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The tears which rushed from eyes forced her to choke with snivels and tears. Anna woke up in the same place, on a carpet under a sofa. I rose and, having wiped a hand about a hip, I closed an entrance door. She couldn't cry any more and didn't want. Having recovered, I passed to a case and I put on. I chose linen from this that was. Having checked a purse, I found there a large sum of money which wasn't earlier. Then I left the apartment and I went for a walk to eat and make decisions, further for itself. Five hours later the door with a roar was closed, the lock clicked, Anna was brought by a bullet in a toilet and, покидав the things on a floor — fell to a toilet bowl. Without waiting for hygienic procedures, with greed I seized the hole and I began to rumple it as for the first time. All her perineum burned and became wet at the same time, more than an hour ago it wanted that she was fucked directly on the street, and the last half an hour after some sharp excitement dreamed of any phallic piece. Even the fact that she passed not only yesterday's night, but as there was also all yesterday. And the fact that tomorrow to come for study — any more didn't concern it. With it lacked a hand obviously. Having grabbed already familiar deodorant, I thrust it into myself — as in a bucket. A minimum of feelings, its elastic пися passed the early lover practically without having noticed. The bottle slipped on her lubricant to the uterus and began to slip out back. Having pulled out an objectionable subject, Anna with rage threw it in a shower. Having jumped out of a toilet in search of new production, she stood in the hall. Two disks that her torturer left by her, lay on a table, calling her. But just like that Anna couldn't begin viewing any more. The itching desire in her perineum prevented to think, of something another. Having run on kitchen, it opened the refrigerator, with disappointment slammed it. Then I thought that it was necessary to come into a sex shop, but she never went to such institutions without having found anything, she went to the hall holding one hand the exuding perineum and squeezed a clitoris. Disk number two was placed in the player where at once her torturer — Shlyukholov appeared. He sat in that place where she sits now. The mask didn't allow to identify him, but she knew someone it. Or she just didn't know him absolutely? "Disk No. 2. The whore Scientist No. 5" — reported an inscription and video began to move. — And again hello. At us morning came and our Whore was slightly restored. Until the body is exhausted we will continue work. — the cam moved and followed the risen Shlyukholov to the bedroom. In the bedroom she was already undressed and put on a mask so she couldn't be recognized on the person. The person in a suit of the electrician already worked on her body, the whole suitcase of various electronics, jars, tools lay nearby. Legs of the girl were divorced and as if are lifted by supports practically on a maximum. — How does work, the companion the Plastic surgeon take place? What do you do now? Our audience is eager for details. — All within planned. The patient doesn't complain, work takes place normally. — I answered without turning the person. — As well as it was solved earlier that the whore could be operated, we implant her the silicone capsule with the vibrator directly over a point of Dzhi. Now I already put biosolution for healing. — How this device will work? — As well as previous, with little change. Companion Elektrik already finished our device to an ideal. A place minimum, autonomous food, charging from heat of a body and from the charger. The device turns on during the operation of strong electric devices and from the panel that our audience buys from us. — whether there Will be inconveniences for ours the Heel at usual life? — No, the device tiny, it on the one hand is bad, a maxim hour a day will be able to work, but it works not long.— Perfectly, what else changes will be made for ours the Heel? — As we work much worldwide, our colleagues from London sent us new developments. For the Fifth we use Zoofiltr as we called him. — What he does? — the person turned away from the girl's body, and to a look of the cam got its wet smeared пися with sticking out of her to tubes and conductings. The surgeon was in gloves with small drops of blood. — the Smell of a techka of various animals long time was identified with human, and two weeks ago to us the prototype came already. Here — in hands the small tube with some liquid appeared. — We will stick this solution our Heel, and later couples of days when the hormonal imbalance returns to normal — her phenomena will work in the wide range, so to speak for the majority. — whether it is dangerous? — I asked it is sympathizing Shlyukholov. — As we were told, for the last months the uniform complaint. Therefore all will be safe and that is the most important — it is impossible to correct. The whore has to be desired all life. — What novelties we still received also what we will use? — We will use for the first time "Spermobuy", we already spoke about it earlier, but didn't use. Now we do big shift in this question. And now don't disturb, time isn't enough. The cam turned and showed Shlyukholov. He returned to the hall and stopped at a large bag. — This night we did a great job, and our the Fifth deserved the share of encouragement. Therefore we will give her the chance to derive pleasure. Mister Konstruktor is late a little therefore we will stop record before his arrival. You watch us on additional video. The cam moved, and the picture was replaced by the small menu. "1. Additional video", "2. Our contacts and details", "3. Materials and instructions for ШУ№5". Anna with a numb hand and fatigue from three orgasms oklematsya slightly and looked at the screen more attentively. Having taken the panel, she selected item number three. At once the screen moved and on the screen Shlyukholov appeared. — Dear Pyataya, I am glad to congratulate you on finding of and new abilities. For simplification of your burden we placed in a sofa on which you probably sit a small warehouse and instructions to toys. Use and keep the secret how many you want. Separately I warn, our many clients buy panels and try to discover such as you, restrain, and you will give nothing yourself. I warn: one of your neighbors our client. The addresses and phones of the next to you of the Trained Whores, you will find in the same sofa. The address of medical establishment where you will be accepted without condemnation and with full confidentiality is in the same place. The son Mistera of Dauga, if you want to regret an unfortunate animal, expects you in an animals shelter within five days after which he will be killed, decide to kill the living thing or to give him the new house. The address and details are enclosed. If you didn't watch Video number one — know that in vain. The tuba should know about itself more, each Whore unique and you not an exception. How to use devices you will understand according to the instruction. Video ended. But Anna already lifted sitting of a sofa. To her the improbable picture opened. All office of a sofa was hammered with stuff. From above listings which it shifted to the shelf and I began to examine lotions and other pieces lay. She grabbed with the first the dick with a lilac head, she expected that such knob has to be long, but isn't present. The dick was not huge, thick, but not really long. The sack with the small brochure tried to keep step with it. Hands and the girl's brain already left from under control. She tore off thread with the book and this dick drove in herself. That with pleasure plunged into her subsoil and brought a lot of feelings, easy "Peak peak" and all was distributed. With the stopped-up hole Anna sat down on a sofa and developed the brochure. "Charger Al-Dzhi. Charging occurs about twenty minutes. Head membrane moisture absorbing. It is intended for long use. Easily washes. Food — a batareykiaa." Further as it to wash pictures, to use, change batteries. The dog dick in the form of a stopper for a bottom was the second in line. Anna didn't begin to deceive itself therefore having just slobbered him, thrust into a bottom. It appeared not difficult, buttocks is grateful parted and let in him itself to the cap. When both holes were filled, Anna felt much more better. Having seized itself by the sticking-out nipple, she squeezed it and almost at once felt a nipple flash. Having remembered that inside, she released him, but was late. The breast began to itch. At first one, then the second. Then the heat between legs inflamed even stronger, and she couldn't think of anything any more. Having fallen to a floor, she grabbed a narrow ringlet on the end of the dick and began to hollow violently herself it samotyky. The dick went in her easily and freely, carrying pleasant feelings on a body, approach of an orgasm and an orgasm were so sharp that Anna was curved as a cat and almost cried from pleasure. Under the pressure of her holes, the Battery charger and a stopper jumped out of her. Almost at once from her moisture began to exude, flowing down on legs and a perineum. Anna the village for a bottom also glanced in a sofa. Having dipped hands there, she took out the whole unit. The platform in the form of a saddle with couple of dicks. It decided to read the instruction at once: