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In difference from the elder brother, younger I wasn't beefy, but at the same time his thin slender body attracted. Near Victor his girl 18-year-old Sveta sat, she had short fair hair, in it tastes of brothers coincided, both of them chose blondes, but if Yulya possessed forms, then Sveta was thin and tiny. Despite a small breast and not high growth, the girl was in proportion coped also on the sexuality proceeding from her, she could on compete to any owner of more volume forms. Svetina slender legs fitted tights of corporal color, the short jeans short skirt hid her black panties, and the small breast disappeared under a pink blouse. All of them gathered at one table to note a birthday of the father of brothers to which it was executed 48, 25 of which he lived with the only woman, their mother. - Minute of attention! - unexpectedly Victor when the festive dinner came to an end told. - I have for all of you a news, we with Sveta decided to get married! At once embraces and kisses with congratulations went. Though the wedding day wasn't appointed yet, it didn't prevent to drink for future newlyweds and to wish them happy family life. Friday evening gradually passed at night therefore it was decided that both brothers with the soulmates will remain to spend the night with parents, just three rooms allowed to allocate to each couple on one. Vladimir was very tired after a difficult labor week and therefore went to sleep before all, after all five days on 12 business hours had an effect, somewhere in an hour and mother of brothers went to sleep too. The father of brothers, Yulya, Sveta and Victor, not to stir mudflows at a table in kitchen, a conversation followed a tea cup slowly until at last and the head of this big family went to side. - Yul, and how to you family life? - Victor asked, sitting at a kitchen table opposite to Yulya. - You after all are married to my brother the third year, - he added and looked in a window near which there was a table. - Perfectly! - I answered smiling to Yulya. - Your brother great husband and lover! - And unless the husband and the lover can be combined in one person? - Victor asked, smiling to the girl, and having looked at Sveta dozing on a couch, added: - How it is possible, same logically different people? - Yes, truly the lover can be and separately, - Yulya answered, having approached the refrigerator and having opened a door, having bent down took banana from the lower box. In such pose at the girl already short dress was lifted up that allowed Victor to estimate her blue panties with lace. Blood as from a fire engine so quickly I began to flow on veins that the dick was in combat readiness already in couple of seconds, and eyes he already undressed the girl and had her in all three holes. - Vladimir is good both in everyday issues and in a bed! - Yulya added, having become straight and having closed a door, nestled on the refrigerator a back. - And you there was never a wish to change it? - Victor asked, hardly restraining not to break clothes from the girl and not to fuck her. He from the very first day of acquaintance to the wife, and then still the brother's girl, wanted to oversleep with her, but him is constant, something stopped, at first it was the love to the brother the girl and when Yulya and Vladimir got married who isn't allowing to fight off him, Victor absolutely refused the desire. - I adore sex and never I refuse it, - Yulya answered, having completely peeled banana and having thrown out a skin, began erotically him is. - I don't consider receiving pleasure treason, I love Vladimir, but in too time I won't refuse to fuck with the nice young man! - she began to bite off erotically on a piece from banana and to suck it a little.Victor silently watched how Yulya sexually eats banana, the dick at the same time impudently stuck out in the form of a knob from under jeans. When the girl finished a meal, she licked fingers and having put hands behind the back leaned the elbows about the refrigerator. Victor looked at the sleeping Sveta who having curled up with pleasure slept and having got up from a chair approached the Spinning top, having embraced her for a waist the left hand, right carried out on her hair, a breast, waists and when his hand fell to edge of a dress they intertwined in a passionate kiss. The young man lifted up a dress of the girl and began to remove from her panties, kneeling at the same time, the panties thrown on a couch fell directly on Sveta's hip, but she didn't even stir. Yulya put the left hip on the right shoulder of Victor, and he began to kiss that part of her hips which wasn't hidden by stockings and hands caressed them. - A-ah! - gently and quietly the girl when the young man language