполночь she went to see off me, we got up at the road and cars began to vote. The mood was cheerful, and I laughing told - I will go only with young and nice, already then at me in the head itched that I want sex awfully, but the concrete plan wasn't. We released two or three machines because looking in salon I saw "ugly mug", or a chock non-russian. Here the car approaches, I look - there the boy young, years for 20, I tell to the girlfriend - well everything, I went. We go, some conversation was struck up, and I don't take eyes from his short red satin shorts, and I think - there is under them something there, or not. He wishes to communicate with me too - we go, we laugh. I feel - it am pleasant, and alcohol that, naturally prevails, I also ask: "How many you told? 150? Or sex we will manage?" itself I laugh. He was stunned looks at me - "Are you serious?" I speak - why not? And I put a hand to him on a leg, I conduct slowly upward, exact under shorts of nothing! On traffic lights we already begin to kiss him, we go in a forest plantation. Having killed the engine, Oleg (so he was called), begins to undress me, to rumple my breast, and at me between legs everything already burns, my pizdenka bulked up, wants a strong dick inside. I spread legs and I lift up a skirt, his fingers touch my clitoris, climb inside, I choke with desire what it would fuck me immediately as to a knot the last, but in the car it isn't really convenient, and I say: "Let's leave". Having left, I approach a luggage carrier, I lean on it hands, having lifted up a skirt both having widely placed legs and having exposed the back. My blouse is undone, a brassiere above - boobies shamelessly stick out with standing nipples. I speak to it - "Fuck me stronger, give". Oleg develops me to himself the person and breakthrough lowers me - "Suck", only and I could exhale. The dick at him costs a stake, thick, cm 16-18, what I love. And from me flows already as from the whore, the pizda pulses, all to a clitoris flowed blood. I opened a mouth and took it inside - everything, licked a head, everything again, carried out by language on all length, to the basis again, and began to be stuck sharply, against the stop almost. Here he understood probably that he will terminate soon, developed me sharply, on my bum кааак vjebt a hand a sharp slap, I even screamed, "The bum, smart at you", speaks, and inserts. I felt as his hot dick actually broke off me the pressure from within, I from pleasure cried, and he began to bash out me as the whore the last, and me in such high that I am fucked by almost unfamiliar guy that I began to cum, a breast all fell to a luggage carrier, in convulsions. He stopped, pulled out sharply, speaks - "It is pleasant to you? Do you like, the whore when you are so fucked?" And I also can tell nothing - only one desire what he would insert into me somewhat quicker again. Having developed me to itself, having put the back on a luggage carrier, I parted to me legs in the parties and I inserted again. I fell a back to a luggage carrier and cried from pleasure, from this rigid a mouth, from his repeating over and again in my hot chink which all flowed, as at the bitch. Soon it moaned and I felt tension in his dick and a hot wave in himself - Oleg terminated. Having made toilet, I on the shivering legs, got into the car. "Well you give", Oleg told, "I never had such spontaneous sex.Got to talking - he was 23 years old (to be stunned, to me 37!), age he didn't give mine to me, thought years 30 can. I am married, the baby, sex with the wife almost any... Offered - we will drive? I agreed - me nobody waited for the house. Oleg bought me still sparkling, spoke about that, about this, and suddenly he asked -" And you sometime had a group sex?" I told that I am not present. (And it was my dream!! To feel in itself it is more than one dick, to be fucked by several men was my dream!) asked - "And you want?" I just told - "Yes". Oleg dialed several numbers, talked about something, and told - "Be not afraid of anything, nobody will offend you, there will be two my friends and I" Continuation in the following story "my the first group"