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The line from Dumas, something it seems was remembered: "women as a dogs, without owner can't live". Also wait for him also truly and long if really love; and women usually love those someone don't reciprocate to them. Here to you a question for writing of the thesis, misters psychologists... Sharply phone began to vibrate. SMS: "I will be soon, dress my favourite piercing". Only several words, but from him! Adrenaline from a meeting anticipation in a moment banished melancholy. Having bared a breast, I changed piercing in nipples — from small gantelek for massive beautiful platinum ringlets, Kayrat's gift. They perfectly looked on my big elastic boobies, giving me shape of medieval east concubine a little. Having left an entrance, I saw Kayrat in the new sports car, small and predatory, the chromeplated details sparkling numerous and an aerographics on all car in the form of a silvery dragon. On tiny back seat, hardly finding room, the guy hardly familiar to me — Baha, Kayrat's workmate in eternal parties sat. By their shabby look I understood that last night they didn't go to bed, and most likely arrived only from "Velvet" in which practically lived in spite of the fact that both "worked" at solid positions in the House of the Ministries. Means, just decided "to recover" after a rough night from special pleasures... And it appeared. Honor a motor roar, the accelerator pedal in a floor, the Astana skyscrapers and five-storey apartment blocks, the bridge through Ishim — and we on the embankment by rush from the park. Rare passersby in these morning hours disapprovingly looked at the smart car parked in not put place with loudly playing music and the driver drinking champagne with the effective girl. — Inna, I argued with Baha a little bit here... He doesn't believe that you have rings in boobs. I interrogatively looked at guys. In reply — a signature grin of Kayrat and a carnivorous, greedy look of Baha. Despite the drunk champagne and joy of a meeting with Kayrat, I somehow felt ill at ease from a thought that it is necessary to show to almost unfamiliar guy a breast. And in general till today we didn't advertize "feature" of our relationship with Kayrat. — Blyadeshka, you won't allow me to lose a whisky box, huh? — Kayrat fixedly looked to me in a face — Give, you like to feel available and dissolute! In each woman there lives an eksbitsionistka. The beautiful woman — an eksbitsionistka doubly. Why many hours in the gym and beauty shop, many thousands of tenges on various cream and gels — only for the approval of the beauty are necessary, and, therefore, to the women's power. And each woman is ready to show the beauty though to the first comer, it is necessary to find a key only. Kayrat owned this key long ago. From his words excitement accrued... and Baha's presence repeatedly strengthened it. To feel the whore — means to break a taboo, that ban which you absorbed with mother's milk which you observe in daily occurrence, playing role of the touchy person and the successful girl with "prospects". How with pleasure to show to these two males true "I", to fall to some time in this forbidden, dirty whirlpool, and at the same time to feel all force of the power of the beauty! And still I adore dirty words... I adore listening to them in the address and to speak most. Kayrat perfectly knew it. — Give, the Russian siskasty cow, don't keep waiting — he rigidly told. These words a lightning stitched my horney brain... the special piquancy of my falling was emphasized with Asian nationality of "fans" of piercing in my nipples. I undid buttons on a jacket, and my massive boobies fall out on a review to children. The brassiere to me to anything — despite the considerable size, a breast at me doesn't need support. So even Kayrat who was repeatedly seeing my delights couldn't constrain a delighted look, and Baha genuinely dizzily gave a whistle. — Remember the milkings, shake by them... well! Submitting, I squeezed a breast hands, nipples with pleasure bulked up also zanyl waiting for caress; piercing ringlets invitingly rose. I ran fingers over nipples, I trifled them... The bottom of a stomach was captured by burning languor, and the tart smell of my excitement filled salon of a car. — the Brother and at it is great boobs! And rings what, would never think that Inka carries them! Well, super at you damn! — delighted Baha couldn't hide emotions. — You still an ass didn't see her — Kayrat, deliberately cold muttered. I hid the excitement, the cunning. It wasn't necessary to repeat to me. Having developed on sitting and having exposed the fifth point towards guys, I slowly pulled together leggings. In the beginning they saw a tattoo on a waist in the form of a cat, a moment later the top part of buttocks, and alle-hop — all my smart, round and volume bottom was exposed on a review. — What fleshy sraka! — Baha exhaled. In response to this "compliment" I shook a little by a bottom why elastic big buttocks zakolykhatsya seductively, and then moved apart them, showing the narrow anus and the exuding vagina. Having sat down on sitting again, I saw result of a show — eyes of guys burned, Baha is noisy falteringly breathed, and, above all — flies at both were ready to blow up. — the Good girl Inna... serve boobs this lever now, and we will observe — having taken a sip from a bottle, Kayrat pointed to the transmission lever which was the handle with a knob diameter in centimeter four, sheathed by skin. I clasped with boobies the lever and began to rub about it. — Inna is more alive... also tell us what you are a vulgar whore — Kayrat demanded. Well ж... zazhgy! (Especially for I slowly spitted out on the lever, and then bent, curved a naked bottom up, and from below looking in Kayratu's eyes, diligently licked a knob. — Mmm... it is pleasant as your potaskukha shows to your friend the milkings? — Yes... what you are a skank Inna... your white udder perfectly looks with this piece. Here I began to rub more actively a breast about the lever, imitating masturbation of the dick at the same time wagging the tattooed back. My excitement accrued, I was already ready to ride out this lever...