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There was a Wednesday, I was in Yaroslavl on affairs, my phone rang out, number wasn't familiar to me. I answered a call, Artyom called. Artem told that my number gave him Maxim and that he wants to meet me and to talk. I told that I yet not in Moscow at arrival will contact it, on it and agreed. I returned to Moscow on Friday, Artemas gathered, he was glad me to hear. We agreed to meet in cafe when I came to cafe Artyom already waited for me. Artyom got up because of a table gave me a hand, we greeted and sat down at a table. I ordered to myself coffee, Artem told that he can't forget that our meeting at the dacha at Max, I answered that too often with the wife we remember these days off. Artem asked: as I treat just sex in private, I was a little surprised with such question. I told: that not time has nobody there were no meetings in such structure that we meet only couples. Artem answered that it is difficult to find the close friend for sex moreover such as I. What in me it, was asked by me Artemas, the bitch you cool, Artyom answered. It became pleasant to me that I was called the bitch. Artem put to me on a knee a hand and squeezed a little, I want to fuck you told Artyom. I having answered that I don't mind such deal, here and perfectly, Artyom smiled. Went; I told Artyom, I here nearby live. We paid off in cafe, and went to Artemas home. The house was near, we rose on the elevator by the fifth floor and entered the apartment. Settle down; I told Artyom, the apartment was three-room, everything was clean and is well arranged. I came into the large room sat down in a chair, Artyom was in kitchen. It entered the room, pushing a table with alcohol and light meal. He poured to me some cognac, I drank, have a snack on a lemon. I asked: where your dogs, Artem told: that dogs live in the country, and it too the apartment is empty, comes sometimes to check and be tidied up. It suggested me to undress and pass in a shower, I and made. When I undressed Artyom approached me and began to caress my bottom. I so want it; he whispered. Suffer: I answered. I went to a bathtub and that surprised me, there was everything to prepare myself for anal sex. I took a shower, made to myself an enema, greased the back, and left naked of the bathroom. Artyom approached me embraced me, stroked my buttocks and told; I now also went to a bathtub. In the room the TV worked and there was a porn the movie about gays, the sofa was straightened. I laid down on a sofa and the dick and balls began to caress, the dick became stone. In five minutes the room was entered by Artyom, already began without me, he told. He approached a sofa, his dick appeared opposite to my head. I took a hand the dick bared a head and kissed her, then carried out by language on balls and a trunk of the dick. Artyom moaned, I took a dick in a mouth and began to suck it, the member Artemas very quickly began to increase in a size. I embraced Artemas for a bottom and moved apart his buttocks, began to caress fingers his anus. Artem shouted: it is impossible, I am a man, but not the woman, suck the bitch. I answered nothing and the dick couldn't in a mouth. The member Artemas became firm; be developed, I told Artyom, I stopped sucking and got up dog-fashion. Artyom hands moved apart my bottom and implanted a finger into an anus, I moaned, he began a finger to fuck me. Artem told: bend legs in knees and hands move apart the bottom, so I also made, and here I felt as the member Artemas as I missed the real dick enters, the dick entered up to the end and the fucking of my bum began, in two minutes Artyom terminated to me in a bottom. Without taking out the dick from the back Artem told me: how long I had no such bitch. Gradually the dick decreased and left a bottom, I got up and went to a shower. Having rinsed, I returned to the room, Artyom lay on a sofa; I pregnant from you joked I. Artem laughed and much I poured in cums in you, Artyom answered. I laid down on a sofa near Artyom we looked at action of the events in the movie, the member Artemas was a little made horney. I began to kiss his breast, falling below to a groin, and the dick took in a mouth I began to suck it. Artem groaned and caressed my head, the dick strained and my mouth was filled with a cum, I swallowed everything, and the dick continued to suck, I didn't exhaust everything to a last straw yet. Just perfectly, I told Artyom. We just lay and had a rest, Artem asked: can, we will gather once again in big structure and dogs, payment for service of dogs is guaranteed. I told: that I don't mind, but it is necessary to talk to the wife. Already on the street began to darken, and I began to gather home, just like that you won't leave; Artem told. You still have forces; I asked Artemas. After such long abstention at me them Artyom