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She remembered every instant events surrounded 7-which werewolves, her guest and she and their night fight. Means they here not some and there are still werewolves. So, with it it is necessary to do something too, and this problem should be solved. Casey so far didn't even represent in what all this will pour out, but it knew that she will be able and will make it. The sun began to burn the woman's back covered with scars. Kasey though reluctantly but was necessary to get up. And at home there was a mess. And here the mess enraged her most of all in life. Also work began to boil. By noon her house shone as at a cat of egg. Kasey such happy all into a rage flew on a porch, having examined vicinities. She left and approached a sledge hammer which and remained to lie on the earth after a night stir with werewolves. Having returned, she put her at a door well so just in case, and her intuition didn't fail she remove still will meet and the sledge hammer to her will help to be given just like that Kasey didn't plan, remembering as jaws under the pressure of a sledge hammer tastefully cracked and still smachny canines of these bastards took off. - in What still to be engaged??? Kasey thought as her mobile phone right there rang out. - Hallo, Kasey of Gerry I repaired the car!!! I can bring her today in the late afternoon. - Thanks a lot, bring Gerry, of course!!! Only I will be glad! - Gerry be kind bring to me, please, glass meter on one and a half. At me on an entrance door glass broke the other day. I will give money to you. - About Kay agreed!!! - Well, all then see you!!! I told Casey and I sat down on a sofa. In a brain the thought which haunted it the last three days flew. Her guest the werewolf, but in the afternoon he is a person. Someone is he such??? As someone does work??? And these seven too freaks too people they somewhere live??? Also where that work??? Kasey had many questions on which she very much wanted to learn answers. Especially someone her guest actually, that he for the person??? Casey got up and rose to itself in a village office for the computer, already in a couple of minutes it wrote the letter to Amanda. - Amanda hi, at me happened it yesterday!!! There is he here not one … … … …. And further Casey described everything that happened to her. Without waiting for the answer, Casey went down on kitchen, made to herself coffee and several sandwiches. When already by coffee it was drunk and sandwiches are eaten, Casey received the answer. - the Beauty I over you go nuts. This you managed to be stuck. It is badly very bad. Take me a word now keep and fasten. And it is more best if there is weapon, keep it around, especially after midnight if isn't present not slowly go to do shopping. Because they will return, here then I even am afraid to tell, what will be farther. Probably, not today, because you him nadavat that they won't forget you still very long. And here in it your problem it should be solved very quickly. - I Wait for the answer!!! Kasey shocked, cold sweat прошиб her body. The fear crept to her not considerably and covered her. Now she realized all problem entirely. These assholes will return, and she should do something, but here what to do she didn't know. without options on a solution Casey wrote the answer. - I don't know what to do, I live detached to the city!!! - Me to go rather a couple of hours. There is no weapon anybody!!! Casey was frightened outright. She really didn't know what to do! the only thing on what it was possible to hope so for a sledge hammer which saved it life. But their seven it is also not known how many they actually, can their ten one hundred can … …. The decision should be made, but what, Casey was afraid outright. Perfectly understanding that now werewolves won't leave her alone. After couple of hour correspondences with Amanda the decision was made also very not the usual decision. They agreed about meetings, agreed more true that Amanda will arrive to her. Anyway couple of days at Kasey was in a stock. And during this time Amanda will manage to arrive. And they will solve already on the place. Casey calmed down. Letters from Amanda calmed and gave hopes. But after all what to do to her Amanda will arrive only in couple of days and not earlier. And it is necessary to live now, tomorrow and then too. Casey departed from the computer and villages on a sofa nearby too chaotically everything turned out. Think of a swarm turned in the head. The woman tried to find the most rational solution of problems which fell down her transitory body. Her guest! Someone is he actually??? What he for the person and from where he??? Casey tried to include all possible combinations. He the person, so lives on proximity, in animal shape he moves quickly enough, so to be in time till the dawn home it is required not less than 1.5 till 2 o'clock. The second as Amanda he most likely told given rise so can control itself. Though she perfectly remembers an unpleasant smell and traces of blood on a sharp-toothed mouth. Means, he most likely just tried to appease the animal instinct. In more stoutly possible that just I caught someone in the forest and ate or attacked cattle and the next farm in 6 kilometers and there live aged people there, Casey met them in shop and more than once. According to him it is necessary to reach also a farm. Such conclusions Casey understood that the person lives at least 2 or 3-ekh hours from her in an animal appearance so where that near the town. For her there were no problems in