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However, after a week of stay with it in a bed (where she, to addition to all the advantages, was on the ball), me as to the normal man, there was a wish for something new. To my happiness, my girlfriend had not less attractive elder sister who at this moment was in the neighboring room. As long I imagined the unity moment with that, what is more senior! However, all last nights spent by me here she spent the night with the guy. I didn't disdain to listen to her excited groans under a scratch and a crash of their bed, at the same time imagining itself on his place. Well, and not to look in the worst light, we with mine competed with them in loudness. Now elder sister, by the way, she was called Ksenia, there was in a bed one: I heard that they to the guy had some half-word which developed into a loud quarrel. In a crack under the door dividing us the dim light, for certain, proceeding from the computer monitor flashed: Ksenia watched film. I darted a glance at younger: she snuffled at a wall. "Now or never!" - I thought. I wasn't an inveterate ladies' man that didn't prevent me to wish the sister of the girlfriend. Besides, that it is banal to fill up the list of achievements, I wanted Ksenia for chastity reasons. Not so long ago she was a schoolgirl, walked in a strict suit, a make-up minimum, a maximum of books. All such correct why there was a wish to visit her even stronger. Besides, having inherited the same chromosomes, I had not a smaller bust, than at younger sister, as well as other external data. From only one thought of pairing with this samochka at me intercepted spirit, and heart began is speeded up to fight. Having left behind a cushy job, I got out to the balcony connecting both rooms and furtively moved to a door. It lay under a blanket and watched something on the computer. Only having got accustomed to the monitor, I considered what it chose in fairy tales for the night. The half of screen the pirsingovanny pussy of a certain pornstar borrowed. The second half – the chernyushchy dick of her partner. "Ai and Ksenya!" - flashed at me in the head. The shot was replaced: the girl, appears, was a blonde with green eyes. Though all these trifles disappeared under a layer of milky-white substance on her face. Then in focus there was also responsible for her "make-up" - same huge, as well as the African's tool. Having come off the screen, I looked at the spectator. She lay on one side, in all staring in the monitor. Her hands weren't visible – and it was suspicious. The blanket flew down on her from a small knob which her leg undoubtedly was. Now I saw her through: from dirty thoughts even distorted me. Then I touched by a hand of a door and slipped inside. From columns hardly heard groans of the blonde to the accompaniment of slaps of black eggs about her thighs reached. And, her groans didn't resemble shout of pleasure at all – rather, the girl wanted to tell simple Russian to all clear: "Bothered!" To me it is sincere her it was a pity, but what to do! She equally well could work as the waitress or the secretary … Then against the background of the HHH-movie postscoring I began to distinguish languid breath of the spectator. While shots were replaced and "actors" changed a pose, I noticed how it, having slightly covered eyes, carried out by a uvula on lips, and then bit them. "How many in you lust, Ksenia!" Having approached for a half-step is closer, I made out kolykhany blankets: my vicious thoughts were confirmed. Having gathered a full breast of a dead air, I took the last step to the freaky adventure. - What do you do here? – nearly she screamed. Of course, she would say this phrase with bigger loudness if not that excitement which undoubtedly captured her. So the question sounded loud whisper. I right there applied a finger to lips, calling her for silence. Here Ksenia settled down, found herself in an open look (through a t-shirt intense nipples were seen), was covered with a blanket and confoundedly took seat in the middle of a bed. My brain desperately looked for some powerful reasons to calm her indignation. Well, eventually, I won't begin to say: "I became thirsty, and jammed a door. Here I also went through a balcony." Well or rectilinear "I want you so don't make a fuss and let's chpokntsya on the ambulance!" Alas, more nothing came to mind. Having a little recovered, it continued interrogation, but is already more silent: - You what, watched me? There was no place to recede and I sat down on a bed: - Yes. I noticed how you watch … it, - here I included "charmer", crafty, but knowingly smiling to her (she was embarrassed even stronger), - and decided to keep you the company … "That for a moronic argument! Really you indeed think that she will be led on it?!" - You that, I went crazy! You meet my sister – I am silent that I have a guy – and you offer me … Here I started: - Yes nothing I offer IT to you. I only wanted to try with you one game … I saw that bloody nothing is impossible to me, but if began, it is necessary to continue: - Nothing of that kind because of what you could feel guilty. Nothing, passing for a side. - And what it then?! – skeptically she looked. - Caress, - I answered directly. - What?! – she began. - Caress. Let's me show only how skillfully male hands, and can cope with masturbation further if it isn't pleasant to you, then we will stop … at once - I like neither this idea, nor even a thought any more that I will be touched by the guy of my sister … - And suddenly it will be pleasant?! – I threw down her a challenge. – You are sure that you know what you refuse? How often you were engaged in it with Kirill (so, actually, and called her guy)?! Here I overstepped the bound – it was started up in tears. To see, everything was serious. Expecting what now will be, I rushed to her on support. I embraced for shoulders, I started talking a quiet low voice: - Sorry, Ksenya, I didn't want. Honestly!... I remember, I whispered something else to her, looking in slightly moist eyes. I blurted out couple of