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She left the guy half a year ago, and probably because of a stress was corroded to the immense sizes. So Max left on hunting behind panties, I stayed at home in history anticipation as it was... Maxim returned only at daybreak, I and fell asleep on a chair so far waited for him. Maxim spitefully looked at me, and with words I to beat off put not a smog huge cowards on a popular IKEA table, they occupied a half of a table, he didn't tell the details to me, told just it awfully she nearly crushed him, from sex he couldn't dodge, and he will surely revenge me when wins: "well well at first win" — I joked. So Wednesday is time to play on new desire, I came from work, maxims already waited for the house, we in the fool played up to 5 victories, the account was 5:0 in favor of Max, I looked down eyes and asked him what he will be desire? Max having a little kept silent I told that I will be an award when he plays with friends in poker next time. I reddened but agreed, Max had a friend, Igor, he was on friendly terms with my friend, Ksyukhoy, I always dreamed of sex with him especially as I Ksyukh constantly told what impressive size at him. There came Saturday, I with fear and along with impatience waited for this day. In the late afternoon I descended in a shower, I think time to tell a little about myself growth the 172nd fine-molded figure, I take dancing classes, appetizing buttocks. I lay down I looked at the TV set a little, and Maxim is absent everything and isn't present. Suddenly to me SMS came, we will be soon. I decided to make to myself a klizmochka, anal sex we practiced and I loved it. Somewhere in an hour Max came, I opened a door, Max, Igor, Mikhail were on the threshold and I was afraid of it, Vasya, is a little about Vasya when we together with Ksyukhoy studied at school Vasya was the main thing zadroty but all the time to me was glued, once I pretended that drunk, he took me home probably with hope for something, but in front of the house I pushed him in a pool and escaped home :) silly of course, but it was the 9th class. I on welcomed them tightened more strong a dressing gown winked at Max and went to other room. To wait what will be. I sat in other room, heard shouts of the hazardous males who weren't knowing what waits for them for a victory. I collapsed on a sofa and even dozed off a little, I woke up from the fact that someone entered the room, I raised eyes in hope that it is Igor, but when the stranger approached closer I saw that it is Max, a little was even upset, but asked Max what award he wants? Blowjob was told by Max, I liked to suck at Max, therefore, without deliberating I went down on knees and began to undo to Max trousers. From them I escaped ready a maksimka (so we called him) and I began to rock, at me before a nose, I began to catch effortlessly it a uvula, max. suddenly seized me by a nape and from all move put on my head the dick, I was taken aback, but relaxed a neck and was given for complete control to Maxim. And itself the handle I began to mass a clitoris that though to get a little pleasures, he fucked me rigidly but not long, suddenly he stood and began to lower to me in a throat, "swallow" — he told, "and where to me to disappear" — I thought, and began to swallow, there was many cum, I swallowed everything, he took out a dick I licked lips, my face again was clean:) I looked at Max and told, "well all desire is executed" But max. maliciously smiled and told that I will be a consolation prize, will more precisely pass with me, for each loser and as оказалосьМакс merged the first. I tried to be indignant, but Max dexterously grabbed my hands got back and clasped handcuffs, around a sofa leg, thus I was fastened to a sofa, squating. Then he got in advance prepared bandage on eyes and accurately got stuck to me on a nape, it became dark and a little terrible that with me boys can make, but it appeared not everything to me he began to push a ball in a mouth, from ours with him sado-maso toys, the ball somehow got into my mouth when for the middle I passed it became easier, he accurately tied the ends of strings on my nape, I indignantly lowed, however my pussy flowed more than ever. Max left accurately closed a door, I estimate the situation, I squat, eyes are tied with a scarf, from a mouth saliva begins to flow, to me it became cold, and consoling itself in hope that following there will be Igor and Vasya will come out the winner, he clever let tries. In 2 — 3 minutes, I lost count of time, I heard as the door opened, and was right there closed, oh Igor, this in a whisper told a prize so a prize, I incredibly was delighted that it was Igor, he approached me carried out by a finger on my forehead, and rustled with trousers, I in an anticipation