the decision of the guest. He at least didn't offend her. But only on the contrary I protected and it was ready to give the life for her life. It already also forgot their first meeting. But pictures with a certain frequency emerged in her head. Now they have to each other so he will return. Interestingly, and as he will react to Amanda. If he to her comes, then is obvious not to tea to drink or smoke. This problem somehow sat down at her head Amanda though the skilled maiden in respect of werewolves, but what reaction of her guest to the stranger will be??? She decided to put this problem away for later. Her main problem was in shape of seven vervolf who will obviously not lag behind, from it after all incident. Casey has a snack a lower lip, having nearly bled. She just presented for a second what would be if her friend didn't come. Cruel violence!!! Kasey physically felt how blood began to boil in veins. Her imagination cleared up on most don't play about. Because Casey incredibly strained with such force that bones on fingers turned white. The picture emerged awful her body is clasped by strong hands of werewolves. the leader being over it strikes it strong blows beating out from it together with blood shouts of pain and hatred. But the vital strength of werewolves is big. And Kasey doesn't give up even then when the huge dick of the leader got into her and strong blows sent her to another pursuit of pain and humiliation. And then the weakened Kasey's body all in bloody smudges and the fragmentary bleeding wounds was passed round. And him it was a little, it both together and three together it was pumped up in all openings in which it was possible to push the dicks only. And only at daybreak they left, and the unconscious body of the woman lay on the earth from legs to the head splodgy with an animal cum in mixed up with the drying-up blood. About then again and again. She just presented that they will come every night well even if not everyone and though every other day. It became all the same terrible??? Kasey didn't know what to her are afraid more, the fact that they will rape her or the fact that after that will leave her in live and then to her will come and use her for designated purpose as a toy for vervolfsky joys. Kasey was required to cool down her imaginations, outright dimmed her mind, and it it isn't necessary to her so now and it is possible to go crazy. Casey got up and went the bathroom. Where the hot shower mixed up with cold made the business on five points. Sober thoughts and creativeness returned to the woman. Casey approached a mirror and wiped the misted glass. Having looked at the reflection, she soberly estimated beauty of the body though to her already a tridtsatnik and a body all the same from legs sshibatelno, gram of excess fat only slight hardly noticeable scars from the last meeting with werewolves. - I would love you the beauty someone you became!!! I told Casey, to the reflection and having kissed a mirror. Having slipped on an easy dressing gown, I left a shower. Having already gone down on the first floor, it heard the approaching car. Gerry brought her car from repair. Perfectly, everything put as well as possible. Casey already came to a porch. The nature already prevailed, already got dark, light light from tractor headlights slightly blinded Kasey. But the woman perfectly saw his car and even more better saw the jeep given a high polish behind the tractor. Casey smiled from ear to ear and waved with a hand towards the car. But here, instincts tore off her on a root. Something not so too sharply her nerves have an effect. Something was obviously not so. Casey tried to understand that not so. The smell of too familiar began to smell from where she knows it??? What I began to smell. It is a smell of an animal, precisely he, Kasey couldn't be mistaken or after all was mistaken??? Well why the smell so ate in her brain, he is such tangible! but why even not midnight to her at least three hours. Here nearly turned Casey inside out, really it is Gerry??? he here one or her guest came so early. Casey turned the head, there is no smell obviously from the car. - Kasey hi!!! - Accept the beauty!!! Casey stood as beaten to a floor. Also I couldn't move. Only when Gerry took couple of steps to her party, Casey regained consciousness and moved back back to the house. The door only closed didn't give it behind the back will move further. - Kasey you that I am Gerry you that you don't recognize me. Gerry continued to move in her direction until he came to be on the first step of a porch. - Kasey regain consciousness, you what fell asleep??? Casey stood as prishiblenny. - to a step to my party!!! Through all the essence of the woman told. Forces began to return. Casey opened eyes and looked at Gerry. Her instincts worked for all hundred. - You, it were you!!! Casey was thrown in his party with such speed that Gerry even didn't manage to blink as he felt that the decent piece of a shirt with a root was torn out from his body. - You are a bastard!!! - the Freak, your mother!!! - the Bitch, I hate you!!! Casey shouted in all throat, seeing terrible scars on a breast. - It you!!! Kasey couldn't be mistaken, remembering as the picture of last night as the leader of these the freak struck him blows with the sharp-clawed paw. - How you dared??? that you failed!!! - Well why I??? - For what you so with me??? - Tell me for what??? tears and anger fell upon Gerry. He I hit him in the face up to a breast. - Why tell, me what for??? Casey the next time loaded Gerry's slap in the face