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But despite absolutely normal appearance, I had no skills of communication which are so important with girls. I was interested and tried again and again that for me was very difficult. Frankly speaking, for all these years without sexual experience I reached in the imaginations certain perversions. Earlier at school — I just jerked off once a day, happened less often. But then it didn't become interestingly simple to jerk off. I began to try something new... and this new eclipsed my mind! I understood that here it, than it is possible to enjoy, with girls nothing was impossible to me, and here IT that brings inconceivable pleasures! When I for the first time put on aunt's panties the excitement wave so covered me that I half of day was engaged in disguise. I Changed clothes in her pajamas, tried on any different dresses, heels, admired myself and zapoyno jerked off. Somehow I dressed a complete set — dark lacy panties, under them a black brassiere, nylon tights, yellow shoes and the fitting dress. Oh, My God, I was crazy about that girl that looked at me from a mirror! Then that also opened my alter ego which call Vick) (I will tell further on behalf of Wicky) Vika very quickly developed in respect of perversions — soon simple disguise in aunt's clothes and masturbation — ceased to give it huge pleasure as for the first time. And I decided how the real girl — to taste a cum) I put on heels, panties with tights and a sexual jacket, I jerked off, posing in front of the mirror, standing or sitting, it very beautifully looked on heels, being kneeling and lying on a back, having thrown back legs. So I for the first time also terminated — the cum a hot stream falteringly dripped to me on a face, I tried to pinch her and to smear on the person, feeling as the real whore! Then to me and it became a little — I thought up still something — I wrote through panties to myself to a mouth, lying in the bathroom, then jerked off and right there to myself in a mouth cumed) At first of course it was difficult to swallow a cum, but then I got used and it was even pleasant to me) And still I liked taste of a cum in a mouth when I jerked off therefore I from last orgasm lowered in advance a cum in some vessel and stored in the refrigerator and when entered an image — got and enjoyed a cum, feeling its cold sweetish smack at itself in a mouth. Also I found a mortar and a pestle — for some culinary requirements. The pestle was pleasant to me at once — and I began to be played with it, I both sucked it and fucked myself it in a bottom, previously of course having shaved. In general I aspired as it is possible to reincarnate stronger in the girl — therefore soon I reached that began to paint to herself nails on legs and on hands, dressed heels with tights, some dress, fucked myself a pestle in a bottom, along with it eating my cum kept from last orgasm thrust to myself dirty panties into a mouth, cumed in a mouth, on the person, under a lip... I had generally a good time on full! Once I made to myself an artificial vagina — I took a mug, 2 sponges which wash the dishes and a rubber glove. I put a glove between sponges, and sponges I thrust into glasses an opening for a hand prosovyvaniye in a glove I pulled on a glass rim — the quite good vagina turned out! Yes, I had a good time as far as my imagination allowed... But once, I wanted bigger. As I already spoke — at me nothing was got on with girls, but also guys that didn't attract me, but I wildly wanted to feel in the real real sex as the girl! Therefore I visited the website of gay acquaintances and wrote the announcement, approximately following contents — "I want to stay the girl in sex, I want to try blowjob, I will give in buttocks" and left mail. Didn't pass also half an hour — as I was written by quite decent number of men. From them it was necessary to eliminate those someone weren't pleasant to me on appearance, remained only one — Alexey, he was 29 years old. I suggested to meet, teach everything, I didn't press on me, unlike other obviously eager for a young body ебак. I at first very strongly was afraid and constantly delayed our meeting under any pretexts. At last I solved — now I will make it or I will suffer it is still unknown how many. I called him... he told that he will come for me and we will go to him on all night long. Subconsciously I understood that it is very risky act, I arrive very precipitately, I don't know this person at all, you never know can happen... but strong desire and quickly accruing excitement, alternately with fear of risk overcame my doubts. As I on the street never in image appeared — that put all things prepared in advance in a backpack. I put on... I left. As we exchanged photos in advance — I quickly recognized him and jumped in the car. We went about an hour, almost on other end of the city and all this time we had a live conversation. To me even it became comfortable, the fear practically absolutely passed. We communicated and laughed, joked, there was such relaxed atmosphere, it was so unusual and pleasant... At last we arrived. Alexey told that he will go to the bathroom will bathe, and