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The table was laid really richly and variously as it became clear later, Mischa ordered food at restaurant in advance. Mischa sat on one of sofas all in the same dressing gown and having a little placed legs, he was completely shipped by consideration of my image and it seems to me, he was a little surprised and struck. - The sun, you are beautiful in this dress, I wouldn't guess for anything that you aren't a girl, - Mikhail told with excitement. Without approaching Mikhail I began to hop in a step of the playing slow music and trying to prove to be to Mikhail from all directions, I bent in various poses that Mikhail saw my plasticity and all parts of a body. He didn't take eyes from breasts which stuck out supported by a corset, them very distinctly it was visible through the transparent long cape framed at the edges with a white down and buttocks which and span before his nose. I saw that Mischa was horney especially as he was given by the getting-up dick raising one of parts of a dressing gown. Dancing I passionately thrust fingers into a mouth I imitate blowjob and stroke-oaring the second a perineum, having placed at the same time legs. Then I approached an erotic step Mikhail and sat down to him on one knee, having clasped his neck with hands and having stuck on his mouth passionate we will kiss. - The darling let's drink brotherhood for our wedding, - Mikhail told having come off my lips. He poured two glasses of champagne and we drank off them. - Mischa, I want to be yours a woman, make me the woman, please, - with these words I attacked on darling exempting him from a dressing gown and covering his body with kisses to the feet. - I will execute all your treasured desires in sex, take me darling, you are my first man, - I heatedly continued, caressing his got-up dick. Mischa laid down on a sofa a back and turned my buttocks to the person therefore I appeared from above him and facing the delicacy which is between legs of darling. Mischa cast away to me on a back a cape without removing her and released a peshcherka, having delayed a strip of panties aside. After that he moved apart buttocks hands and shipped the uvula in a peshcherka. I nearly began to squeal with happiness. I even didn't think that it is so fine. And he continued to lick and lick my peshcherka occasionally, coming off on balls which were involved inside from tension. - the Darling, you all mokrenky, but give for fidelity we you still will grease, Mikhail told, having inserted accurately into buttocks a tube tip with lubricant and having pressured him. Then he implanted a forefinger into my buttocks and began to mass, gradually he entered into buttocks and a middle finger, continuing the massing movements. - Sashenka, you seem to me it is ready by first marriage night, - he cried out from pleasure as I accelerated caress of his dick. - Get up please dog-fashion and stick out buttocks, - Mischa told. I obediently satisfied his request and struck on a sofa the offered pose. Mischa approached behind, clasped my boobies with two hands and began them to rumple gently, periodically squeezing nipples. Periodically his got-up dick concerned my slightly opened hole, and I couldn't suffer of delay in process of deprivations me virginity any more tried to catch buttocks him, moving buttocks in his direction, but it was impossible to me. At last Mischa put the dick to mine to a hole and pressed. The head plunged into a peshcherka almost at once, the second pressing advanced Mikhail's dick still approximately on 2 cm, but caused dull ache in me from what I screamed. Mischa stopped and waited when I get used. When pain ceased, I at last realized that my darling already in me and we are with him a whole, he was such warm, I would tell hot. I began to move buttocks towards Mischa's dick. And here it is the long-awaited moment, my husband was in me completely, I felt his the buttocks hair, and his balls concerned a perineum. Mischa gently took out a dick from me completely and slowly inserted it back. - The sun you are a good fellow, well I relaxed, your hole was almost not closed when I took out a dick, Mischa told. Then Mischa seized me with the left hand by the right breast, and left – for right and holding boobies of the beginnings already vigorously to pull my buttocks on the dick. I had a feeling that I fainted, without understanding what happens to me, all body waves of the accruing shiver banged, stomach muscles were especially strongly reduced, I was completely given to these new feelings. - Give, Mischa quicker, quicker, more deeply, аааааааа - almost squealed I. Mikhail pulled out a dick, took off from me a cape, exempted from panties, took me on hands and incurred to the bedroom, kissing passionately in lips. He put me on a bed and spread my legs, having enclosed a small pillow under a waist, the dick entered into already slightly opened chink and threw my legs to himself on shoulders. Now I really was as the woman from above whom there was her man who is passionately hollowing in the exuding crack. I saw how mine shivered a foot under each blow of the husband, Mischa accelerated, slowed down speed, I already almost thought nothing but only I periodically shouted from pleasure. Mischa accelerated, and suddenly