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I stand in a registry office in a white dress and a veil, without trusting in the happiness. We exchanged rings and at last to us allowed to kiss under loud shouts of crowd. He embraced me for a waist and at first very gently touched my lips after what I began to strengthen a pressure and we couldn't stop a passionate kiss, there was a feeling that we kiss in the first and last time and nothing except this kiss existed. As only we opened lips, he picked up me on hands and took out on the street. There we were waited not by(with) absolutely standard means of movement. Carriage. He accurately put me in it and itself settled nearby. I embraced me and we went to hotel. On the road we talked, laughed and exchanged kisses. We drove up to hotel. It slipped out the carriage and gave me a hand. I went down. To Na Street there were many passersby. They hurried from work on houses, but at ours emergence for a while stopped. They threw on us fleeting views, but even after them, on the faces of passersby the feelings forgotten with years in this gray routine woke up. We passed ko to an entrance to hotel, leaving on the faces of passersby of a smile. Stopped near a door and kissed. Around there was nothing except us and our happiness. Having unwillingly opened lips we at last came into the hotel building. Received a key on a reception and approached the elevator. Since the beginning of a ceremony I was overwhelmed by feelings, I couldn't wait in any way for the termination that we remained some. While we waited for the elevator, in me everything shouted: "At last we will be alone!" Therefore when it approached and we came into it, I ceased to restrain. I just snatched on my spouse, pressed him to stenkei stuck the lips into him. I wanted him here and now therefore without coming off a kiss, began to undress him. However he it didn't allow me. Only I began to undo a jacket, the spouse intercepted my wrists, pressed me to the closed door of the elevator and gently kissed me. I became soft in his hands. He released my wrists, having understood that I don't intend to undress him any more, embraced me for a waist and pressed more feasibly to himself, without coming off a kiss. When my hands were free I embraced him for a neck and even stronger stuck the lips into him. We didn't notice when the elevator stopped on our floor. The kiss as - would carry away us from reality. And only quiet tussiculation and couple of cottons a palm on a back returned us to her. We as-budto woke up from a dream, looked at two men standing in doors of the elevator and burst out laughing. Laughter cooled our heat a little. The husband picked up me on hands and incurred in number. Before number he lowered me on a floor and began to potter with a key. At this moment I leaned the elbows on his shoulder and began to play lips with an ear lobe, slightly biting ee. Well here, my husband at last dealt with a door, opened ee before me, inviting gesture to enter. However I solved on another. I on more strong embraced him for a neck, kissed and it is possible to tell pushed inside, without having forgotten to slam a leg a door. We were tumbled down on a bed which providently was opposite to a door. I remembered on what in the elevator me this "awful" person called himself by my husband stopped. Well also I solved though here to achieve the, I began to undress him. In number certainly my beloved didn't resist. Just I got pleasure while I pulled together from it a thing behind a thing, accompanying all it with kisses. However, as only I concerned a belt, my male recovered. He intercepted my wrists, developed me to himself a back and put palms on a breast. From his touches at me on a body I ran as if the electric category, excitement woke up in me with a new force. I nestled on him a back more feasibly. It was very pleasant to feel his breath on the neck, his hands squeezing my breast. I relaxed and decided to provide an initiative to him, the most favourite, gentle and careful. He was discharged, exempted my hair from a veil. At last I undid this hard corset and I could sigh with relief. Having exempted from a dress, I appeared before the husband in lace white lingerie and stockings. He stood near a bed and just admired me, each bend of my body as-budto he saw him for the first time though it was absolutely not so. I approached him, nestled all body and passionately kissed him on lips. I enjoyed a kiss, but excitement didn't evaporate anywhere, it accrued more and more, I wanted bigger. Then I began to kiss his neck smoothly to reach his trousers. I covered with kisses each millimeter and smoothly fell to a breast. I stopped on his nipples, I played with them a uvula a little, at this moment I began to undo his trousers. Ne having met any resistance, I continued. I began to go down kisses on his stomach. Thus I sat down on kortochki slightly parting the knees fitted by white lacy stockings. Well and of course I didn't forget to pull down from him trousers. As only I touched the last barrier stories erotic Heaven and earth was moved there Is my beloved bent and grasped me by a waist, lifted, turned and put on a back on a bed, an itself hung it is necessary me. Experiencing not small excitement yes still and rage I wanted to snatch on it, but the husband providently constrained me. It was required to steam of minutes that I slightly cooled down. It began to pull together with me a stocking behind a stocking, an I at this moment a free leg rubbed through fabric his perineum, bringing my darling is stronger and stronger. Having released my legs he began to stroke them, rising above and above. I was already exhausted from desire, but he stopped and switched to my breast. He rumpled them and dropped lips to nipples. I began to play with one nipple a uvula, periodically slightly biting him. The second nipple wasn't left without attention too. My husband rumpled it fingers sometimes a little him delaying. From his caress my excitement everything accrued and I began to groan in a