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I threw a bag with clothes on a bed at once and moved apart curtains at a huge window which was splodgy after a rain. The look was just tremendous: the sleeping winter garden, the stiffened fountains, and a fat red cat who chased a sparrow. On a footpath that and business couples in love — absolutely day of lovers went soon there-syuda. I assumed that to remove the room in this hotel will be problematic on the eve of a holiday, but I was lucky, and my business trip took place. I poured in a glass for soda a little wine from mini-бaрa and accommodated on a window sill, everything still greedy considering lodgers of this secret hotel world. I arrived not one. In a type of baggage I had my young employee — the assistant. To him was only only nineteen, he was very talkative and lovely, yes and appearance he wasn't deprived by the nature. The truth, I pound from such expert, as from a goat of milk. I worked in one of the major legal companies and I was a lawyer on family affairs — stains, alimony, adoption, guardianship. A relationship I so was tired of them. I wanted to tell sometimes the next client that late to drink Borjomi and to complain about the husband who doesn't pay alimony for the child to an itself drives about on the foreign car. Say, it was necessary to watch what person you choose for life and for heart. It would seem, my young assistant had to facilitate to me paper work, but ee became only more. He liked to do mistakes, for some reason so was always lost by me, without understanding what occurs and what from him is wanted. I remembered o him with an ulterior motive. He as time left the number and lit — in hotel was forbidden to smoke. His cigarette slowly smoldered in thin fingers, he, skoree, reflected, than absorbed nicotine in the lungs. If not the order from above, I never take it with myself. A so modest little son rich uncles. It is strange that he didn't drive about on a cabriolet and didn't speak so me on "you", all time is so courteous an on "you" and with a certain constraint as if, I could crush him, smear as an insect, a slipper. Our views met. He hesitated a little, a went then to my number, passing through a winter garden. I only fleetingly smiled, finishing drinking the stupefying white wine from an improper container. Time went, a he didn't knock. I even began to think that he not ko to me went, or was at all dissolved somewhere on the road, but there passed ten more minutes, and the guy after all was knocked. It was too silent as if, he was knocked on a window to the married mistress. "Your turn to wait" — I thought. I wanted to test it, to find out whether he will stand or at once will leave, drawing in a tail. I never loved flabby laying which even the desires to be afraid. They weren't interesting to be operated, that most that to take away the broken doll from the sister and to return ee in the worst state: there will be no tears or offenses. So and here. it is written for Ya I poured a new portion of wine and I began to savor not only drink, but and o thoughts the employee. "Still you wait for everything? No, you left because the spineless snotty numskull" — new thoughts didn't give me rest. I came off a window sill, and, clinking heels, approached a door. My hand easily laid down on the handle, second of expectation, and I opened a door. "You only look, this moron still waits for everything!" — the sarcastic smile appeared on my face. — the Asshole is confused, I unless called you? Can, called and invited to herself in number? — I ask with a jeer in a voice. My victim is rumpled, but doesn't take eyes from me, an amazing combination of constraint and tactlessness. — I it simply wanted to call you on zavtrakzasedaniye court tomorrow, an it all dressed up from a needle already today: a jacket, a light shirt, a very expensive figured tie, the polished shoes. I impudently consider him from the head to legs, representing what he could be without all this tinsel, only in one collar. — You are hungry? — quietly I ask, all without allowing the subordinate to come into my number yet. — Ne I know — the potential laying for my legs briefly answers. His uncertainty begins to strain me. I do a step forward, I wind a tie on the hand and I pull the employee directly on myself that the stranglehold stuck into his neck, causing inconveniences. — do You never know anything how you in general graduated from the university, pigheaded? Though for what you will fit today. I slam behind myself a door, still roughly pulling everything a tie and directing it on the apartments directly to a bed. One push I force the employee to move back and land the fifth point on a soft mattress. — Davay-ka, a creature, we will establish with you rules: you don't help me with work — you work the jambs language and a lean bum. I put the leather shoe directly to him on a dick and balls, everything still controlling each sigh of the victim. He is called Nikita. Or, as his colleagues of a female floor, Nikitos tenderly call. No unless such laying can have a name? I pull for edge of a shirt why buttons take off and cover a wooden floor. I get a crimson marker by which usually I do marks in the daily log from a jacket pocket, and I write his new name on the rolled torso: "Whore". In the end I finish drawing a heart and I laugh, admiring the masterpiece. My new thing is shocked. At him as if, the gift of the speech was gone, an of an eye became crazy, about five kopeks. He looks at me scaredly, is dumbfounded, but under a leg impact, I feel how his little dick is poured by blood and hardens. — Release those — at last I squeezed out poor words and I grabbed a free hand own tie. — You abnormal! Resistance. As it was pleasant to me in such rebellious bitches from the past earlier. He protested against what was pleasant to him, and did by guilty me. And I released: really I ceased to hold. My leg gracefully became on a floor, the hand was slid off by a silk tie. — Leave, the bitch, but having crossed a threshold, you any more will never receive my attention. Never! I receded, departed in other corner of the room and sat down on a chair, I put a leg on a leg, in expectation of his actions. It broke as the juvenile virgin who was afraid of pain and anger of parents, but so wanted to try.