I will sort things so far and I will accustom to his apartment. After him I went to the bathroom. Already I had in advance clean buttocks and shaved as actually and my legs as actually and in general all body! I got my favourite black lacy panties and nylon beige kolgotochka which so gently touched my legs that at me excitement began to accrue at once. I Put on a brassiere, under color of panties and the favourite red dress with a belt, with white short sleeves, put on yellow shoes, slightly preened feathers, tinted sponges, used eye shadow and eyelashes, looked at myself in a mirror... ooh! would fuck herself! When I left the bathroom, Alexey already waited for me sitting on a sofa at a small table on which there was a wine opened for them and small snack. I smiled, definitely it was pleasant to me! It was pleasant that I came to the man home that he looks after me. I a mudflow near it also threw a leg on a leg. We drank wine, in passing conducting a free conversation. It was even a little romantic! I felt a pleasant chill, through my tights, the shiver for nervousness beat a little, but in general — Alexey made a good impression on me, to me with him was very comfortable. In the course of the conversation he slightly embraced me, at first for shoulders and moved up to himself a little. I gave in. I want to tell that I warned him in advance that to kiss guys doesn't give me pleasure so I didn't want to do it. He understood my desires) my dick stood a stake for a long time, I wanted to take him in a hand and to jerk off, but I kept... Alexey slowly and accurately did everything that made horney me even stronger. His hand slipped from my shoulder to me on a back. Having moved there a little — he passed to a bottom, in passing bringing closer the lips to my neck. I threw back a neck back and slightly moaned from pleasure when he began to kiss it. His second hand laid down to me on a groin, here I also didn't sustain that... I was a little discharged of it, ran the hands over his mighty torso, fell by a floor, squating on heels — began to undo his belt. He, anticipating that now will be — I smiled to me, I relaxed and slightly I leaned back back on a sofa. When I undid a belt and pulled together pants — to my look the big and sinewy phallus appeared. I carefully took him in a hand, timidly jerked off, at first slowly, then increasing the pace. My God, he was such strong, such strong! I brought the sponges to his head and gently kissed it. Then I tried to open a mouth so that it held to me in a mouth where occupied all space. Alexey languidly sighed and put the hand to me on the head that I didn't release his dick from the mouth. But my mouth stretched... A porn stories for all) He turned me on a back, threw my legs to himself on shoulders and went to bash out me in such pose. These are indescribable feelings, I feel him in myself the dick and he not just goes back and forth, and tries as if to drill in me the opening more — goes both to the left and to the right and around. Then his strong hands clasped my legs and he began to plant with a wild force in me — I spontaneously let out cries, is stronger and stronger than him making horney. I understood that he now in me will terminate and therefore began to jerk off the penis. I wanted that we terminated at the same time, but it didn't occur as he terminated the first. Having strongly squeezed mine legs — he vyprysnut rough streams a seed in my anus and left it, having flat-out fallen to a sofa nearby. I ceased to jerk off as I remembered something — I decided to bring him (and myself) one more pleasure. I squeezed an anus that the cum didn't follow from there and asked Alexey to take off from me my shoe. Then I sat down on hunkers and relaxed buttocks — his seed an uneven stream poured down on a heel, gathering in a small puddle where there were toes. having convinced that all cum followed from my sweet buttocks — I defiantly opened a mouth and put out tongue. Slowly I began to pinch the cum which began to flow from the most that place where there was a heel — to socks Having gathered this puddle in a mouth — I smiled, the cum filled my mouth. I saw a contented face of Alexey who approvingly looked at me. Holding his cum in a mouth — I continued to jerk off the penis. A lot of time wasn't required to bring it to an orgasm, I already wanted to terminate, but Alexey wished to see how I will make it in the wonderful mouth. I accepted a pose in which always I cumed to myself in a mouth — that is laid down on a back and threw legs. Small tension... and, holy Christ, my hot liquid poured down to me directly in a mouth where the cum of my partner already expected. Some time I still lay and enjoyed, but there was no wish to swallow of it to me at all because from the alcohol drunk by me the cum was awfully bitter. But Alexey didn't allow to spit out the seed, he insisted that his cum has to be swallowed — all his girls so did, means and I have to. I made it, but frankly speaking it already especially didn't give pleasure to me. I moistened a mouth with wine and went to the bathroom to be washed and change clothes. Here my first experience in a role of the woman was such.