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Here as happens, blood hits into the head, you don't even notice as you go bare feet on unclear what and when passed everything, you already watch the step on this disgrace, the swamp in mixed up with hay and chicken shit down, and you regret that couldn't keep not that boots, even pants. There was nothing. I wanted to be aired all a couple of minutes therefore left without jacket, in one sweater. To wrap advantage rags and to go to the house? Will ridicule, then a shame you won't be gathered for all next years of study. What was it? It apparently was the plot, revenge for cum shots in a face. It is necessary to wait a little more, can terrorists will come and will make demands in exchange of return of the stolen things. It dread to think what requirements can come to minds to the young girls who are warmed up by alcohol. There was no wish to go to the house frankly therefore it was decided to wait still I am sensitive. I tried to find warmer place in this shed at least to live up to the moment of arrival of terrorists, took off a sweater and wrapped him around the causal place. It was twisted on the shed, nothing standing, near a small group of firewood there was an old case with half-open doors hammered with any rubbish from packages of cement mortar, to nails, shovels were scattered on all floor. Suddenly in the yard voices were heard, I mechanically began to look for a shelter, not to be shown before girls with a small willy which shrank because of an intolerable holodina. The case appeared just before eyes, and I didn't begin to think out the bicycle. And I left doors half-open, girls and so knew that I here to hide completely there was no sense. In an aperture between doors and the smashed veils the entrance to the shed well was looked through. But inside not my terrorists, and absolutely other people came... It is more true to tell, didn't even come, and were filled up. Olya slipped the first, glanced at all this disorder. — there is Nobody. — And the bulb че burns? — Vitalik didn't believe. I recognized him by a voice. — Hammer — Olya snapped — you want me? — Still as — the guy and Olya joyfully answered, having seized a jacket, quickly involved him inside. They began to kiss wildly in a hickey. Vitalik passionately seized the girl and just hammered her with a back into a wall, having pressed all over. Their hands began to slide chaotically bodies of each other, jackets departed on a floor. Olya stuck hands into the guy's back, jumped up and twisted with both legs the guy, having hung on him. They continued to kiss wildly, Vitalik took several steps with this pleasant burden and seated the girl on the same distressful table on which only recently naked bottom Nadia sat, and began to undo trousers. Olya didn't waste time too, pulling together the tight jeans. From my confidential town the picture was checked not so well, disturbed a case door, it was necessary to look out furtively. The benefit I was in a shadow, and I was difficult to be noticed from the lit room. At last Vitalik entered it, I am more faithful it I understood on reaction of the girl — she sprawled on a wooden board blindly enough, the head almost hanged down from other table edge, and her body began to rock rhythmically. I saw her only above a belt, and it depressed me, and to look out was frightening. After minute contemplation of emotions of the girl who is actively fucked on a dirty table in the middle of the rural shed to me it became much warmer, hands stretched to a dick which already accepted a fighting rack. Moreover and Olya to everything added a great way to be warmed to me sexual desire, her playful handles tightened a jacket up and her accurate small breast with the sticking-out nipples seemed to my eyes. The girl began to squeeze and rumple it, the low squeezed moans over and over again escaped from her charming mouth, I couldn't control normally myself any more and with double diligence undertook a dick. Every second I grew bolder more and more, tried to lean out quietly and imperceptibly far away of a locker to see all events. Vitalik, apparently, increased the pace, the girl fidgeted on a table more and more actively, and the champing sounds became louder. At some moment I carelessly leaned out and Vitalik noticed me, a yoke of an eye were rounded, he gasped, breakthrough the dick pulled out and began to cum violently Ole on a stomach, a breast, several streams reached even a neck. I convulsively thought of an instant, then, having thought, put a finger to lips and showed gesture "words" on what Vitalik smiled and nodded. I disappeared in the dark a case and already from the secluded place observed how Olya wakes up from pleasant drowsiness. The girl opened eyes enough and ran a hand over the breast smeared with a cum. Vitalik didn't waste time, he raised the girl and breakthrough developed her by hundred eighty degrees so that she appeared in the same pose, only now her head hanged down from a table near the sticking most out guy's dick. The power movement of hands he screwed Olya on a table, threw back her the head and the dick inserted into a mouth. The girl didn't protest, knowing her as not a diffident dissolute feature, I would even think that she strongly was delighted. I looked out again, without disappearing any more. It was clear that so far Olya in a mouth has a dick, she won't see me. The picture was surprising — Vitalik held the girl one hand by the chin, the second for a