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I as also all men, I got used to continuous reproaches and claims. No today my saw "Friendship" passes all borders. We go already half an hour, a she till this time isn't appeased. I remembered all offenses, the bitch! Both week, and one-year-old. And till this time cries out! Here sits, the bitch, on the next seat also cries out! Waves a hand, for reliability, to see. I know, long ago it is necessary to cease to turn attention to word ee. I also don't turn. Na contents. No these shouts from which the head breaks up and desire to have a rest with friends disappears at all, it is time to stop. Teeth creak for rage, on hands of a vein were blown up. A this bitch isn't appeased! Everything, damn! My patience burst! It is time to learn. The benefit, the route it is deserted. I struck brakes, nestling on a roadside. — What dick you stopped?! — Lena looks at me so all severity. Na which I am capable. She probably thinks that I have to be grateful to her. For science. Aha. — Get out — I quietly told. Now I will thank on full — What?! — contempt grimace. That ж. I will explain if you ask. I went out of the car, bypassed ee and opened a passenger door. — Get out — I repeated. Lena silently claps eyes. It seems, she begins to understand that she bent with morals. In eyes the fear flashes. Here and correctly. I am able to learn too. — I don't want — she told these words already quietly. Well isn't present. I strong took ee for a hand, pulled out from the car. — Leave alone — Lena tries to escape, but from a voice both the power, and confidence were gone. — Undress — on it only a summer dress. Under him panties. A breast at her small, she never wears a brassiere. — You ebnulsya that whether?! — again the increased tone. Probably expensive doesn't trust in the firmness of my intentions. That ж. I undertook both hands a cut and sharply pulled in the different parties. The dress with a crash turned into a fragmentary rag. — the Idiot! You know sko — but I didn't allow to finish speaking to her. I took a hand for a chin and strong I squeezed that it couldn't move with a jaw. — Shut up, the bitch — in my voice ice. She has to feel my power. Power over her. Force. I rejected the dress remains in the party. What to begin with? Lena shivers. Now it trusts and to it it is terrible. Ee of a hand are lifted up and strong pressed to the car. I carried out by language on ee to a neck. From a clavicle to an ear. Strong I squeezed a lobe between teeth until she screamed from pain. Nipples. She loves when to her twist nipples. Hands are occupied, also lips will fit. I clasped with lips of nipples and began to suck. I love a small breast. Ee small breast. A of what I am ee natselovyvayu? To learn to learn so. I sharply pressed a hand to her a shoulder. She fell on knees. Directly on the crushed stone scattered on a roadside. Ee the person was twisted from pain. Nothing, will suffer. I lowered trousers. — Suck — I almost in a whisper told. No she hears me. Also is silent. Looks at a dick and doesn't move. Taaak. Ya gave her easy slap in the face. — Suck — I quietly repeated. Lena opened a mouth, the dick put in it and I began to move the head. She is able to suck. I closed eyes and threw back the head back. She sucks a head, plays language with a bridle, about balls doesn't forget. Mm. In minutes 10 Lena were included into taste. The beret is slightly deeper. With we smack the lips sucks, the bitch. I took ee a hand for hair and pulled them back to see ee the person. — Badly you suck — this slap in the face was already far stronger. In eyes the fear is visible — Open a mouth poshire. She obeyed also I, holding ee by hair, with a force the dick to her drove in a mouth. Entirely. Balls knock about a chin. Ee of an eye were rounded, tears scattered. She rested hands to me against legs, trying to be discharged, but received on them couple of tasty blows. Holding by the head, I with a force fuck in a throat. In a mouth which pizdit so much. Pizdit without becoming silent. There is a way to stop up him. Through some time, ee the person was already not so decorated with horror. It accepted my right of strong. It is good. I got a dick. He all wet from ee of saliva. It is necessary to allow the girl to recover the breath. I beat with the dick her the person. She greedy swallows of air. When she calmed down, I put a trunk in a mouth again. With a force I press it on the head, pushing a dick in a throat. I took out. Lena has a fit of coughing. Nothing, let suffers. I long suffered. Several time having repeated torture, I decided that to steam to make the fact that long ago I wanted. I for hair lifted ee and bent dog-fashion. It rested hands against a car door. I tastefully slapped Lena in a bum. It screamed. I squeezed buttock ee hands. Mm. I caress leg ee. Rising above, I understood that all it is pleasant to her! Hips from the internal party damp. I rose above and stroked ee between legs. From it the groan escaped. Panties wet through. It flows! I fuck ee in a mouth, an it flows! The sharp movement, I shifted pants in the party. I put in it pair of fingers. Lena all coils under my caress. A here her to you. I rose above and carried out by fingers on an anus.