of the giant, began to flow just a stream. Igor accurately took out a ball from my mouth and I didn't manage to swallow saliva as my mouth completely Igor's dick borrowed, he really was the improbable sizes, I somehow could process a head of this beautiful giant, Igor began to move, it seemed to me that he completely occupies my mouth and reaches tonsils, I choked but was happy and sucked as could, in a few minutes Igor tumbled down me on a sofa, and began to push the vast object even more deeply, in eyes dimmed but I was happy, me seemed what I fainted, but at some point Igor took me for a neck and pushed the dick so deeply what I felt as his hand on my neck concerned the dick, and he began to cum, I swallowed as could but wasn't in time, saliva in alternately with a cum drove to my lips, I widely opened eyes as far as it is possible in my situation, and saw him Igor looked me fool in the face and cumed, in a moment probably having understood what I choke, he took out the handsome man from my throat, I reached for him, Igor grinned — What it was pleasant? — Yes — I in a whisper told, it is possible to ask you? — Of course, anything after it that! — Don't tell please Ksyukhe and don't allow to lose to Vasya, please. — With Ksyukhoy of course — he mysteriously smiled. — And what to me will be for the help to Vasya? — Anything darling — I smiled. — Agreed, and now I need to return everything as there were I promised Max. And he having wiped rum not with a napkin, I began to push back a ball, he went without any problem, probably he was less Igoriny handsome man. I continued to sit on a sofa, expecting that Igor will make everything and Mikhail will be the following, literally in a minute again someone came into the room, I became silent, and about myself pronounced, only not Vasya only not Vasya, the stranger approached me stroked me on a chin, I heard a lightning sound, convulsively tried to remember someone in what was, but couldn't, the stranger moved the dick on my person, then sharply pulled out a ball from my mouth, I felt sharp jaw pain, and right there flesh at myself in a mouth, the dick was small was pleasant to suck him, periodically I rested a nose in a shaven pubis, but he was gentle, everything was somehow boring, one thought me frightened that it could be Vasya, the stranger terminated, was a few cum I easily swallowed it. The stranger took out the dick waited so far I swallowed everything and began to push again, expecting that I will bring him to a clean state, I quickly made it, he clasped width on trousers, and having accurately inserted a ball back left. I felt the last whore whom used and left even without having paid off, in a moment Igor and with words dropped in, your turn at me from a sofa leg right there spread mine the pussy expiring juice on the enormous dick, I terminated in a touch second, I cumed long I fought about ecstasy so far Igor continued to fuck me at a huge speed, Igor hollowed me probably minutes 20 I lost count how many times I terminated, but it was magnificent. Max came and with a certain jocosity I told "I asked to take you it to us but not to fuck it before consciousness loss" Igor released me legs gave away and I fell to a sofa, Max stretched me a glass with the Mojito, I drank off its one. ( "Put on and send to us" Max told, "and someone was the last", with hope I asked but I didn't receive the answer, I had to leave with a ball in a mouth but without bandage in the eyes. I looked in a mirror, the round was whorish, tails of the robe are open, wine the breast and a clean-shaven pubis, hair are disheveled, though not in a cum, children tried. Having brushed the hair and having clasped a dressing gown I regretted that I in vain made to myself an enema, anal sex didn't happen. I left to children, to my delight I found out that won there was Vasily he sat as the winner with the mountain of counters, I grinned and told: — And children told that for a consolation prize at them was? — No, I lowed Vasyaya I opened dressing gown floors for a moment and I told — "this!!!" Vasya reddened and in my opinion even shed a tear:) I was happy, Max's desire was that it is necessary. I and Vasya prokidat also Igork again and sucked and in the pussy accepted, and Mischa, Mischa was a payment for all this. — Well all boys to you it is time to go home, I began to order. — No, expensive, I didn't guess, Max told. I stared at him without understanding that else it is necessary, I made everything, "and a prize to the winner?" with these words Max seized me by elbows behind, Igor quickly dragged an IKEA table on him guys put me a tummy, legs a wide belt fastened to some legs of a table and a hand to others, somebody sometime thought that these tables so are ideal for these purposes? Probably their creator was some pervert.