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I wait for your responses, councils and the ideas. On them I will decide whether it is worth continuing. Pleasant reading. P. S. At this part of the story there are urination elements which aren't relating to a subject of a gold rain. Larisa came after University and hurried to the computer standing in a room corner. On having more conveniently settled in a chair, I pulled on the head a helmet unsightly in appearance densely clasping the head and the lasting wire braid to the computer. The click of the toggle-switch forced to rustle the machine and gave minute will be arranged poudobnee in a chair. In ee an educational institution where she studied as the sound producer and in passing I was engaged in a postscoring, there were many advantages. For example an opportunity to try new games to that as they will come out in circulation. Now it was going to taste one of new VIRMMORPG that was developed by children from other department. Yes and business not only in volume to a game, it was much more convenient — it is possible to play and take place not only unpretentious quests, to climb caves and mountains, but and just to communicate and grind stones all with girlfriends or the amicable company having been going to make the set homework with ease in what-libo place having set him a necessary working situation. Loading came to the end, and it closed eyes to open them already in the new world of virtual reality. Ee the character stood near a window of the room of the hostel, where it in the previous time razloginilas there. Boots, dense leather panties and a white shirt — quite simple, but cozy set for house use. In a nose I struck aroma of smells of the virtual world, an in ears played street sounds — noise of crowd, shouts of dealers and ordinary players. She began with the first business small warm-up: to sit down, jump, turn the head, to squeeze fingers — feeling as prokhrustyvayut stones as muscles move — all being more and more synchronized with a virtual body of a doll. Many hardkorshchiki quite often convened the whole forums at which they spoke on a subject of bigger realness of so quickly developing toy — the need for virtual food, consequences from drinks and many another. Some, not constrained on language drochery or simply yazvenniki, added about full a virtkukol that it is possible without departing from cash desk the mass quarrel with respom at the closest altars of deities began to bash out Usually after it. It is unknown listened razraby to it or isn't present, but it was clear that they made a game without hurrying also with love as if the artist adding dabs to a picture or the musician selecting notes to composition, leaving most of players quite happy, accepting the help at department — so there were new dresses, drinks, voices and many another. Now on rumors children worked on races and classes. A that for a sneer — a fantasy game from the unknown (suspicion that human) race and four classical classes — the Soldier, the Magician, the Mystic and the Thief. Larisa stopped being synchronized and began to tie the disheveled gold hair of the character. I began to remove his parts from a dummy which the plastic armor depriving of mobility, but possessing the greatest indicator of protection was carelessly put on and to pull on myself, feeling cold of metal and the eaten sweat smell proceeding from soft leather podbivki under fingers. In naspinnye a sheath having put a long steel sword, and having fastened a helmet to a belt I went to a way. Vacation only began. VUI (Virtual User Interface) didn't disturb at all, an if on is mute not to concentrate looking for eyes, then it is possible to forget about it. No it was worth remembering about it and to look and it appeared showing to minimalism and an informational content maximum up. At the left above, near with the located Health strips, Many and Staminy, the schematical little man was more left than them in the corner showing so called 10 points of hit. Head, torso, left and right hands, brushes, legs and foot. Each of them had the certain percent of health which developed in the general, but if some points weren't so critical (if you don't get debaf Bleeding) and delivered only some problems in a type of lameness and similar, then putting damages on two it is possible to lower a health strip in zero and to send the player to republic. Yes and in dependence on hit in each of these points there were different effects kritov (for example it is impossible to get a blindness if the opponent gets into the right foot, here he should beat a bonce. Naturally excepting poisons and him similar things) and loss percent. The second panel, the ravine panel, everyone had where it will be convenient to it and was seen always. The majority had ee so as also the main panelku from edge that it wasn't stirred and it was possible to note the necessary moments. The rest in a type of different panels of conveniences of type of the panel of training, skills, abilities of trade and others were shown on a need measure with the help of easy gesture directly in air before the player. Not less developers tried to make by that a game though also virtual, but however not strongly passing with more realistic a side of a hardcore understanding that it is all entertainment. It is necessary to look at the card? Get a roll so the schematical card (quality, the detail and accuracy increases at the developed ability the cartographer) in which your point will be reflected and the similarity of a compass will spin. To get into stock? Get a bag and watch what is necessary, lay down or get the benefit it almost dimensionless. It is necessary to accept a potion? Take a necessary vessel and drink contents. The truth on all it it is necessary to have time and to get from a bag in fight the new, suitable under a situation sword, it was almost impossible (there were handymen who were in time) .provedya a hand on the sparkling sword she aimed at the bear roaming between trees. The left hand is thrown out in his party, with the fingers bulged by average and index, and the sharp movement returns back, having bent them as if tries what-to to pick up. Here the visual effect in a type of a hook which clings and tightens to her the stunned bear is shown. Ne losing time for nothing, she begins to cut to pieces it, gracefully waving a long sword. Ne she managed to finish as behind a back the furious roar from which she sat down and I tried to contract was distributed. At the left, edge of an eye she noted the camp imposed on her and the ticking timer. Hardly it stopped to tick, she made furious breakthrough, killing with a hand the almost dead opponent of ee torturing to punch thick armor. On the right and she a sack flies away blow in the party, an a health strip considerably sinks. Again and she sees a camp as to her slowly and heavily the Ancient bear walks. Hardly he approaches as already she hits the suitable opponent latnoy with a mitten into a muzzle beginning kontrolit already him. No probably troubles only begin from a cave still shadows appear. Having heaved a deep sigh it wiped a glove a forehead having smeared on nezagoreloy to skin blood, sweat and dust. Under the rumpled and scratched armor the breast went hodunom, the golden line staminy blinked red devastated completely. No exhausted, wearily leaned the elbows on a tree, the girl was happy. To put four ancient bears in the single, it isn't simple for any faytera. Of course it was necessary to drink up several elixirs from which in language I played berry taste, but feelings of a victory cost expenses. Having focused on a cave from where got out moby, she didn't believe the eyes and licked the dried-up lips. Personal danzh for a party in 4 carcasses. A it means good artifacts and ekspa h10. It is necessary to organize somewhat quicker this party so far it didn't disappear. Having sat down in a shadow it opened a chat having begun to collect from the friends who are in online. *** with danzhem four girls ready stood nearby to go to him — Larisa acting in a role faytera in the polished and repaired armor, the board which is hung up on a back and a sword on a belt.Svetlana, magichka as emphasizing the dark magic in a black dress opening shoulders and small breast in which depression in the ground the amulet with a black stone in a gold frame, a skirt to knees in front of and to calves behind went in. Thin fingers the decorated different gleaming rings I checked the graduated cylinders which were located on a belt with slightly shining viscous blue liquid. As magichka she didn't disdain jewelry. Ne having opportunities to carry armor, an all clothes for ee of a class were divided into three-chetyre parts (the head, a body, hands, legs) and as the investigation to improve for the account her the characteristics so strongly as wars and thieves (more detailed equipment the head, a torso, shoulders, elbows, hands, legs, knees) couldn't. No the alternative option the doing ee similar to a jewelry bench came to the help here, however so called yuvelirka I had no opportunity to be captivated so well as the whole armor that served as balance between classes. Though an exception of rules were available, but go beat out ingredients and find the master for creation of a legendary thing