voice. Then it didn't begin to torment me any more, pulled together panties and was slightly discharged. Here in the principle the moment when at last I have to satisfy the excitement, but in my bad head absolutely foolish thought flew: "How it I in night-clothes, an on it everything still am a subject of the lower toilet?!". During this instant, having used his confusion I sat down at edge of a bed and literally broke the last barrier. It turned out so that his extremely horney body appeared opposite to my person. I, without having become puzzled, I take him in a hand and I bare a head. I walked on her a uvula, gave special attention to a cavity to ee to top and began to go down on a trunk down, studying each millimeter a uvula. After what I took him in a mouth and began to do forward movements. He moaned and I began to be stuck more and more deeply, passing a dick in the throat. Couple more of movements and he began to shake, seized me by hair, strong pressed to the groin and poured out in me a seed with lingering groan. I swallowed it with a malicious grin on a face. It well didn't expect it from me in any way. I rose from a bed and nestled on it. We kissed. He embraced me on stronger and laid a back on a bed. I moved apart my legs and I dropped to my pussy flowing from excitement. He got the language inside, was played with a clitoris. I in this time one hand caressed the breast, an another pressed his head to the perineum. It did everything slowly and razmereno, it needed to restore forces therefore I tried not to hurry him, but my body thought differently. With each his movement I approached apogee more and more. From me without stopping groans flew, I tried to be stuck on his language more and more deeply. Then it inserted, into my vagina expiring juice, pair of fingers, an itself switched naklitor. No and it to me there was a little, through groans I cried out: "Bystreeeeeeeeeeeeey!". He accelerated and I began to make upward movement to him. When I was already at peak, it stopped. Forces returned to my darling. He took the again got up dick in a hand, made couple of forward movements and sent him ko to me to a bosom. As only he appeared in me completely, I terminated. Walls of a vagina were narrowed, clasping the body which was there. My husband didn't begin to take out it from me, a began to make forward movements thus accelerating speed, than brought me improbable pleasure. Ne I managed to recover from the first orgasm as on approach there was the second. However classical sex in a missionary pose for this purpose was a little therefore I began to caress myself, forcing excitement. No and caress wasn't especially effective, having noticed this is my darling developed me and put on a bed on all fours, as that most having chosen more convenient situation for penetration. The dick began to enter more deeply, bringing me bigger pleasure. I was already at peak when he asked for me permissions to enter mine still virgin buttocks. Na me it worked as a bucket of cold water. All excitement fell down at once. The fear seized me. In the head hundreds of thoughts began to fly at once: "It is incredibly sick according to stories. ""Yes as he dares to ask it?!" "Yes someone is he in general such?!" "A he is a husband and has on this request the full right" "A in the girl's antiquity only in the first marriage virginities lost, a than I is worse, let it isn't standard, but we will observe tradition!" Here such whirlpool of thoughts flew by in my head, before, than I gave the consent. I got up on all fours on a bed again. He moistened a finger in my allocations and entered him into my buttocks. I didn't feel special discomfort, but all equally contracted in fear of uncertainty. He moistened already the second finger and tried to enter him, but because of the fact that I all contracted at him it didn't turn out. Then my husband of free began to stroke-oar my clitoris, bringing me pleasure that I relaxed. Na surprise it worked. The second finger entered my buttocks already. It brought discomfort and small pain, but because of excitement I didn't turn on it attention. Even stronger to distract me, it entered fingers into a vagina. Na me excitement was more and stronger rolled and I began to make upward movement to you, itself without noticing as I am stuck by buttocks on fingers. I already approached the peak. Then it decided to use the moment. I took out fingers from my buttocks, the dick in my allocations greased and set up him to an anus opening. By inertia I a little was stuck on him, but I was pierced by acute pain. I decided "to give back", is to stop this all. However he grasped me by a waist, the strong hands and didn't allow me to move from the place. I began to push through slowly the trunk in me. In this time he whispered me what-to foolish consolations on an ear, but I didn't listen, I cried, to me it was sore. When the head got, he stopped, allowed my hole to get used. However at me in thoughts span only: "Pobystrey he would terminate not to feel this acute pain!". After a small stop he continued. He entered into me the trunk slowly, trying to deliver to me as less pain is possible, but I equally in ee felt everything, it was burning and crept away as if on all body. Having inserted the dick completely he stopped, on long, for about 5 minutes. Pain practically passed and I even liked new feeling of fullness. It made horney me. No here he began to take out the body, and again this acute pain, again tears welled up on eyes. In the head a thought "And how it can be pleasant to people?". He pulled out the dick almost completely, having left inside only a head. Having slightly waited he began to fill me again. And for the second time it wasn't less sick, but still also excitement was added to pain. I liked this feeling of fullness, it made horney me. Having reached the end it didn't begin to wait any more, a just began to make forward movements, so far slowly, but already without stops. And with each movement pain became dull more and more, an excitement accrued more and more.