began to drive on her vagina moaned. Victor lips nestled on Yulya's clitoris and began to suck it, at the same time caressing him in a mouth language. The girl through a dress caressed the breast and derived pleasure from skillful actions of the young man, completely shaven perineum perfectly was suitable for oral caress. - Someone goes, - Yulya told, through the closed door of kitchen having heard steps. - Me to stop? - Victor asked, having looked up at the girl. - No continue, - she answered, having taken him for hair and having pressed lips to the vagina. - Moss! - very quietly the girl when the young man began to fuck her the language in a vagina groaned. The sound of the lowered water was heard, then the door opened and closed, other door opened later and the sound of the switched-on crane was already heard. Victor caressing Yulya's vagina, I lowered the left hand down and the dick through jeans caressed, both of them were made horney even stronger that they can be seen. The knock of the closed door and retreating footsteps narrated that the danger passed. The young man rose and the girl seated him on a chair, having departed on a step backwards she lowered the top part of a dress to a waist, then took off a blue brassiere and began to caress the breast. Yulya put the left leg on a chair between Victor's legs and the left hand began to caress a vagina, and right continued to caress the breast. The young man watching the girl's fingers which disappeared in vagina depth, appeared again, I undid on myself a shirt. Then Yulya sat down before him on widely moved apart knees so that well it was visible to Victor how she caresses herself, and it was visible to her how he undoes jeans and together with pants lowers them to slippers. Having a little moved apart knees the young man leaned the elbows about a back of a chair and the dick which wasn't such big began to frig as at the elder brother, and it is long him made centimeters 18, but he was more fat, than at Vladimir. Yulya moved forward and having run hands over Victor's hips, bent and his dick began to lick, continuing to caress his body. - the Moss! - the young man groaned, seeing and feeling as the warm uvula of the girl is licked by his dick as an ice cream. Then Yulya became straight and sat down on Victor's dick, having embraced him for shoulders, and he began to caress her hips and to kiss a breast. The girl at first slowly, and moved then hips quicker and groaned from pleasure, feeling as the dick moves along vagina walls back and forth. The young man hands squeezed buttocks of the girl and kissed her breast, then language drove around nipples and between a breast. Yulya kneeled again and the soaking-up movement Victor's dick took in a mouth which head at each her movement hit against a throat down. The young man caressed hair of the girl and caressed her back, shoulders and hands, deriving pleasure from deep penetration of the dick into a mouth. Without taking out the dick from a mouth Julie, Victor rose and standing on a floor began to fuck the girl in a mouth, and she caressing his buttocks, sitting on widely moved apart knees. Sponges clasped with a ringlet a dick which rhythmically moved in a mouth, sliding on a uvula to the throat. Yulya became straight and passionately kissed with Victor, a hand frigging his dick, and he caressed her vagina. Having removed a chair aside, the girl leaned hands against a table, and the young man having approached behind, the dick inserted into a vagina, and having clasped the girl for a waist at hips began to fuck her. Yulya tried to constrain the groans of pleasure only clapping blows of hips of Victor about her buttocks could give out that at this moment occurred in kitchen. The young man clasped with both hands the girl's breast, kissing her neck and on lips, then took her long fair hair in the left hand, and right undertook her right shoulder. Victor increased the speed so the clapping sounds of hips about buttocks became more distinct, and Yulya having cast away the head back hardly restrained not to cry. - M-m-x! - the girl bit lips, feeling strong pushes of the dick in herself, her breast was shaken to a canopy. Victor took out the dick from Yulya, and she having sat down on knees began to frig him, having sent a head to the open mouth. The first portion of a cum got directly into a throat, the second on a uvula, and the third and fourth on lips and a breast. Having taken a dick in a mouth, the girl with undisguised pleasure swallowed other portions of a cum, and continued to suck it until he relaxed. Victor and Yulya's passionate kiss put dots on their love relationship as the girl had buttocks which the young man deprived of attention of the dick so far. Having made toilet, they woke Sveta and all three went to sleep.