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Between legs foully mokret. Moisture flew down down, and thighs began to rub the friend about the friend, sticking. The guys smoking at the road with interest watched the girl who slowly goes along a number of cars, peering at numbers. I understood that under a dress it isn't visible — whether there are on me panties, but nipples gave me, sticking out from under fabric. And from views of guys of them I reddened. I looked at the watch: 10 more minutes till the fixed time. Probably, my Owner didn't arrive yet. And here I saw the necessary number! As hit me with current! It appears, he here Sits long ago and looks in mirrors, watches me as I go here as the last whore Kak shameful approached his car. As directed, I had to open silently a back door, to lift up a dress that the buttocks became bare and to sit down on the center, having widely spread legs. Only after that it was allowed to look at the driver and to greet. Not only that I didn't know how my Owner looks, so in addition I kept thinking that here now I will lift up a dress, and guys who stared at me will see my naked buttocks as I get into the car — and at once will understand someone I am. It was very a shame and is terrible, but to disobey the Owner — even more terribly. Therefore I spat on guys, lifted up a dress to a belt and got into the car, having widely placed legs, very much hoping that the mashinupodnyala of an eye didn't sit down on the man driving by mistake in others and greeted: "Hello, owner. Your whore is ready". The man turned back, clapped me the huge hand on a leg, spread my legs even more widely and, without ceremonies, instead of "Hi", thrust 2 fingers into my current pizdenka. "Already the bitch began to flow? — He told. — Perfectly! What you are lewd rubbish!" He opened fingers more widely in we wash a vagina, and then twisted them here and there. It forced me to squeal and to be curved to him towards. "Suffer, the bitch, we still didn't even begin" — he told. I took out the fingers smeared with my juice from my current pussy and I jostled them to me in a mouth: "Suck, the whore!" I obediently sucked round his smeared fingers. And he began to push to me them in a mouth more and more deeply, added to them still — thrust a palm to me into a mouth: "Well, we will look what mouth at the bitch Deep? Well swallows?" — he Muttered, without paying attention that I began to choke, my eyes were filled with tears and emetic reflexes began. It is impossible to tell that he didn't notice it. On the contrary — him it obviously amused. Therefore he pushed and pushed the huge palm to me in a throat, forcing me to cough and shiver. At last, he played enough with my mouth, pulled out a hand from my mouth, rubbed off it about my naked legs, and we went to hotel. As soon as we came into number, the Owner immediately gave to me rigid slap in the face: "Ah you are a bitch! You why still didn't undress! Naked and on knees! Quickly!" I peeped: "Yes, Owner!" Quickly I stripped to the skin and I kneelt. The owner kicked me in buttocks: "I spread in the center of the room!" I quickly spread like a dog in the center of the room and kneelt there. The owner approached and began to whip me on cheeks. I didn't understand — for what? Or perhaps just like that, for the sake of his pleasure? Отхлестав, he explained — for what: "More widely legs should be spread, a creature!" Also I kicked me on legs, moving apart them. I obediently moved apart knees. Still kick: "Even more widely!" I moved apart so widely that I could hardly resist in such situation. "Here so! And that at once so I got up!" After that he started over again whipping me on cheeks. It is impossible to tell that it were game slaps in the face. It was really sick. From each slap in the face the head departed aside. And he whipped everything and whipped. He hit me, probably, time 10. Then I stopped and I explained for what: "Someone allowed to lower hands! At the whore of a hand always have to be behind the back!" I improved. Then he got clips from a bag. Hand bells and small weights were attached to clips. It fixed clips on my nipples, sexual sponges and a clitoris. During the procedure I whined from pain. It was especially sick to nipples. From pain I began to shiver a small shiver. From it small weights on clips began to be shaken, hurting me even stronger. Hand bells tinkled. I was kneeling with the hands behind the back which are widely spread by legs, clips on nipples and a pizdenka called hand bells and howled from pain, biting lips. And the Owner stood over me and, happy, admired this picture. Gradually I began to get used to pain from clips. I ceased to whine and I got up exactly, expecting further orders. It seemed to the owner that the whore relaxed, and he sharply slapped me on a pizdenka a palm! What pain! He touched clips and at me all exploded from pain inside. I screamed! The owner