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Change of a landscape didn't come, everywhere trees, a path few times stepped aside. At last I was tired and decided to remove the excitement, a little. It was even romantic. A silent grove, nobody disturbs, I on a grass and a pleasant wave am rolled from my clitoris on all body. But, roofing felts memory at me bad, roofing felts I waited for it, generally, it happened. At first I felt resistance at legs and looked on a foot, they were densely grabbed with a grass which continued to envelop my legs. I waited for continuation, but it came from a back. The thick liana twisted me around a stomach and began to pull on itself, from such banner from me a little cum was splashed out, I grabbed this liana and began to pull legs. The grass released me, it is kind of strange didn't sound, but the liana of a provolokl me to a tree where in a trunk the large pharynx similar to a mouth opened, from him and lasted this liana. I strongly was frightened and began to twitch, but everything was vain, clouded me in space where lianas twisted me from all directions and the pharynx of a tree was closed. In spite of the fact that these lianas got into all possible places of my body, I didn't derive pleasure, it was just terrible, but when some liquid from below began to rise I wanted to die quicker. When water reached my nose, in it there were already small lianas which allowed me to breathe, and then the world was covered by darkness. I regained consciousness in this tree, all body was sticky, lianas hanged down from me as spaghetti, any movement or resistance, I got out through an open pharynx and looked at a tree. It was the dead, absolutely dry trunk and fallen leaves, lianas fell out of him on a grass and didn't give any signs of life. To me it became a little more best, after all this tree paid. And then I examined myself. Such as I remembered myself, wasn't any more. My skin became more dark, almost to a brown shade, hair were green and reached to me a breast. Boobies my large shrank and became, no more third size as before, nipples were a little more sharply, but all same large. And my pussy resembled thickets Mocha. The dense greenish cover hid my hole which exuded with my juice, color at it was the same rozovenky as before, but now on my sponges the flower had a pigmentation as. And here my bottom both was a hollow, and remained, two fingers failed in it, having carried by a pleasant impulse on a body. I stood in the evening forest and thought what is with me not so now. Long it wasn't necessary to think. From bushes on exchange the head similar on dog looked, but sharper lines and sharp teeth, dispelled similarity. I stood, being afraid to move, but this creature already left to me. Having bypassed me this swine showed also herself, it was the creature, similar to a dog, but on her body some bristles and thorns were scattered, the head was without ears, and evil eyes examined me. I stood, without moving, hoping that it will leave, but I miscalculated. This dog opened the mouth, and from it doubled was put out the tongue. My soul failed in heels, but this language began to pinch slime from my body more aggression what wasn't. I began to expect patiently, but when language concerned my perineum, the dog began to cross from the place, into place, looking for the best access to my hole, and periodically licking me there. What to say that I was made horney. A leak from me the beginning is rather strong that drops flew down on legs and were pinched. But at some point I didn't sustain and fell on knees, having exposed the perineum for more convenient licking. The animal didn't bring, having jumped aside from my actions, he approached closer when I stood in a pose "crustacean", then sniffed at my perineum and began to drink up from me. I was at the peak of pleasure, so me still nobody processed, thin language soiled attention to all my gentle rosette and wiped mine писю with a thick part. Few times language got to me into a bottom and rummaged there. And then this dog pulled hard on me, I, frankly speaking, already waited for it and this occurred. Huge hulk pulled hard to me on a back, and the fat dick struck me a pubis and a stomach, I didn't begin to wait when he finds an entrance therefore pushed a hand and this dick took. He was very fat, but also not it was seen, having sent him to the hole, I released a dick and held breath. The dick passed in me like clockwork when the groin of an animal hit me on a bottom I was even surprised for a moment, this long dick didn't reach my bottom. But it were trifles, me a mouth and me it was good. The dick slid in my slippery vagina, and I began to groan, the orgasm was already on the way. Couple more of movements, still, still … Here the dog pulled hard on me even stronger, having pressed me a breast to the earth, my buttocks stuck out up, accepting his fat dick. When the dick for the first time let out from himself a seed, I began to cum … My vagina squeezed a dick of a dog, and milked dry from it everything that is only possible, breakthroughs and convulsions of the dick inside, added to me sharpness of an orgasm. I terminated without consciousness loss, everything was good, but here the dog unexpectedly for me took out the dick and literally fell nearby. When the high me was released by me looked at this awful creature to which I substituted the interior quite recently. The dog lay without the movement, language was thrown out of a mouth. Probably I was tired to tear up me so. I touched the shaggy pussy, it was damp, but I precisely remembered that in me this dog cumed and that cums has to be much. But she didn't follow from me. I stood a little, the