answered much. Lay down on a table facedown and set up, the пиз … du. I laid down on a table hands moved apart a bottom, the member Artemas already stood he approached me and entered a bottom, the dick entered very easily, having fucked, and having terminated in me Artyom departed and sat down on a sofa. I got up from a table and began to put on. Leaving, Artem told me in a trace; I will call you. While I arrived home, I felt how from me the cum Artemas follows, was so good, to describe that isn't possible. When I came home at once went to a shower and was washed, Lena asked: where have you been? I was fucked; I answered. Also I told everything to her and that to us suggest to arrive to the dacha for sex and pairing again with dogs which to us will be paid. In an hour after our conversation with the wife my mobile phone rang out, it was Artyom. You agree; he asked me, I answered: that yes, perfectly then tomorrow since morning we wait for you to giving at Max and Vera. I got up at five in the morning in the morning and went for car, we had a parking in the yard and a lot of time doesn't borrow to take away the car. I stood at an entrance and waited for the wife, she left in a light dress, and I noticed that she didn't put on a brassiere. Her nipples were distinctly excreted through fabric, I asked; you what didn't put on a brassiere? she answered: as there are no panties on her too, only sandals and a dress. Super; I told. We got into the car and left the yard, roads were still empty, Lena lifted up the dress and bared legs and the pussy began to caress itself. It is good that the car was high and it is tinted, and people moving in passing with us couldn't see all this. Leather сидень became wet from Lena's juice, Len madly I caressed the pussy and having moaned I terminated. My dick was very horney. Suffer and to you it will be good soon; the wife told. Approaching giving I called Max. We were already tired of waiting for you; Max answered and we wait at the gate. Having driven to the yard of dacha of Max we saw the car Artemas, and still the unfamiliar one car. Maxim closed behind us gate, we went out of the car, the wife kissed with Maxim, and directed his hand to herself under a dress. There are no words some desires; I responded with Maxim to this action: you are all wet, I got a hand from the pussy of the wife and licked the fingers. I stood and watched all this action. We entered the house, Vera laid a table, we entered greeted and embraced. We missed you and doggies too; Vera told. We missed you too; Lena answered. I call all to a table; Vera told. Into the room came Maxim with Artyom, I came to visit already yesterday and I wait for you told; Artyom; how do you feel, I asked me Artyom. Perfectly: I answered. We sat down at a table, I asked Maxim; what bought the new car? No, it is the car of friends they still sleep, and we arrived with them; Maxim answered. That for friends, you told nothing to us about them and that else someone will be here: I asked. They often to us come to have a rest Vera loves when many men serve her; Maxim answered. What means much; I asked Len. These are three of our close friends, we didn't know when gathered that you will arrive to us too, this is already Artem reported that you will arrive to us when I arrived to us last night; Vera told. Yesterday I was fucked properly; cheerfully Vera told. It was necessary to warn us about it; Lena answered Vera. And that you will leave; Maxim asked. All of them is aware someone you are and that you can, and you want they, burn with desire will get acquainted with you, Lena told; that we won't leave and we will look that for friends at you. The room was entered by three men, to men was somewhere years on fifty with a tail. Two Aleksandra and Sergey so called men. Usual appearance; have heard a lot about you, and we are glad will get acquainted with you, the first was exorcized by Sergey. I asked; and what you aren't married all? There is no all are married and children are available, but wives don't share their interests in sex, want nothing any more if not meetings such what here we carry out it would be very boring to live; Alexander answered. We often gather such circle, and to us it is very good, welcome to our circle; Sergey told. We will look; my wife told. You already ready for feats in such attire; Alexander told having hinted at the dress which is put on on Lena under which nipples of my wife stuck out. And on her there are no panties; Maxim told. Perfectly: almost unanimously men told. And your husband speak the good bitch; Sergey asked my wife. Artem told us as I fucked him yesterday; Sergey continued the dialogue. Excellent: my wife answered. We will check: Sergey told. We drank to tea, the wife helped Vera to clear the table, we went outside in an arbor. I asked new acquaintances; there is among