grinned enough and began to slap me on sexual sponges, specially getting on clips. I groaned and twitched from each blow. Then it passed to a breast. I took small weights on nipples and I began to finger them. To pull in different directions. to throw Bol was just awful! I whined and begged him to stop. But he didn't play enough with me yet, slapped up to a breast — is weak, backhand! When bothered him, he departed away, and I took breath. I was beaten by a small shiver. Knees shivered. It was already almost impossible to stand in this pose. Legs strove to part. I managed to take breath only a few seconds as I saw that he already goes to me with a leather lash in hands. He began to whip my nipples and the pussy, intentionally getting on clips. And though he beat slightly, I was ready to shout from pain. But walls in hotel had excellent acoustic permeability therefore it was necessary to have a snack very much lips not to cry. I felt as on cheeks at me tears began to flow. And my pizdenka, despite all that he with me did flowed, as at the last bitch. When flogging ended, the Owner spat to me the person and ordered: "Creep, the whore, and bring me cigarettes, an ashtray and the lighter!" I got up on all fours and spread in a far corner of the room. Small weights on nipples and vulvar lips at the same time fought about my body, and I screwed up the face from pain. I crept up on all fours to the Owner, gave him accessories to smoking. He praised: "Obedient, bitch!" And in an award I spat to me in a face once again and I gave strong slap in the face. Then I ordered: "On knees! Open a mouth, a creature! Put out tongue!" I obediently executed the order. And I faced it as a doggie — on a lap, legs are widely divorced, on nipples, vulvar lips and a clitoris clips with freight dangle, on a face spittles dry up, the mouth is widely open, language is thrown out Unexpectedly to me again the strong slap in the face arrived: "More widely, the crud, a mouth nasty open! You will be my ashtray!" I began to tremble from these words. As it is humiliating And he dipped the huge hand to me into a mouth, pressed on the lower jaw, opening to the maximum: "Here таак!" Then he was a little more tickled, thrusting me fingers into a mouth and forcing to choke with emetic spasms. At last, it bothered him, and he lit. I sat, with the tongue hanging out, and he shook all ashes directly to me in a mouth. It was madly humiliating — to feel like nobody, simply a thing which is used for domestic needs. It was so dirty, so humiliating and at the same time — so возбуждалоЯ sat, my mouth was gradually filled with ashes, in a mouth there was a disgusting smack. I didn't swallow. I tried not to breathe deeply not to inhale ashes. Having finished smoking, the Owner extinguished a cigarette about a popelnitsa, and then suddenly spat to me in a mouth: "Swallow, a creature!" I didn't want it to do. It was very opposite to me — to swallow of ashes mixed up with someone else's saliva. But I obeyed. I swallowed this muck. Also I understood that I am lowered on today - full. I am just terminated whore. At this time the Owner got up, seized me a rezkoz hair and threw on a floor. I fell, having made secure hands. I didn't manage to raise the head from a floor as it got up on my person a leg and strongly I pressed it into a floor: "To lie, the bitch! Place!" I stood in this pose, pressed down by his leg: the back is bulged up, the person is pressed in a floor. The nose hurt from pressure. It really flattened out my person on a floor. And it for some reason was pleasant to me. The owner took away a leg from the head, but I didn't dare to replace a pose — and stood, having stood as the obedient bitch. I heard a jingle. Really still clips? At me and from these everything aches! Then I saw that he bears leather handcuffs with thorns. The owner pressed my face a leg into a floor again and ordered: "Hands for a back, the bitch!" I obeyed, already guessing that waits for me. The owner hardly pulled together my hands at me with leather handcuffs behind the back. Thorns rested to me against a back. Sharply I pulled the chain attached to handcuffs: "To get up!" I moaned! — reduced behind the back of a hand sharply pulled me up, it was sick. I quickly got on feet from knees to stop this pain, and he broke to me hands, having pulled a chain up, it forced me to be bent by cancer somehow to reduce pain. And here so, dog-fashion, with the hands which are lifted up up behind the back he began to drive me about the room. Then I grabbed by hair and sharply I threw on a bed! Sharply I pulled for a chain, forcing to raise hands above, to be bent dog-fashion and again to get up! I pressed on the head, forcing to the knees, I forced to creep behind him on a lap with the hands which are lifted up behind the back. Then I pushed in a back that fell on a stomach. Hands I couldn't make secure any more therefore I hard failed