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I was suddenly made horney at once and чё felt shy. Eh, virginity favourite I say goodbye to you. You seized me by a leg and quickly dragged on the father from mother's a bed in a secluded corner. While you so dragged me, relishing and going bananas, suddenly understood that I love you even stronger. When we arrived without excess masturbation there, I laid down sharply on a bed, to the place of dislocation. And here you began to take off socks, looking askance at my jacket, from your trousers to legs explosion - a package" fell some ". You quickly could think that for a subject I fell that to relieve the tension, you tenderly told: "What difference tell, with an elastic band or without, I not small already, I am an expert, but not the youth! And you have to understand that for the sake of disinfection why to us to dress something on bodies of selection?" Having told all this, I took off trousers and the rest too, there was only a dick both you, and I yours on a bed. In five sec. 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