jokes for what it was awarded with the confused smile, and then somehow everything smoothly returned into place. On the screen new couple appeared. That there was not less busty brunette in a red bathing suit and the man, hairy with a small paunch and a high temple. Here I, still in an image of the charmer, switched to a subject of her dissolute hobby, and she at last tempered justice with mercy. As a result, we, having leaned the elbows on a wall backs, lay and watched a porno. I think, she noticed how at me I got up. I noticed as she fidgeted. And, when I in an emphasis examined her legs and a pink triangle of her panties, she caught my eye: - Again you begin?! – here I noticed slyness in her voice. - Aha, - I answered and carried out by a palm on her leg. She moved: "What are you doing?!" I concerned again. And again … The question thawed in air. I caressed her thighs as if accidentally concerning a treugolnichka. She fidgeted, periodically tearing off a view from the monitor of me. Then my brush moved from thighs to her erogenous zone, that which already expired juice, longing for the man. Ksenia again languidly breathed. She spread legs, having considered me worthy her pussies, and that and it was necessary to me. After a while her panties were through damp, and through sighs rare semi-groans began to be cut through. Meanwhile, on the monitor the brunette was already undressed and, sitting in legs at the man, did him blowjob. I caught Ksenin an eye and nodded towards the unit supposedly be engaged in him. She was engaged. At first movements were awkward, but having been accustomed, she seized him that it is necessary, and began to jerk off as if only and I was engaged in it all life. My playful fingers made the way under the fabric dividing us with her flesh and now massed her clitoris. Her vulvar lips bulked up as buds before disclosure. On walls juice flew down. She stretched in sides of a leg, and her pussy wanted that she was considered attention not only by my fingers.The hairy man put the brunette on the elda and, having undertaken her waist, began to stick that was urine. My fingers got into her and echoed the brunette's jumps on the screen. Ksenya got to me into pants too and jerked off to me in a step to my manipulations. Then my hand itself, apparently, laid down on her breast and began to stimulate her nipples. Now we lay to each other the person and looked at each other more and more, than in the monitor. I darted a glance at her lips. As from them the becoming frequent groans broke. As she bit them, closing eyes. As licked language, looking in the monitor. And something pulled me to her. And our lips adjoined. Also there was no preliminary awkward kiss here. I thrust language to her into a mouth and all. We lay and were engaged in a petting. However, the passion didn't cease to grow. I lay from above, continuing by one hand to make frictions in it, and another – drew her t-shirt and stuck lips into her nipples. Then teeth and language were put to use. She groaned, coiled, let go my tool and stuck fingers into my bum. Then I turned her from a back on a stomach, without distracting from stimulation of her pussy. She lay before me. I sparkled the appetizing buttocks waiting for my attention. I grabbed with palms of her berry, and then seized these rolls teeth. Hot breath I walked on her back. In a waist it caved in holding up me the buttocks. I caught with one hand it by hair, grabbed roughly. Another – continued to caress her pussy while she expired languor. I darted a glance at the cudgel. Then on her pussy who settled down opposite … To put it briefly, I not for long thought before sticking into her the end. From surprise she moved aside, but through several pushes she lay quietly and groaned under my blows. Before my eyes that girl from my class suddenly flew: a strict blue suit from a jacket and a skirt which already came over time her to covering the hair braided to the spit, thin points bordering green eyes, a direct camp the chastity embodiment is simple … And now this chastity was under me and lewdly groaned in a step to my gestures. Suddenly it stood, having set up the pussy to my blows, and then became soft. Unlike this baby I still was in full swing and wasn't going to cum yet. Though I felt how the orgasm comes nearer. Then I laid down on her from above and, having pressed all the weight the girl to a bed, made the last several blows, and then stiffened in her embraces, filling her with the cum. Excitement, as well as expectation of this moment, was so big that, appear, I had to nakonchat the whole bucket and my cum soon will begin to flow from her ears. However it didn't happen. We stiffened in this pose. I buried a nose in her hair. Heart I felt how she breathes. I so long waited, this moment that never I represented what I will do when I prevail. Certainly, the gallant gentleman, was necessary, will turn the girl, will kiss her, will present with a conversation, and then, proceeding from own decency and the experienced emotions, will make to her a proposal of marriage. However I wasn't her gentleman. As well as we had no act of love. I was only the guy of the sister of this attractive girl dreaming to drag her in a bed. And everything that connected us, so is several minutes of a mad fucking during which I simply tore off the lewd beauty whose guy wasn't near. Well and that to me, it is asked, necessary to do?! To get down from her and to light? Or silently to be removed to the neighboring room, nevermore mentioning the event?! Sunk into own thoughts, I also didn't notice how I was cut down. And when opened eyes, Ksenia wasn't, and because of a wall the water sound reached: I went to take a shower. Then, having pulled pants, I was behind a door to the bedroom of younger sister. *** I came back home from another party. The party, the right to tell, was absolutely uncommon: beer, chips, pizza, cards … and five drinking companions with whom all this pleasure was divided. Then vodka with Coca went for beer with chips, and, as a result, it was decided to fill in all drinks