on a floor, having managed to turn away only the head not to hit against a floor the person. At the same time painfully I hit a breast with clips on nipples. I began to cry from pain and humiliation. And he seized me by hair and painfully pulled back, up: "On knees, the bitch!" I hardly managed to rise by knees from this situation again. These minutes I understood — what it, to feel completely helpless, deprived of civil rights, to depend completely on will of the Owner, from his mood and desires And I understood that it is pleasant to me. It is pleasant to be the bitch, a thing, deprived of civil rights and humiliated So he played with me as a cat with a mouse, still some time. Then bored him. He pulled me for hair and forced to kneel. I undid jeans and the dick pulled out from pants. That stood for a long time. "Lick, the crud!" I readily started licking his dick. The owner pulled together jeans with pants, laid down on a bed, having spread legs, and brought up me to himself: "Lick my balls to gloss, a bough!" I right there began to lick his balls carefully. I licked them, sucked, pushed to myself in a mouth, crawled on them a uvula, sponges and all face. Generally, I did everything if only to give to Hozyain pleasure, hoping that then he will become kinder and will torment me less. Nipples already terribly hurt from clips. And here sexual sponges and a clitoris ceased to feel them. Hands grew dumb, pulled together behind the back. And I diligently licked master's hairy sweaty balls. Here he raised legs: "And now lick my back, the skank! Try!" Oo bozhey! Before my eyes his anus came to be. And I should lick it As it is nasty as it is opposite how it is humiliating! And as gets! I carefully touched him by a uvula. Right there the Owner dipped a hand to me into hair and strongly pressed my face into the bum: "Stronger, blyadina! Lick him! Thrust language inside!" My face was literally pressed into his back, I opened a mouth somehow to inhale air, and thrust language to him into an anus. I began to lick him, moving language to and fro, around, and the Owner only pressed me to the bum more and stronger. Suddenly he seized me by hair, lifted from knees and threw on a bed the person up. Quickly I sat down on my person the back and I ordered: "Lick more better, damn!" Now he just sat the heavy hairy back directly on we wash the person, having pressed down me the weight. My hands cramped behind the back ached from pain. It was necessary to be bent somehow to reduce pressure upon them. He moved apart buttocks hands and more conveniently settled on we wash the person. I understood that I will just choke now. I turned a little the head that in a depression in the ground between his buttocks I could involve though a little air, and I began to lick his anus diligently. Air came to my mouth only having passed through my Hozyain's buttocks. His anus contracted and unclenched from my efforts. And the more better I licked, the more deeply got a uvula, the more it was pleasant to it and the stronger it pressed my face into the back, trying to strengthen feelings. I thought that, probably, it is necessary to try on the contrary less. Then to him will cease to please, and he will release me. I reduced pressure of the uvula in his anus, but he right there felt it, told: "A her you don't try, the whore!", I reached a lash and I began to whip me on a pubis, touching clips on a clitoris and vulvar lips. I raised a howl from pain. Directly to him to the back. It seems that it only made horney the Owner even stronger. And he began to lap my poor pizdenka, keeping saying: "Give, the bitch! Give! Lick him! More deeply! Suck it!!! Give, the crud, try!" I licked, sucked, pushed language, twisted it, I was already hurt by muscles in a mouth, but I didn't stop. From pain at me from eyes tears flowed. I groaned directly to him to the back. And it proceeded long enough. At last, he got down from my face, and I could inhale freely fresh air. He threw off me from a bed on a floor, got up before me and sharply the dick to me thrust into a mouth. "To suck, the bitch!" — he ordered. And the bitch, of course, obeyed. And what else was to do to her? My hands were cramped by handcuffs behind the back, and he took me for ears and began to pull sharply on the long dick. "As condom!" — I thought. And from this thought at me between legs even stronger everything was humidified. Though there and so everything was wet long ago and flowed on thighs. His dick rested to me directly against a throat, and he began to hollow me in a mouth as though it is a vagina or just a hole for a mouth. I have right there a fit of coughing, tried to remove the head to involve air, but Hozyain told: "Kkudaa, creature!", painfully I hit me on a cheek, I grabbed by hair and I began to stick even stronger on the dick. I choked and rattled, from eyes tears ran, the throat burned with fire, there was nothing to breathe. I