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Always, when I about am mute it thought, at me grew warm in the bottom of a stomach and at once desire a little itself appeared to caress. I opened his photo from summer holiday where it left the sea, shaking a hand from short hair water. Sashka liked to play sports, at him in the room even pear therefore in the 19th his hands were already twisted with muscles hung, standing at each step on sand there was a relief of strong muscles, and sexual cubes of a stomach rose to the broad chest passing into a powerful neck. Sashka then smiled broadly, looking as I photograph him. I pulled together with the habitual movement from under a skirt panties, having thrown them into a room corner, lifted up a t-shirt above a breast and began to stroke-oar, as usual, tenderly one on legs, the second in boobies, a look eating on the guy's piece from the photo. Nipples quickly hardened and I passed to games with them, and the palm between legs was already wet, and I, having covered eyes, touched a clitoris. I represented as Sasha wet leaves the sea, approaches me, with a smile kisses on the lips, unties my bathing suit and touches a breast. His hands embrace me, lift from a beach towel, go down a body, removing panties. And I twist his neck with hands and I nestle all over on him... I opened eyes, licked the dried-up lips, wiped a wet hand one party about a breast, another about a bottom, straightened out clothes and on socks left the room. We always held doors slightly opened that it was clear to all when to us it is possible to come. If the door is closed, then and Sashka you shouldn't be knocked. All I continued to be at war when I very quietly glanced to his room. He sat a back to a door, with enthusiasm moving a mouse and quickly sticking into buttons - chased the next enemies. Under a skirt was hot and it is wet, I tenderly rumpled the sexual sponges and touched fingertips on strongly horney clitoris, looking at Sashkina a wide back. Mine взляд went down from shoulders to a backbone and with slight disappointment rested against the terry towel hiding his back. Not in forces to restrain more, I ran in a bathtub, quickly threw off clothes on a floor, got under streams of warm water and, having thrown one leg on edge of a bathtub, began to caress a clitoris with a force, in several seconds being curved in the sweet orgasm which is filling in all my body. Having relaxed, I laid down in the gathered water, closed eyes and began to caress gently palms on a stomach and hips, calming the passion which flashed in me. Water was slowly gathered, at first having shipped in itself my bottom, then washing away allocations from vulvar lips, then under water the stomach and a breast left. I long luxuriated in water, considering myself and representing as I lie in Sashiny embraces. Having decided at the same time and to be washed, I wetted hair and got the shampoo from the shelf, at once having remembered that last time it completely reached a limit. Having rummaged around on shelves, I understood that parents took away the shampoos in a holiday and there was only Sashkin male. Having slightly opened a door to the bathroom, I cried: - Sa-a-ash! - Chego-au-au? - loudly rushed on the apartment. - Go syuda-a-a! - how many it is possible to shout, I thought. Firing sounds at once abated, Sashka proshlepat on a floor and came into the bathroom. I stood in water, looking out because of a curtain. - It is possible I your shampoo I will take? - I asked. Sashka didn't answer immediately and I caught his eye which he transferred from my clothes on a floor on a curtain. I right there understood that the curtain leaky and my figure through her is well looked through. - Yes of course take, could and not ask - he at last mosmotret to me in eyes, but I already lowered them, involuntarily watching as wrapped on I am mute a towel slowly changes a form in front. He caught my eye, tracked where I look and sharply turned to me a back. - Pancake, Ank, excuse - Sashka both hands furiously scratched the head.I looked at him instantly become scarlet ears and quietly giggled. He not оберачиваясь threw: - Well what you giggle, I am not guilty that you show the delights to me here. - I not specially - smiling I otvelit - you here too in one towel walk about all the time. - All right, excuse... - once again confusedly he told and I began to draw near a door, trying to be the back turned to me. - Sash and it is fine to you, turn already, I won't look. He turned back to check whether I look, but again for a second was hooked by a look for my figure, then after all looked at me. And I still stared at him and smiled broadly. He was all red, but too grew stout in a smile. Then, probably, having decided that so it is impossible to stand here further, it was developed and I made a helpless gesture in gesture "What you will do here". I came off his face at once and looked at the towel which strongly rose and hanging on his got-up dick. - Wow!. - I wasn't going to tell it at all! It escaped! Here Sashkina turn to giggle came: - Yes at you, An, too absolutely anything. - and now my line to redden though I also knew that he's right, I everything was one year younger than him and to the age already came had, than to brag. He left the bathroom, and I all red with shame, began to wash the head. But the type of a towel occupied all my thoughts, and in the bottom of a stomach started over again spreading warmly, and it was so pleasant to think that I could make horney him. Probably, Sashka will at once change clothes now and any more before me won't walk in a towel. The devil, in vain after all I reproached him. Without switching off water, I quickly walked, turned back a towel and on socks ran to his room - to look the last time as he goes after a shower. I carefully glanced at the slightly opened door. (especially for - Sashka, as usual sat a back to a door. I was delighted that he decided not to change clothes, lowered a look on a beautiful back and understood that I on am mute there is no towel. Couple of seconds having