health was fine, I wanted to look that around and as. On the wood I liked to walk, few times I saw some bright small animals, it seemed to me that it is bunnies. (especially for - Once I saw a strange slimy outgrowth on a tree, but didn't decide to approach him. And then I was found by one more inhabitant of the wood. The large animal, similar to a horse, jumped out because of a tree and almost at once hit me with a breast. I was tumbled down on the earth, but didn't manage to rise as on my hands there were his paws, I not An a joke got a fright, but as it became clear at all one interest here. Hind legs the animal spread my legs, and having sat down the dick thrust in me. The dick was beautiful, at once it became pleasant to me, and I relaxed. When I raised the head I saw as the fat and pinkish dick gets into my become green fluffy thing as splashes of my juice fly extensively. This horse terminated quickly enough, and having left me поковылял aside. And here I didn't manage to terminate. Disappointed I went further gradually squeezing the писю, it is a pity that to me the plans didn't allow to finish. From a tree on me the unclear blot jumped, I only also was in time that the head to lift, she also used it. Four feelers which the blot had clasped to me the head, and here the dick stuck out of the center almost correct form, he got to me into a mouth, and all this design was recorded at me on a face. I could breathe, but the dick which here is constantly putting to me in a throat – strongly disturbed. I grabbed two hands this dirty trick, and tried to break it from a face, but that kept very strong. I couldn't bite I it a priori. It is a little more efforts, steam of wrong moves and I to the next trap. From under a trunk of the next tree, three or four thick hands escaped and having seized me by legs dragged towards their den. I rested but it is vain, dragged a half of a body under a tree and everything calmed down, well at least I ceased to be pulled. But it wasn't easier from it. Something began to envelop my legs, then to part in the parties. Something rested against my perineum, and slipped to my back. I won't hide, it already began to be pleasant to me, uniform motions in rastrakhany buttocks were pleasant to me. When clouded me on a half, the thick shoot rushed into my pizda too, and I began to move ahead further and further, up to the depth. I would moan, but the damned blot shut me a mouth. Here so I had also a rest, a half of a body fucks under a tree, and the second lies on the earth and licks a dick which can't extend from a mouth. I began to rumple the boobs. When did I undertake nipples from them some liquid, a yellowish shade poured down thin streams, I very much wanted to try it, but how? Fuck I was long. The first the blot was given. Накончав to me directly in a throat, it relaxed the feelers and drooped. I rejected it aside. Me so well processed, but strange feelings here appeared. Besides the movement in my holes, I had a small itch at a bottom, the pubis began to ache strongly, the clitoris just burned with fire. There was a feeling that I am undressed there. But the high, prevailed therefore I concentrated on it. When began to shake me in an orgasm I thought what there just tears me to pieces, feelings captured me with the head, I felt each section of the vagina and bum as I leave feelers as everything becomes empty inside. I became soft at a tree, not in forces to be chosen from there. And for long time, at last, I fell asleep. I woke up, as before, from strong excitement. Almost at once I rose by elbows and I looked round, there was a starlit night. A half of my body still was in heat under a tree, I rose on hands a little and tried to make a start legs, but there was everything strange, generally, not could make a start. Having turned over on a stomach, I began to pull myself hands, creeping on the ground when, at last, my bum crept through a hole in a tree or a hollow, process went quicker, and already in couple of seconds, I was free. Having turned to examine a hole, I lost a speech power. Instead of my slender a knife there were natural chlenisty feelers. Beginning from my bottom, they dispersed on four from each party and there were long about two meters. Now they randomly rummaged around, probably my concern gave them an impulse. I was horrified that only didn't happen to me. I turned on a back and tried to stretch all these "legs". It turned out though not at once. My pubis completely grew bald, it was smooth and slippery where I had sponges – now there were first membranes for legs feelers. I dipped a hand to the holes. They were on the place, but there were almost identical, just slippery holes in the bottom of my body. As soon as I began to fall into a despair, the dog got to my field of vision. But even he couldn't lighten me the mood, he saw only my head and didn't know what I became yet. But once he bypassed a tree and to see me, he bristled up at once and began to recede. And in me the strange feeling worked. I began to understand that now not I, but he my victim. I looked at his dick, that was in the fighting family way. Legs feelers worked as I and wanted, sharp breakthrough and I already above the ground and pair of feelers am enough a dog, but that tries to bite me, couple more of feelers … Nobody as not I knows how can be enough a feeler. Several seconds and I a hedgehog over a dog who lies on the earth. The dick faces him directly to me, and I already know, being stuck by the hole on a thick dick of a pseudo-dog under someone this wood will cave in. Children if there are offers or the ideas, send a private message. I can't squeeze out this text any more. Thanks for attention.