with rum. It is good still that we began early. Otherwise, I should remain to spend the night there, and I preferred to vomit in the toilet bowl. Fortunately, business didn't reach depletion of a stomach. And therefore, having slightly sobered up, I walked home on the night city, and all thoughts were about a bed. Having got lost in own memoirs, I encountered for similar, as like as two peas, night when we also easy drank at my friend. The company, is remembered, there was the same. Except that with us the girl by the name of Dasha with whom all our men's host already managed to perevstrechatsya thumped. The truth for the sake of It is necessary to tell that one of us was even once in love with it, and completely. All of us met it at different times: I, for example, found Dasha at the time of blossoming and if the similar word in general is applicable to her, chastity. Yes, I was the first someone opened her trembling virgin lips and taught her to kiss. However, then she was not so spoiled to give me on the second appointment, but so importunate that I was ready to refuse those rare stavings with her (and it on condition of my low popularity among female population) to avoid her persistence. My other friends were lucky, probably, more. Because after my society she hurried to destroy all this useless framework of chastity which in her fifteen years served not so much as ornament, how many as the excessive fetters braking her relationship with guys. However, having lost virginity in the company with my best friend, she wanted something bigger, and they were forced to leave. I don't think, of course, that he lost more, than she. Then in her other my friend vbabakhatsya, and so far he ran with the bouquet and gifts behind her, she made eyes at others. And once he found her in club in embraces of some DJ who one stroke-oared her hair, and another – moved at her under a skirt. Certainly, he spat all the attempts and left from her horizon. Then he was told by companions that while he dreamed of her, they in turn managed to fuck her. For what, actually, they were fated to regret a little as разъеб, intended for the DJ, I fell down by all means them. All this hogwash proceeded for three years. And all ended with the banal recognition known to us since Onegin and Tatyana, however, here already by Tatyana my friend acted. No, he, of course, didn't send away her when she suddenly awarded him we will kiss. On the contrary, he for two next months properly potrakhivat her. And still the novel at them didn't happen … As a result we sat our coterie at that friend who once became my Dashepreemnik, and absorbed alcohol. By this time boys managed to reconcile, and ardent feelings to Dashche at all of us ceased. Nobody fed any more bad illusions when she could sit down about the ease peculiar to her by someone from us on knees and, looking straight green eyes, to whisper something like "The sun, you love me?". Equally as she quietly could approach and, having clasped with hands a neck, to nestle the fourth size on your breast. And still now she looked much more attractively and more seductively, than before. In her clothes there were open topics, jackets, any miniskirts, jeans in covering and all the rest that to girls with juicy figures won't damage. Graduating from the next party in poker, we were fairly drunk. Just as amber beer flew in our glasses, from our lips trite jokes flew. We laughed and got drunk with joy to be young and freaky. By that moment I already also forgot why I wanted to meet friends. And the reason for me seemed fatal several hours ago. Now, when my brain endured influence of six bottles of beer and couple of bottles of vodka, sincere sufferings because of a gap with the girl whom I, appear, met the whole eternity, were comparable with an easy indisposition from receiving the two on mathematics. (Suddenly the nostalgic thought flashed: and I really loved it!) There were three hours. Boys, as it was got, amicably got up and went to a balcony – to smoke. I remained in the room, watched TV. Dasha who on account of its not numerous high qualities also refused this habit preferred to tobacco smoke my society. She changed to me on a sofa. We, it seems as, about something began to talk to her. Whether she consoled me, whether told something about herself – I don't remember any more, after all alcohol in such quantities is able to block a brain from insignificant information. I think, she too won't be able to tell any more about what we then with her stirred. However, then my hand jumped through her head and laid down on her naked shoulder (the dress which she put on, already managed to be torn). She clung to me. From her some pleasant sweet perfume aroma proceeded, it was pleasant to me at once. All of us still spoke about something. Then something from the category NE-OSOBO-VAZhNOE happened, and I caught myself on a thought that we sit on a sofa and we are sucked minutes so already five. And still I taught her to kiss well, - flashed in the head. She (my pyanyushchy head) had even no idea how many still languages after mine visited at her a mouth. And still I remained the only thing someone wasn't in her panties! "And why not now?!" - suddenly there was a mute question. And I agreed with judgment. Why indeed not to place all points over and. Having taken her by hand, I moved towards a dark corridor in which my companions once disappeared. She moved for me. We made the way through a darkness thick, moving on a wall, waltzing on space, and remaining in warm embraces of each other. My hands flew down from her shoulders, a back and a waist there where it was soft and convenient to them. Her fingers undid buttons on my shirt and now plowed my slightly hairy breast. Suddenly we crashed into something. I drove her into the corner, and itself began to touch her graces. At first her buttocks – such round and appetizing received my attention that I felt as my horse-radish rests against her leg. Then hands floated on her thighs, and then already slipped also under her tunic. There fingers groped lacy panties.