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The father, the former military, having retired, soon I died, and mother in spite of the fact that was already a pensioner, continued to work as the teacher of Russian and literature at high school from which ten years ago I graduated. We had not big, but very cozy lodge on the quiet Plastunskaya Street decorated with greens of trees and bushes of the blossoming lilac. Here in the mornings roosters sang and smelled of the village. - Here we and houses! – solemnly I proclaimed, having creaked car brakes at the gate. The first beams of a rising sun only began to gild windows of houses. - You don't leave yet, and I will go and I will frighten the grandmother, I will make by her a surprise the sudden emergence, - I told the wife and children, opening a car door. - How gin from a bottle? – significantly my seven-year-old son Kolka who read the Arab fairy tales noticed. - As Zmey Gorynych, - five-year-old Oksana who didn't leave category of the Russian fantastic kingdom yet corrected him. - Oh! And chatterers you! - my Lyudmila took of children a tender look. – And you is short? - I in a trice. Now only five. The sun over the horizon. For certain the granny still sleeps? I will go to awake her, - I answered, getting keys where there was also a key from a gate. But, to my astonishment, the gate was not locked. I entered the yard, tried to open a door of a small one-room wing, but it appeared on the lock, but the door to the house was open. A circle it was so silent and warm that there was no wish to leave the yard. It was my house connected with memories of light youth. "Really, very early in a kitchen garden digs?" - I thought and quietly, on tiptoe, I entered the hall. From a crack of the slightly opened door to the bedroom weak light of a night lamp streamed and some strange measured scratch of krovatny springs was heard. I glanced and hardened. My meek creature and the modest woman mummy loved by me and all teachers of school lay absolutely naked on a back, and between her legs dark-haired buttocks quickly danced. - To you it is good, the darling? – quietly the man whose voice seemed to me very familiar asked. - Still! I in the sky! I – fly … - You also said when we conceived our Kostik. Do you remember? - Still! What son you then received! And now? Handsome! At the high administration be held in high esteem. In three years on the apartment I earned also the car smart in the form of an award I received. And myself I found the wife beautiful, sexy. To me I gave birth to the grandson and the granddaughter, the clear head. Well, all right. Don't distract. Continue to bring me this heavenly pleasure... Her painfully familiar hands right there captured these black hairy "balls" and began to press to themselves, working in unison to their movement. The bed began to creak again, accompanied with loud groan of springs as if complained of unreasonable burdens of life. "My God! Who is it?! Yes as he dared?!" - in my soul everything turned over, and I was ready to fly to the bedroom to break off on pieces of this person, but he already finished "process", got up, turned and I recognized the director of the school. I was struck on the place because I couldn't imagine "It" even in the most bad dream. I watched how he pulls the boxer shorts and remembered his beauty wife Maria Vasilyevna who was the best friend of my mother. I right there straightened out myself from a thought of fast punishment of it and the back, slowly moved back to an exit. Children already stood on the street at a gate, and on an inquiring look of the wife, I negatively shook the head. - There is no house. Probably, I jerked on the central market. Therefore we will approach a bit later for now I invite you in the car, now we will sweep on the beach to the bay "Omega".-On the beach?! That's great! - the son quickly got into the car.-And I want to the granny, - zakanyuchit the daughter, trying to open a gate. I right there stopped this undesirable intention, picked up her and transferred to the wife's hands. When the car already turned round the corner of the neighboring house, I braked and left. - What happened?! - the wife became agitated. - Anything special. I will check the right back wheel. The wheel conducts something … I sat down and pretended that I attentively study a wheel, and during this instant I saw how the man of solid growth left a gate, thievishly looked back on the parties, a trot ran across across the road and disappeared in the yard of the neighboring house. "Well, also put?! From you, Nikolay Timofeyevich, I never expected it!" - I thought and went to a door. Strange, but during these moments at me desire to finish with it was already gone. Besides, as it appeared, he was my father. "So why I nevertheless Kazachinsky, but not Temeshev? However, it isn't so important. The main thing what my mother with it is good, and for the rest let understand. Here it is only a pity for Maria Vasilyevna. The woman – the beauty. I and itself wish to try her …", - dirty thoughts in my head were confused. - Someone it was? – the wife asked, with alarm having looked in my eyes. - Where? - You know where … - A-a-a. So it is my former principal Nikolay Timofeyevich Temeshev … We met him on a kitchen garden. He looked for mother too: matches ended at their place … - I spoke, spoke everything that Gene from a bottle will take off, - the son's eyes victoriously shone. - No. Zmey