began emetic spasms. Having felt it, my cruel Owner took out the dick from my throat, seized me by hair, pulled a chain up, having forced to bend down to the earth, and in such situation dragged me in a shower. In soul he forced me to the knees again and began to fuck my poor mouth also cruelly. I felt that my lips grew dumb and swelled. Tomorrow, probably, will be all inflated, as at a roadside vaflersha. Meanwhile, he jostled the dick to me in a throat again and began to fuck, indifferently. He fucked and fucked my poor mouth. It seemed to me that it lasted very long. He had a good time, thrusting a dick to the maximum that I began to rattle and choke. Then he one hand pressed me in the groin stronger so that the nose rested to him against a stomach, and the second hand held to me a nose. I tried to escape, but he didn't let. Then I began to choke, I began emetic spasms, and only then he released me to take a sip air. While I breathed, he held me by hair and gave slaps. I didn't think that slap — it is so sick. Just sparks from eyes. So it was necessary to choose — to breathe and suffer from pain from slaps or to suck and choke. I suffered And cried. Having allowed me to recover the breath a little, he snatched on my poor mouth which swelled from a mouth again and again planted the huge dick in my smashed throat. And so — to the first emetic a spazmov then suddenly he didn't release me when I began emetic spasms. I choked, tried to escape, but he held this time especially strong. And me pulled out! Directly to him on a dick! Vomiting flew down at me on a chin, on breasts, on a stomach, on a pubis. I stood and cried, shook me. And he smiled enough. Without having allowed me even to recover the breath, he set the dick soiled by vomiting in my mouth again and started over again fucking him cruelly. I jostled as it is possible more deeply, I held to me a nose, I pressed to myself and I didn't release, even when at me spasms were started over again. And me pulled out again! I began to cry with shame and pain. All burned a throat with vomiting. I begged: "Owner, please, enough! I can't so more! Regret the whore!" But he smiled only enough and again thrust the dirty dick into my mouth. This time he one hand squeezed my throat, depriving of me air, and another with a force pressed in the groin. I tried to inhale air, but I was disturbed by his dick who stuck out in wash to a mouth, and his hand squeezing my throat. I tried to make a start, but hands are tied behind the back, and he strong holds me by hair. Generally, me pulled out again! All my breast, all stomach and a pubis were already soiled. Vomiting a stream flew down on them down. Near my knees the small puddle of my vomiting accumulated. I thought, he will calm down on it. But the Owner spread my mouth on the dick again. As a result of me pulled out 3 more times. Each time from me followed less. In the end I had nothing to vomit, and my throat was just convulsively reduced from spasms. Having seen what more me doesn't tear, the Owner at last wanted to terminate. He made several especially sharp frictions, раздолбив even stronger my throat, and I felt as the hot cum shoots to me directly at throat depth. I even hadn't to swallow of it — so deeply he thrust the dick. The cum got in me at once. Having terminated, the Owner took out a dick from my mouth and wiped it about my hair and a face. And then he took me for hair and sharply stuck with the person into my own vomiting: "Ah you, bitch! Someone here so spoiled? Nablevala, crud? And well give wipe up for yourself!" He carried me the person on my own vomit, smeared it my breast, my hair "Open a mouth, a dirty creature!" I obediently executed. I already understood that in such situation with him it is more best not to argue. He began to wipe my vomit my lips: "Put out tongue, the bitch!" I put out tongue and felt disgusting sour taste in a mouth. Having driven me having a little more and thoroughly soiled, the Owner turned me on a back. I lay in a pool of own vomit, all person, a breast, a stomach are soiled by her. Now both back and hair. On nipples and a clitoris clips. Burn and ache. (A porn stories) the Razjebanny mouth it is just impossible hurts. The throat burns with fire. In a mouth here the Owner ordered nasty smack of a men's cum and own rvotya: "Open a mouth, the whore!" I opened a mouth, and directly to me in a face the stream of his urine poured down! What nasty thing! I wanted to close a mouth, but was afraid. I already began to be afraid of the strict Owner. And, besides, I began to derive pleasure, realizing — as far as I am lowered now. As far as I am a dirty whore. He stood over me and ssat to me in a mouth, on the person, forcing to hold eyes opened, ssat on my breast, a tummy, on a pubis On his order I spread legs and he ssat directly on my holes. Never in life I felt so lowered. And never in life I experienced such animal excitement.