greedy admired buttocks, I lifted up eyes and noticed the summer photo where I lay on sand on his monitor, having lowered legs in water. The photo was successful, all figure was well visible, and legs seemed even longer, than they are actually. I was slightly having curved, with the head which is cast away back that emphasized given to push a breast. Sashka sat not movably, having slightly turned the head, and I understood that he listened to noise of water behind a door. Then he turned completely to the monitor again and its right shoulder gradually began to rock up down. I opened a mouth, I choked with the feelings of shame, joy, indignation and excitement which gushed time. He masturbates on my photo! My nipples instantly strained, between legs right there became wet - I was very quickly made horney from consciousness of it. I was even more pushed at a door that more better to see it. He with pleasure considered my photo, sometimes a free hand increasing some places. At first I increased a breast by all screen, it became visible how edges of a bathing suit crash into skin a little and under fabric my nipples well appear. Sashka began to raise a shoulder above, and to lower below. Then he increased my hips - water droplets on skin and the tense fabric of panties repeating a relief of my smooth pubis with the beginning small deepening in the middle became visible. Speed of movements of his hand became a little quicker. Enjoying a type of my body he greedy caressed himself. Kind of I wanted to learn that he imagines in thoughts now. I very much would like that he saw me in the photo naked now, for a long time without noticing this unnecessary bathing suit. Suddenly his movements became more sharply and quicker, I began to hear his loud breath and didn't even notice how I breakthrough untied a towel and as my hands in the habitual movement nestle close one - to a breast, the second - to a clitoris. It drove a hand up down, and I in a step to his movements drove up down a clitoris and strongly rumpled firm nipples. From me flowed from excitement, on a body ran spasms of the coming orgasm, but I couldn't stop and tear off взгяд from Sashki. He began to groan quietly, cast away the head back and blinked, and I, nothing without thinking any more, took two steps forward and at last saw his knees, legs and then the red dick which is strongly compressed the hand which is quickly going up down. Greedy looking at his dick and having strongly had a snack on a lip, I tormented a clitoris with fast movements, understanding that I will already terminate directly here, but without finding forces to stop. My fingers between legs pressed stronger, and moved quicker and quicker, I delayed nipples force from myself and painfully squeezed between fingers. Under my hand all saved passion unexpectedly sharply blew up and a hot wave quickly I captured all body, forcing him to shiver small, and the breast - loudly to exhale sweet groan of an orgasm. Sashka sharply opened eyes and stared at me, and I couldn't tear off a look from his dick which, compressed a strong hand, right there began to shoot the white streams falling to Sasha on a breast and hips up. I continuously watched not the white spots slowly current up to his breasts, continuing to be shaken small with the hand clamped between legs, enduring otstaki of an orgasm. He unclenched the dick which sometimes in addition is reduced and then on his head new white drops appeared. Just now began to reach me that I face naked the brother and I just got the strongest orgasm on his eyes. My knees were turned in and I on a wall slipped down, having sat down on a bottom. I, with bated breath, lifted взгяд to look in his eyes and saw that he looks to me between legs. It appears, I widely parted them when sat down, and now showed to Sasha just terminated, wet from juice, with the chubby vulvar lips divorced vstorona the pussy. I cramped legs at once, covered with hands a breast and have confusedly a snack a lip, continuing to look at Sasha. - Beautifully... - slowly he told, lifting взгяд to my eyes. I was silent, not in forces to tell something, and he got up, approached me and sat down on a floor before me. - Ань... To you it is good? - I didn't expect from him such question at all. - Very much... - quietly I whispered. - To me too - Sasha moved closer and embraced me. I took away hands from a breast and embraced him one hand, he pressed me to himself and got a hand into my hair. - Sash, you embrace me for a bottom - I for some reason told. - She very nice on the touch - he smiled and slightly I squeezed her - and beautiful besides. I ran a hand over his breast, touching by a finger a cum and a little bit smearing her, lowered a hand down, carried out on a stomach, enjoying firm cubes, and slowly lowered a hand on a pubis. Then, also slowly, I ran fingers over the standing trunk of the dick and I removed the remains of the Sashiny seed from his head. Sasha with interest watched my actions, without stopping, tenderly to caress my bottom. I smelled fingers - a pungent smell, but very pleasant, concerned a language tip, and then licked fingers, observing as Sasha with the slightly opened mouth behind it looks. His dick who began was to fall, again I strained. He ran a hand over my breast, is soft her squeezing, and also on a stomach went down to me between legs. I slightly parted them, passing him is farther. He slowly carried out by a palm on my lips from below up, collecting my allocations and forcing me to publish a low moan. Then in the same way I smelled and I tried on language. - Tasty? - I burst out laughing. - Never I tried it - smiling, Sasha answered. - And what you represented when looked at the photo? - Well... I represented you, An - Sasha was confused and again reddened. - Well I guessed - I giggled - And am more specific what I did? - Em... You lay on the beach here also having curved, absolutely without clothes, but with widely divorced legs...-And you what did? - I was without clothes, near you too. - Did you want me? - I want you long ago, An - Sasha looked down.