Gorynych, - the daughter protested. - The second more approaches, - the wife summarized, and we started. … On the beach there was no parking for cars yet, and we went to "The wild beach". Having unloaded, the wife began to make a breakfast, and I with children was engaged in preparation of watercrafts. Having built for them "Paddling pool", this small озерко, fenced off from the sea by a barrier from stones, I swam for a while a little and, having come to the coast, settled on stones facedown. Gloomy thoughts continued to overcome me. "So. We will classify everything. Leaves so that in fact I not Kazachinsky, but Temeshev. Why? Yes. Mother was the first beauty when after institute I came to school. She very much looked like the actress famous at that time beauty Pechernikova, and to the young mathematician showing promises in career development didn't make special work to tempt the fellow worker. There is no treason. And mother met the father literally in a week and didn't resist the lieutenant – the submariner who just graduated the Sevastopol Nakhimovka. And there service in the north, the father – in the sea, and mother alone with the son. When to me it was executed seven, the father was transferred to Sevastopol, and mother returned again to native school where her lover was already managing on a teaching department. The father grew in ranks and ranks, and Nikolay Timofeyevich Temeshev, having become the principal, our favourite teacher, having married the beautiful and clever woman, everything continued to love my mother who only from one touch of his hand melted as a candle, secretly obediently holding up him the slender body. The father, it seems, also died, without having learned from someone in fact then his young bride became pregnant".-What did you become silent? Something happened?! – eyes of the wife it is disturbing shone. - No. Everything is good … - But I see that you beside himself … - I was simply tired to twist a wheel one and a half thousand kilometers … - Went home. You should sleep well and everything will become on the place, - the wife bent and kissed me on a mouth. I felt that she wanted me, because when she wanted "It", quite so I kissed me, sucking in my language in the small, almost children's mouth. And I understood that I want her, I want strongly and right now. She understood it and told: - Children. From the paddling pool be one step away. And we with the father will swim for a while … … We swam away on depth, pokuvyrkatsya in water, then swam up to the coast where water to us was up to a breast. She turned to me, twisted a neck with hands and, having placed legs, took seat on hips, having captured me legs. She already managed to remove swimming trunks, and I lowered a little the and, seizing the moment while on the beach, except us, nobody was yet, the impatiently shaking dick hasty began to insert into her opening which is eager for love. That it was more convenient to us, I supported her by hands for slippery buttocks in water, trying to spread it as it is possible more deeply. She liked to fuck with me. Probably the size of my body completely suited her. For several years of our living together there was no case that it refused to me "It", well unless only in menses. Happened that the sexual feeling overtook us unawares directly on some festive event, and we were forced to retire secretly for some time to a men's or ladies' room, and even to one of office offices. My friends knew about this our weakness and in advance defined the place for our joint privacy. Yes. I fooled around then to the right and on the left, fucking for a payment of other women including the hostess who by request gave birth from me to the son, but with anybody of them to me it wasn't so sweet to be engaged in this business, as with the darling, the clever and gentle wife. And here! The sea is blue, sand and the beach … Well, how it was possible to miss this moment not to enjoy a body of the person who is hotly loved by me?! I already so grew insolent that I developed her back to myself and began to fuck quickly to the back … - Fathers! Well what you do there?! – suddenly the son waved to us a hand, seeing as we, on the job, embrace and kiss. Daughters bothered to sit in "Paddling pool" too and it began to call us to itself while our bodies still fought in a powerful mutual orgasm. - All! We float to you! – the mummy waved with him a hand and, having pulled out from under a melting brassiere cup, having dived under, quickly pulled them on herself. - And "He" still costs and "cries", - having come up, she grinned, having gently shaken a palm my genital body exhaling lonely "slezki". … We arrived to the grandmother cheerful and hungry. Children were fascinated by the sea, greedily, telling the granny what it beautiful, warm, only the daughter noticed that the father with mother long bathed, and the son in general said that they didn't swim but only kissed … - And we already came to you, the granny, in the morning, only you the house wasn't, - the daughter suddenly told, with a jeer having looked at the brother who forgot about this essential detail. - And where I was? - the grandmother asked, having watchfully looked at the grandson. - The father told that you left on a market. He looked for you too, but didn't find, - the grandson answered. - And still you were looked for by that uncle that I left a gate, - the granddaughter told. - Yes. Matches were necessary to him, - I confirmed.