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My day passed quite interestingly, to me there was o what to tell therefore I stirred, practically without stopping, she listened to a more and somehow awkwardly smiled. Na the fact that she not in the plate I first didn't turn attention entirely absorbed by the story, but her constraint and nervousness became so obvious that I asked: "Christina, that-to not so"? Christina (low growth the blonde, 26 years) made a deep breath, put hands on a table before herself and a little confusedly answered: "Yes, not so. And in our case not that-to, an all not so. All evening I thought how to tell you about it, but I didn't think up anything delicate therefore here: we don't approach each other and we need to leave" .ne to tell that earlier I hadn't to hear similar words from other girls, but Christina With Christina I met nearly a year, everything went not bad, and such statement was unexpected and shocking. No it is difficult to bring down me with sense, in my life (in the basic to work) it is necessary to be able "to hold the person" therefore I laconically took an interest: "Why? A month ago we planned a holiday, almost took tickets for the plane, and you as I remember, were ready absolutely differently. What changed since that time?" In a result it became clear that she has other boyfriend, she doesn't want to powder to anybody brains and it is more better simple to leave friends. Scandals, intrigues, trials never attracted me, yes and I had to her no such great feeling to arrange scenes and to beat ware. So that that day we dispersed quietly, and more she ko to all event had no relation. No next morning I was captured by what-to offense. Ne melancholy about the died-away love, not jealousy of the boyfriend unknown to me or rage on my incorrect passion, a stupid offense. Offense at that and this summer won't bring me careless joy and simple pleasure life, walks near the moon, sex on the sea coast and other romantic nonsense. All last summer I worked hard, achieved increase and now, having both time, and rather quite good money, expected to have a rest, there is no An, not here that was. I think it is necessary to tell couple of words o to himself. Call me Vladislav, I am 29 years old, Slavic appearance, work as the engineer in one construction company, I am engaged in control over construction — as the project is embodied in real life. I high growth (192 cm) and normal weight (85 kg). A figure something average between "thin" and "sports", so as though and long ago, but I was engaged in swimming. O tastes don't argue, but and I and my girls considered me quite nice. Even more nice in eyes of girls me were done by the cultural speech, light character and full rejection of tobacco and alcohol. I wasn't a hypocrite and the preacher of ZOZh, is calmly treated both smokers and to drinking, but itself didn't use and it was pleasant to most of ladies. It also led to what will be described in my history. Ordinary guys in such situation get drunk with friends, tell them what it is a bitch, some remove prostitutes, tell it still and to prostitutes, etc. I wasn't going to drink, to friends to go there was no mood, a here about prostitutes Sex in my life occupied the important place: I loved much and variously. In result I tried a lot of things, and it was difficult to find the girl who completely satisfied me in sex and agreed to all my experiments. Some were simply skuchnovaty, the second ran away after the offer to arrange gruppovushku, some were frightened games so by binding and flogging, submission and domination. It doesn't mean at all that me were interested in the dismissed maids, and that more prostitute. On the contrary, I felt the greatest pleasure, looking as the yesterday's modest woman chokes with my dick at deep blowjob, listening to her poskulivaniya from desire to terminate after an hour of a game with her clitoris (she, naturally, is tied by legs to bed legs), feeling tugost her buttocks. As time it Christina was also good, noimenno with the sex help I also decided to treat the melancholy. I opened the communities devoted to search of sexual adventures and I began to comb them in search of interesting characters. Guys never especially interested me though I treat gays indifferently. With girls everything is difficult — they are almost absent. Though at the first look it not so, but if to eliminate prostitutes and drocherov (to lucky persons that not in a course — forty-year-old men with the photo 18-letney pretty girls on an avatar) and to leave lovers - enthusiasts, them remains very much a little. And there was no wish to look for now the girl with whom besides sex it is necessary to build willy-nilly what-to relationship now. In this plan I always liked couples. stories a sensuality stories erotic Are that-to especially that the husband shares the wife with the foreign man, and special for all participants of this process. So I came that began to consider announcements of couples. As the adequate person cut couples which are looking for meetings with girls and couples at once, left only fans мжм. Here too the ill-matched company gathered: couples for 40, couples of virtuals, again дрoчeры - like-pary, etc. These didn't attract me, the rest I just sent to the photo with terribly original message "Hello! We will get acquainted?" also I waited for the answer. Some didn't answer, and it was clear that I don't approach. Some answered, but so that they would be silent more better. Evening was already taken others and in a result desired summer I met looking at the dial of hours in full loneliness. Suddenly in the bottom left corner of the screen the plate jumped out: "Poshlaya parochka was pleasant your photo". So much questionnaires were revised that I forgot what people are and came to them on the page to refresh the memory. Strange, one photo. I usually don't write with it. A, here than they hooked on me! In the section interests the following was written: "The young family couple (22 years) from St. Petersburg will get acquainted with the man of 30 years. Beginners, but very much we want to try мжм. The husband wants to see the wife in power of the strong man, to watch how she is given him. The wife loves easy domination over herself. Interests control over sexual life of couple. Are ready to experiments, write. "Without experience, 22 years, easy domination at the husband Mechta! It is necessary to hope that they nice and adequate. It, without postponing in a long box, I both decided to check and outlined the message: "Kind night! It is pleasant that you liked my photo, but it would be even more pleasant to see yours" .otvet came at once: "Hello! Only if without the person so far that". For the beginning it is possible also without the person, this shyness even imposes, I thought: "Send!" Sent me 3 quite typical photos to the answer: the girl in shorts and an undershirt on the embankment of the channel of Griboyedov, but a photo it is cut off "without the head"; she, having slightly bent forward, costs a back to the cam in black panties and corporal color stockings; they together "without the head", he embraces it behind, covering her nakedness. Nothing special, but on these photos was clear that the girl watches herself: cellulitis, "bochkov", a hair in nepolozhennykh places. Superstroynye thin persons were pleasant to me, but made horney more those someone have what-to naturalness in a figure that whether, and here too everything was excellent. I decided to continue the communication with them and there was the following dialogue: Vladislav: "A nice figure, I envy. Na what stage you usually show the faces?" Poshlaya parochka: "Thanks. When we understand that the person is adequate and interesting to us. Do you have an experience of such meetings?"