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But, of course, I couldn't tell about it to anybody. I it seems as the good decent girl, told nobody about the perverted imaginations. And once I decided to risk and agree. Then all my life was changed. Literally. Stronger emotions and feelings I hardly tested. And subsequently these feelings of steel for me drug — I always wanted more and more. But! As I from the childhood learned about all types of sex, I, naturally, most wanted to take in a mouth. And once I gave a hint at it to the acquaintance who every time with pleasure licked my pussy. He, of course, agreed. We chose day. Before it I read a set of articles, reconsidered a heap of videos about how to do blowjob, and in the head a clear idea of in what I am going to be engaged appeared. By the way, representing all this, I masturbated under a blanket again. And here, day came. I was prepared in advance, shaved everything, cleaned. Even I provided some force majeurs if suddenly we would be taken in head to be prevented. The guy, I don't want to tell him the name, came in due time. Quietly so I undressed and I sat down on a sofa. Then we were thrown by couple of stock phrases and questions and became silent. I sat in a computer chair, opposite to him, he — on a sofa. He moved me to himself and put on knees. We were weaved in a passionate kiss. His language, the little prankish, dominated at me in a mouth, and hands peacefully were based upon my buttocks. Every time when I tried to be as it is possible closer, his hands squeezed my buttocks. You know, his lips devilishly cool on taste, often dream me, and I am every time when I see him, I want to kiss. And he kissed me on that moment so passionately, rigidly, quickly. And it was pleasant to me. I answered him with the same, nestling every time is stronger and stronger. But me took down the head when he had a snack my lower lip. Then the brain was just disconnected and I enjoyed. After each such kisses I wanted that his language licked to me the pussy. 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It was incredibly great. I was grateful to him for the given pleasure, but also I wanted to make to him pleasant. "Give I to you?" — I asked by the sat-down voice (with what stat at me the voice sat down!?). The guy sat down in a chair and undid a fly. Then I at last saw the reason of multiple night orgasms. I accurately clasped his dick with hands and for the first time in life took in a mouth. Sucking it, I a hand began to podrachivat a little. Having grown bolder, I began to lick the friend's penis, taking pleasure absolutely not the worst, than from kuna. His dick already stood and I continued to suck him. I sucked with pleasure as if I do it not the first time, in already time the thirtieth. Soon after short progress, his trunk strained, hardened also to me in a mouth, for the first time in life, the men's cum poured down. Tasting "in kind a product" (then I will explain why I so call), I swallowed of everything. To be honest, I can't tell, I liked taste of a cum or not. It just was unusual. But I also with pleasure swallowed it. But on it I didn't stop the caress. I began to lick his penis on all length, on the one hand, with another, then kissed balls, teased them with a uvula, then a trunk again. I stopped on a bridle and I tried to swallow entirely. Then again I sucked accelerating, slowing down speed. Especially I liked to caress a uvula his head. Licking and kissing it, I few times darted glances at the face of the friend, but couldn't understand, it is pleasant to him or not. I was kneeling, at me everything flowed, but I didn't stop and continued to suck with pleasure. And my pussy, meanwhile, just drowned. At me on legs streams of women's allocations flowed. Swallowing of his cum, I cumed. My pussy and asked that she was licked, and I licked meanwhile and sucked round the friend's penis. I stopped only when the friend suggested to try a pose "69". We moved to a sofa, he laid down I on him and here rushed! Feeling wild pleasure from kuna, I took a bigger pleasure from blowjob. It was difficult for me to concentrate, often I lost the head from a surplus of emotions and all the same I continued to suck. Now it was easier for me to swallow, and I with such pleasure sucked men's flesh. Even I don't know how many on time it lasted, I sank in a kaleidoscope of emotions and feelings. And with such disappointment to me his dick was necessary to release and to finish our oral caress. I sat and waited until he puts on. We were silent. And what was to speak? This caress we already told everything. Before leaving, directly about a door it told me: "Go to me" and again I drained in me in a kiss. I embraced it for a neck and stood up on socks, and it put hands on my buttocks and strong pressed to itself(himself). So we also stood in the hall, weaved in a passionate kiss. Even through a jacket I felt his horney dick moreover and his hands squeezing my buttocks generally I lost the head. I also didn't find her for all that time while we were engaged in oral caress. Having unwillingly released it, I closed behind it a door and slipped down a wall. The first thought was the fact that now I became the real rotanka. We repeated what was that day, and more than once and every time a thought that I am a rotanka not of a scarecrow me now. On the contrary, I liked it. It was pleasant to be a rotanka.