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Then in a rush itself I gathered, run to the car. All nothing if didn't break a nail. The fact that I was engaged in nails last week and here again was a pity... I called Angela, she is engaged in my nails, and here I was waited by the next disappointment – she could be engaged in me only on Monday, the rest of the time at her everything is already painted. This day was just dreadful – didn't get enough sleep, the broken nail, weather (I hate cloudy rainy weather). The broken nail constantly clung to everything, I was just out of myself from it. The son's visors from school, went to the husband's parents to the country. We constantly for the weekend bring him in the grandma with the grandfather, more often it turns out to the father-in-law with the mother-in-law, my parents live much further. The road calmed me a little. We were hospitably met. I had no affairs in the city and I decided to remain here. To get enough sleep, have a rest in the fresh air. But my plans weren't fated to be executed, Angela called and told that one client refused and she can take me through an hour and a half. I agreed at once, wasn't wanted to wait till Monday. I already was almost in the city when cotton was distributed and incurred the car aside. I from all force pressed a brake and began to turn out a wheel. I was captured by panic. Before eyes everything started gleaming … Eyes were closed by a veil … Then I remember nothing, this period was small, second, two, three, and maybe is less than that. Just there was some memory blackout. When I recovered a little, my car stood on a meeting of the movement. Cars went to me, someone blinked headlights. There was a death silence. I sat and very much pressed on a brake, strong holding a wheel. I recovered from the fact that someone tried to unhook my hands from a wheel. I turned the head – them was two, one years under fifty, the second was younger, probably, mine the age-mate. They told something to me, but I didn't hear them. They so ridiculously moved lips … And here I understood what occurred, forces left me. I all became soft, from eyes tears poured down. Hearing began to be restored. They asked me about something, but I didn't understand their words. They helped me to go out of the car, I hardly stood on the feet if they didn't support me, I would fail on asphalt. They brought me to the car standing on a roadside, put in her. In the head still there was fog, in boobies there was terrible cold. One of them which is more senior asked me about something, at the same time slightly shaking me for a shoulder. I looked at him and didn't understand anything. And here he hit me on a cheek with a palm, then one more time and still … It was so unexpected, I shuddered and began to roar violently. - Do you hear me? I began to nod the head, a palm smearing tears and ink on the person. - Can you speak? I began to nod the head again. - With you everything is all right? I nodded again. - Something hurts? - Neeeeet, - I answered weepingly. - Here and well. Nothing happened, - he began to calm me, - all are alive and healthy. I sobbed and nodded. - Now Borya will change a wheel and it will be possible to go. From his words the fear which began to pass a little returned to me again. I was afraid to take the wheel. - I, I not to a moguuuuuuu, - tears poured down a stream, - I боюююсь. I home to a hochuuu … - Well, it isn't necessary. Calm down … He still told something, trying to calm me. But I understood nothing again any more, I began a hysterics. He again slightly hit me on a cheek. It brought me into reality again. - Drink, it has to help, - and he stretched me a flask. I made several not gulps, I didn't feel at all that I drink. There was neither taste, nor a smell. And only when drunk it appeared in a stomach, I felt heat in a stomach. It I began to rise up, forcing out cold. It became soon so good, to me there was even a little hot. In the head fog appeared again, me began to drive in a dream. The event began to seem not such terrible any more. - I said that it will help. Now call the husband, let him for you come. - And there is no husband, no, he is, but he is absent, - only now I felt intoxication, - he isn't in the city. - Call then still to somebody. To friends, relatives … - Yes, yes. Phone there, - and I waved towards the car. I regained consciousness, in the room there was a twilight. I looked round, the room was unfamiliar. I lay under a plaid on a huge bed. Right there on a bed my jacket and a handbag lay. The terrible weakness was obese, the head slightly ached a bit. It is advisable to get up, but not forces, not desire weren't. To me was all the same where I am, the main thing was silent and warm. I just lay and looked in a ceiling. In handbags cellular rang out. The husband, judging by a melody called. How many time here? The call returned me to reality, before eyes recent events flew. Inside again it became cold, the fear returned to me again. Phone called and called, I already hated it. As it was good and quiet … At last he broke off, there came the silence. I stared in a ceiling again … Out of this state I was brought by a sound of the opened door. I turned the head on a sound. - Do you sleep? The voice was unfamiliar, a silhouette too. I silently looked at him. He approached a bed and stopped. His face … Somewhere I saw it … And here before eyes flew passed events. And I remembered him is that which calmed me. Eyes were filled with tears, probably I sobbed. He sat down on a bed. - It isn't necessary. Everything passed for a long time. He stroked me on hair. His hand touched a cheek, wiped tears which managed to be rolled out from eyes. Strange, but from his touches I began to calm down gradually. - Well, all calm down. Everything is good. All are alive and healthy. I nodded. - Tea? Coffee? I didn't want either that, or another. I didn't want that he left. At his presence I felt more quietly, fear, was come back to me, began to leave. - No, I don't want. His palm slid on hair, a cheek. To me there was it very pleasant, I wanted that it I proceeded and proceeded. Eyes were closed. I felt heat of his hand … It is driven, he decided that I fell asleep and began to rise from a bed. But I held him. His presence calmed me, his stroking was such pleasant. He sat down on a bed near me again, ran a hand over hair. His careful touch relaxed me and even slightly made horney. He touched a forehead, carried out on a cheek, erased a teardrop in an eye corner, ran a finger over lips, touched a neck … From his touches on a body the pleasant shiver ran, the feeling of easy excitement appeared … I could stop all this, but didn't want. It was so pleasant. His hand walked it can do, again touched a neck and uncertainly moved down. I closed eyes. Now it was necessary to make a choice … Or to stop it or … But I didn't want to stop it, it was pleasant to me … Excitement accrued and though I tried not to show it … And when his hand reached my breast, I sighed. On skin I ran a fever, breath became frequent …