I strongly shouted, and from my pod cum streams scattered. Incredibly, I terminated without touching the dick, all my body was clogged as in convulsions, heat spread on all body. Mischa without paying to it attention the dick in my peshcherka continued to plant, suddenly he accelerated speed and having shouted from pleasure began to throw up a cum in me somewhere, I felt it on pleasant burning and heat, somewhere in me. Without taking out a dick he turned me sideways, and having embraced me lay down behind. I don't remember how many we so lay, but soon we together fell asleep. Here such I had a marriage night or morning. I woke up somewhere in three hours – there were already about about twelve o'clock in the afternoon. I lay in embraces of the husband, the buttocks, stockings and a corset were in the dried-up cum, the member Mikhail already was not in my buttocks and dangled concerning a bed tip. On Mikhail's dick there were also dried-up parts of a cum … … I is careful, trying not to wake, I crept out of Mikhail's embraces and the unsteady gait I went to the bathroom, the buttocks pleasantly itched. In the bathroom I completely undressed, descended in a prikhozhka behind the packages, pulled out from the package erotic a shirt with lace and black lacy thongs. My hole was in a half-open state, it was tired so out and horney that just it wasn't closed. I made to myself an enema, greased with cream the peshcherka, took a shower and dressed a new attire. On me black lacy thongs very erotically sat, and in combination with a white lacy shirt it looked excitingly. I was again brought, looking at myself in a mirror, especially made horney the rubbing nipples about shirt lace. I began to look for a hairbrush to comb a wig, but I didn't find, for that I found a butt plug in one of boxes. And why not to insert it, - I thought. It in the diameter was about 5 cm. Having greased a stopper with lubricant, having lowered a little panties, having bent dog-fashion, I slowly entered a pro-barrel into a peshcherka, After it pulled panties. The strip of thongs in buttocks was sideways a butt plug Stockings I didn't dress and went in such look, to examine Mikhail's house, I now here the hostess, previously having turned on the washing machine with Mikhail's things and a part of my things. I came into the hall and saw that a part of food which and stood on a table and which we didn't even touch already deteriorated. Therefore I brought together her and threw out in the garbage can standing on kitchen, all the rest I put in the refrigerator, wiped a table, packed the scattered things on the hall and accurately put them on a shelf. Then I went to kitchen to prepare, to have a bite something for my darling. I made omelet and made coffee, put all this on a tray and incurred to the bedroom. When I came Mischa still slept, I put a tray on журнальныйстолик and approached Mikhail, he slept on a back, having placed legs in different directions. I bent to his dick took it the right hand and dipped it into the mouth. At first he didn't react in any way, but after several frictions began to bulk up gradually. Mischa schuffled and slightly opened eyes. At this time the finger of my left hand already in all was active in my peshcherka, training her for darling. - The sun, you already got up, and as always perfectly you look, - he told, having stretched. - Mishenka, I prepared for you to eat, but at first, it is possible I you I will fuck, I told, sitting down over him and facing darling, having rested hands against his breast. Without waiting for the answer, I removed panties, having thrown them near Mischa's face, lifted up a shirt up, took out a butt plug, is erotic her having licked. Then I stood up a little and the right hand Mikhail's dick sent to the peshcherka. The dick entered rather easily and here he was already entirely in me. I began to move slowly on Mikhail's dick, the discomfort in buttocks gradually passed and instead of him I began to be made horney very strongly, even my dick stood a stake, floundering about here and there at each movement. Mischa caressed my boobies, having dipped hands under a shirt and also slightly podrachivat my pod. I began to accelerate, then began to do by buttocks circular motions, at the same time raising and lowering it down. I jumped on Mikhail's dick as on a racer, Mischa helped me, holding me by hips and directing. - The darling, give, fuck me, stronger, silneeeeeeeey …, - Mikhail almost shouted. Then I understood that I Mikhail already on the verge to lower to me in buttocks, quickly came off his dick and dropped to him a mouth, continuing to caress a dick, deeply immersing him in a mouth, and in several seconds in a throat the stream of juice of my darling struck. I wiped a mouth dry his dick and turned to Mischa buttocks that he also licked her. Mischa without mincing I dropped to my hole a mouth and I began to work actively a uvula, and I helped him twisting buttocks, then Mischa grabbed with a mouth my floundering-about dick and began to suck passionately until I was discharged to him in a mouth by a powerful stream of a cum. - Thanks darling you just super, - is grateful I told, having kissed Mischa on a mouth an easy kiss. - You thanks the sun, for the fact that you are, such beautiful and gentle, - Mischa told.