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The subject which became already just huge on feelings in a bunghole remained on the place, but in a night still increased. Yesterday Lyubov Viktorovna repeatedly gave an enema to her, but not water and not such big any more. It is some cunning solution which was pumped and now I was in Yul. Solution worked, and worked oddly — it smoothed the irritating effect of the stopper which is mercilessly tearing apart rectum walls. From him there was a soft calming heat inside. And this heat passed further, being transferred to a vagina. It was pleasant, and it was the cause of a spot between the woman's legs. Though not only it. Closing eyes, Yulya came back to the events which took place the day before again and again mentally. After return from the bathroom, the hostess returned it to a bathtub and again poured in an enema in a defenseless bunghole. But this time it isn't enough, and it was definitely no water. Having twirled a plug, Lyubov Viktorovna (namely so now about herself her young woman began to call) took a shower in hand and began to water the lodger. Then, having taken a rigid sponge and laundry soap, I began to soap her. When at first the sponge, and then and nails of the hostess walked along Yulya's backbone from a neck to a tailbone, it responded extraordinary strong excitement. As if small categories of electricity pricked a body. It would seem, after only that endured... But here and in buttocks began to spread warmly. Lyubov Viktorovna filled in something unusual inside, and something began to work. By the end of the water procedure small felt feverish Yulya from excitement, and any contact only strengthened tension in the young woman. She couldn't tell that to her it is good, but couldn't tell also the return. All her body the incredible tension as if something grew inside seized again, and couldn't remain the held-down her body any more, but strength wasn't gained yet to overcome the holding-down cover. — What, a doll, you want to terminate once again? "Doll" wanted. But I could answer nothing distinctly. Her mouth could publish only semi-groans and semi-whimpers. — Nothing, I will develop you now as it is necessary. I for you have a surprise — the hostess conspiratorially winked. — We will go to the room. And this time the travel was controlled by means of the Yuliny ear. But the way was longer — through all corridor to her room. Yulya did all this way like a dog, on all four extremities. At the end the ear was already ready to come off and remain in Lyubov Viktorovna's fingers. The fact that her room wasn't locked didn't surprise the woman at all. At such treatment of her it is strange to expect that someone is going to reckon with the general rules. And someone is she now, unless the decent tenant?. Having come into the room, Yul it was ordered to get on a bed and to button a collar on a neck. And later under a stomach the pillow folded double was enclosed. Thus the young woman appeared in an ideal pose for copulation. For some reason she remembered one pornoroller in which to the girl inserted into buttocks to Pepsi bank. Probably and she looked in this way in this pose and with the subject which on feelings already expanded to the similar sizes now. Lyubov Viktorovna quite rough movements got hands of the woman standing cancer for a back and connected them by a rope hank from a pocket of the dressing gown. — Look, than I you now to a vyeb — in hands at the hostess was a black rubber dick. Quite impressive, it is necessary to tell. It was thickness approximately about a shank from a shovel, and of a quarter of meter, probably. But here what forced pupils to extend Yulina — so it is blisters which covered a rubber product — as though the toy was filled by centimetric balls from the bearing inside. And this piece could fasten thongs. As it was right there quickly done by the hostess who fixed an artificial dick on the pubis. The terrible tool gradually rocked in a step to movements of the hostess, and Yulya all couldn't look away from it in any way. So far the black bandage didn't fall by her eyes. Having strong tied fabric on the lodger's head, Lyubov Viktorovna moved to the held-up bum and is lazy moved the sticking-out stopper. Yulya responded the squeezed low passing into a whimper. — Nothing, the girl, your bum will be developed soon, and her we will use on full. — With these words the hostess splashed the buttock which is held up her and put the black giant to a crack full of moisture. Having felt a head at an entrance to the nature, the woman stood in the scared expectation of inevitable. It was really terrible, earlier never before in her was such giant. The hand of the previous guy can be not considered, there everything was gentle and the hand was rather graceful. And preparation was long. And all bottom wasn't occupied by a stopper, of the size of orange. Yul at the same time wanted everything — and that everything ended, and she was released; and that this monster entered her; and that somebody inserted her the living warm dick into a mouth; and... In a word, she couldn't understand the desires which was too much at once. She needed only to wait for inevitable, being shaken from a small shiver of an anticipation and excitement. Having a little waited while the lodger realizes the events, the hostess with a force slapped her in a buttock. It worked on Yulya as a trigger, and she, having moved at first forward, right there moved in the opposite direction, sticking herself on a rubber dick. The ridge surface reluctantly got in the young woman, clinging gentle pink folds and entraining skin. And the subject in a bottom didn't promote easy penetration into the next opening at all. But here the head of a strap-on rested in Yulya against a natural obstacle, and the movement stopped. For a while. The hostess undertook an initiative, and the powerful movement practically pulled out the tool, and then tired out with not less powerful movement him back. At Yulya intercepted breath. From eyes tears scattered, and fingers of hands with a force were placed in different directions and stood. On a thin partition between a rectum and a vagina as if walked a washing board. But this unpleasant, and even the painful feeling right there responded in the new portion of a woman's secret and groan of desire when lungs at last could let out the air. Lyubov Viktorovna wasn't going to reckon with feelings of the lodger, and continued frictions without pauses and respites, gradually accelerating. But not only. Depth of frictions also gradually increased, ruthlessly ramming interiors of the young woman. It was painful, but for some reason such feelings, together with the situation, were for it such delightful now. On finger-tips electric discharges literally clicked, being born in a stomach and running on a backbone. At least, so Yul it seemed. She crawled a breast on a bed surface under rhythmical frictions of the hostess. Nipples became just stone and were ruthlessly rubbed with blanket cover fabric. From light-cherry of the size of a five-ruble coin, they turned into dark claret, of the size of 50 kopeks. It was inconsiderately torn off from own feelings and the coming orgasm, having roughly taken for hair and having stuck with lips in... female perineum? But how, frictions of the black monster for a second didn't stop? Means, it someone another, but not Lyubov Viktorovna... The wave of indignation overflowed the woman. She allowed to treat so herself only to the hostess of the apartment, and here she doesn't even see someone it!