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Far below, covering highways with never-ending light threads of headlights, thousands of patches of light of a car were seen. Somewhere, as if piercing with a katana a dark smog of air, melancholic strunno-shchipkovaya music invisibly exuded. "Tokyo — she only also thought, admiring this tremendous look. — The capital of our country of the Ascending Sun, high technologies and colourful animes. A also, a great number of lonely men and women" At this thought, she, involuntarily absorbing in itself the soaring melancholy of sounds, I got sad a little and, again having drunk the invigorating wine, already without any thought I stared in the sparkling beauty of the night city. Being mature 30-letney the woman, with ideally beautiful face of the Japanese and a magnificent figuristy body, she so also remained one, being consoled after office work more and more frankly in the company of this wine, contemplation of evening and a dark German mastiff of Roland who, since a recent time, became for her even more than simply "the friend of the person". "However, we are guilty of the loneliness — Meyko began to reflect again, beautifully flickering silvery shadows a century. — It is only our centuries-old east shyness, constantly pushes us to the deadlock of infinite loneliness And if for us, girls, modesty "the second ornament", then, for men, it after all manifestation of internal weakness Yes - yes, men, everything, have to be always though it is a little more courageous than us! No, they it isn't more courageous On the contrary, such feeling that such it is already more and didn't remain! Entirely weaklings, yes mamkiny sonnies! Only once dismissed from work — here to themselves a hara-kiri! Ne could pay payments for the credits — a hara-kiri! The wife — a hara-kiri changed! Ne the beloved — a hara-kiri answers with reciprocity! Hara-kiri, hara-kiri, hara-kiri! Because of them, we with firmness are in the lead not one year in the world by the number of suicides on population soul! Horror! Nightmare! Accident! Akh, where you, brave men which there was so much in our nice history?! Where you, brave Samurais and selfless kamikazes who, if left life, then, in a name of fighting honor! Vo a name of the emperor and the Fatherland, a not out of cowardice to banal everyday squabbles! Where you, real men?!" Having given in to an internal rush, Meyko, I turned back and with grief I inspected walls of the cozy apartment — on all wall-paper, images of her favourite medieval Samurais which, having rallied in the horse attack bravely rushed on what-to enemy dazzled with a colourful print! "Where you?! — again mentally she repeated a question, lowering a palm on one of images. — Really from you there were only one dogs now?!" — Gav-gav-gav-gav! — here the cheerful roulade of dog bark poured over her. Having jumped out from where-to of a utility room, the faithful German mastiff rushed to her slender legs. — O, Roly! — at once joyfully she started densely-nakrashennoy splendor of eyelashes. — Felt grief of the madam and solved it porazvlech?! That - thanks, you, my dear boy! Probably, only you in this world understand menyadruzheski having stroked it on the head, it, "having crafty shot" at it dark raskosostyyu beautiful eyes, fell by a red sofa, and, having left a glass of the drunk wine, suddenly slowly pulled together from yourself thin matter of panties! — Guf-guf! — instantly the mastiff responded deaf "pronunciation", vilyanyem a tail welcoming the begun intimate prelude.Meyko, not reducing from him a look, stretched hands for a back and, one move removed from herself and a brassiere, having thrown it to him in a dog muzzle here! — Hakhakhakha, Roly! — loudly she burst out laughing the impudence, seeing as the bra ridiculously hung on his extended "face". — What you at me all amusing! A dog, having only modestly barked in the answer, I brushed away gentle fabric from a muzzle, and, having pricked up ears, with the doubled interest I stared at the become bare hostess — attracting pale-yantarnym a shade of faultless skin, she just shook by the abrupt hips and elasticity of the charming tits which are beautifully topped with juicy "cherries" of scarlet nipples! — What, madam is pleasant? — she smiled, not without slightly acted "paint", having noticed his begun to flow saliva. — I know that I am beautiful as the blossomed Oriental cherry And, I know that you, wish me again — Guf — the mastiff absolutely quietly fell a cropper, only starting up new saliva in the answer. Seeing that he just devours it the wise eyes, Meyko, at last, slid off a sofa, and, with a smile having accepted the person the first caress of his dribbling language, slowly turned him to herself the back. — Quietly, the road — she tenderly whispered, catching the spinning tail of a mastiff. — Your madam won't offend you your madam just again a little to have fun with toboyi, in confirmation of the words, Meyko pulled out language and led him on Roland's tail, here having felt all silky smooth surface of his wool! — Ummmkh, what tail — she whispered, playfully biting him. — A present tail kobelyanetoroplivo having slobbered all length of a tail of a mastiff, Meyko having smiled to itself, slightly I shipped his trembling tip in a mouth and I began to suck quietly as if already doing him a peculiar blowjob! — Ummmkh, what smooth — she continued to provoke a dog. — Ummmkh, who shelkovistyypolnostyyu having kissed a tail of the four-footed friend much and across, she, having pressed him between hills of the tits, with such playful ease I began "to stimulate" him them with elasticity, having begun already to excite promptly in myself excitement!