breast and, rhythmic movements, pulled her mouth on the dick. At the antiput table edge it was also interesting. Olina legs were bent in knees and divorced in the parties, and at the table edge to my look the hole which reddened, shining from lubricant opened. Hair were shaved absolutely. Vitalik smiled to me enough and nodded towards the Oliny treasure, I with astonishment raised eyebrows, but inside desire, animal need to set in this treasure of the exhausted fighter was already selected. Vitalik saw my doubt and again nodded towards the divorced legs, at the same time charming Olin of companies became even more persistent to fuck. I rejected all doubts and silently left a case. Vitalik from my look nearly choked with laughter, but got it together and, without having uttered words, the thumb showed me. I took some more steps and it appeared already near a table, the revealed, excited pussy and attracted. The girl's legs shook from time to time, without leaving to me uniform chance of sobriety of thoughts. I approached a table and one movement entered the shining and attracting vagina. The girl from surprise protested, having choked on the dick and, tried to be removed from me, but I already held two hands her by a waist and again attracted to myself. Vitalik released hands, without having begun to risk the most expensive, still will bite off accidentally, or intentionally, but when the girl let out him from a mouth and tried to rise, again pressed her hands to a table. I increased speed at this time, rhythmical blows of my pubis about a pubis of the girl shaven bare damped her ardor to protests, she ceased to escape, again threw back the head and opened a mouth. Vitalik didn't force itself to ask long... Unfortunately, my dick reared and warmed by all this situation, also the holidaymaker after pretty Nadia's mouth, not long could please Olina the pussy. After two minutes of impetuous blows during which my fighter completely disappeared and I came to light almost to the tip again I felt that I can't any more. There was no wish to become the young father at all therefore I quickly pulled out the love tool from Oliny charm and I irrigated her stomach with a fresh cum, previous already I managed to dry up rather. Having shot several times and having much enjoyed a picture, I understood that Olya asks additives. The girl wasn't going to release a dick from a mouth, even began to suck more actively, and her bottom fidgeted on a table, and legs dispersed in the parties even more.— Jerk off her a clitoris — Vitalik smiled — she all coils. I actually was doesn't mind, hands knew what to do moreover and the girl very much wanted, placed legs there is no place more widely so the pussy completely opened and the clitoris a small knob stuck out from under skin folds. I began to be played with him fingers, is accurate through a kapyushonchik, the second stroke-oared the girl's hips, drove along legs constantly touching sexual sponges. Action entered an active phase, the rhythm every second was increased, I without restraint fingered a clitoris fingers, heart jumped out of a breast. Vitalik also approached the termination, he closed eyes enough and threw back the head somewhere up, Olya fidgeted a bottom quicker and quicker and at last got nervous all over, chattered legs, convulsively trying to squeeze them. The wave which began with Olya came also to Vitalik, he sighed deeply, released a mouth of the girl and streamed her directly on the person and a jacket. Some time all recovered everyone. Olya became soft and slightly moved on a table, so that can put at last the head on something horizontal, but not stir her on a brittle neck. Vitalik few times knocked with the is fighting after the girl's lips what she answered with a kiss, without opening eyes. I just stood on the same place, being covered with hands and thinking what further to speak and do. The first Vitalik started talking: — You what here did without pants? — A long story, maids stole... — I began. — Correctly made — Olya interrupted me, still without opening eyes — such dick can't be held in trousers, it should work. We a little bit stood silently, then the girl at last began to move and began to rise. Cum drops slowly began to flow on her face and on a tummy. — to Nobody about it, understood? — Olya stared at me and came off a table, began to look for the pants. (A porn stories) she took a scarf From a pocket of jeans and began to wipe him a face. We were silent, Vitalik grinned, pulling trousers. — the Devil, that there is a lot of nakonchala, it is necessary to wash completely now — the girl continued, pulling trousers. — there is no Hot water here — Vitalik hokhotnut — and outside winter, you will chill kidneys. — do you Suggest to go so home? — she snapped. Having put on, Olya looked at me who was still covering "friend" with hands and smiled: — Really, I lost pants. — I will bring trousers to you, I have spare, took on a case if in snow get wet — Vitalik nodded. — About what here happened, to nobody — Olya repeated once again. Without pocket mirror she didn't manage to erase completely cum traces from the face. To look at the girl in such look me very much got, I felt as the dick rises again and according to nodded in reply. The girl once again looked at me and went to an exit, Vitalik proceeded behind her. — I quickly, anywhere don't leave — Vitalik immediately hokhotnut before the door slammed. — Yes where I will leave that in such look... — I grinned. To be continued...