them a passive, or all of them are assets, or only with women. Sergey told; that among them there are no women, but all love men's sex in an active form. I asked; and what all will fuck us? Surely; Sergey answered smiling. So we sat up something, it is time to derive pleasure also; Maxim told. Maxim told Vera that they with Lena went to a bath the first, and we afterwards. Our wives went to a bath, we sat and talked on different subjects. I talked, and itself scrolled in the head that with us will be farther, and my dick began to be made horney from these thoughts. What big clitoris at our bitch; having noticed my excitement Alexander told. I was embarrassed and the dick covered with a hand. Nothing soon all we will consider him; Sergey told. Our wives returned from a bath in some dressing gowns and a wrapped up towel on the head hair. Your turn: Vera told. We got up and went to a bath, then I saw our new acquaintances in a naked look. Dicks at Sergey and Aleksandra 1 "I will call so one of Alexandrov" were the average statistical size, here at Aleksandra 2, it was huge also a quiet state. This dick: I told addressing to Aleksandra 2. You still in working order didn't see him: laughing he answered me. We were washed took a steam bath, men sat down at a table, I went to shower to do myself an enema. Having made an enema and having greased the point, I left to men. Gotov; Max asked me. it is Always ready: I answered. We entered the house, in the big hall a floor was covered with blankets and pillows. All of us undressed, wives in the room weren't. Men sat down in a big circle. Begin with the host girls so far isn't present; Sergey told me. I approached Max he laid down on a floor, I began to caress language his nipples, then passed to a dick took him in a mouth and began to suck. The dick was quickly made horney, I felt as my bottom someone rumples, it was Sergey. I turned to Sergey, kneelt and began to do him blowjob. Then Artemas, Aleksandra 1, Aleksandra 2 I left for a dessert. The member Aleksandra 2 I licked took a head in a mouth, the huge head filled all my mouth and began to suck it. The room was entered by our wives, on Vera the strap-on was put on, and it was wet. I understood that Vera fucked my wife so far we were in a ban. Here and our queens: Alexander 2 told. All girls to get up dog-fashion: Max ordered. I got up in the middle, Lena Vera on the right at the left. My wife screamed entered her, Sasha 2. What is it; the wife asked: what it is huge. Alexander thrust the dick into my wife more and more deeply. Lena moaned, Sasha 1 began to fuck Vera. To my bottom Max was attached and I entered me began to fuck me. Artem laid down before us and we in turn sucked to him a dick. Then, Sasha 1 began to fuck Vera in the pussy, Lena sat down on a dick of Artyom face to face and bent began to kiss him, and Sasha 1 entered her bottom. Maxim left me the dick washed rubbed off, and I began to suck it. Sasha 2 approached my wife, so that she licked his dick with Vera's juice. Vera put on a strap-on and entered to me the back, began to fuck me. Then Sasha 2 told; I want to fuck in buttocks someone? He approached Lena she a stomach laid down on a pillow spread legs and hands took the yagodichka and fat opened buttocks. Sasha 2 began to enter slowly her when the head disappeared in a bottom of my wife she screamed, the dick entered a bottom and measurement in her more deeply. In couple of seconds all huge dick of Sasha 2 was in a bottom of my wife. So far Sasha 2 fucked my wife. Vera left my bottom and sat down on Sasha's dick 1 pussy, Max entered her bottom. I sucked Sergey's dick. Sergey began to tremble all and began to cum to me in a mouth. I licked the member Sergey. Sergey sat down in a chair to have a rest, I drank a glass of champagne. Sasha 2 terminated in a bottom to my wife with loud growl. Max terminated in Vera's bottom too, Sasha 1 took out a dick from the pussy Vera and terminated her in a mouth. It is simply delightful; Sergey told. All agreed with him, Pavel your wife, it чтото: Sasha 2 addressed me. That here it was possible to answer. We sat and forty talked somewhere minutes. Men took an exciting pill that to you it was good: they told. I with Lena went to a shower, we were washed greased bottoms though they were opened as it is, especially Lena had a huge hole after the member Sasha 2. But greased the bottoms once again, and went to the room. Vera told to put on to Lena wadded trousers, we understood at once that we are wanted to be given to dogs. Lena obediently put on trousers which in the middle had a cut. Sasha and Sergey sat and looked at all this. Max and Artem in the room wasn't, Vera told Lena to get up dog-fashion threw with a blanket a back. Sergey approached my wife and began to lick her, Lena groaned. The room entered Max with Artyom and conducting with themselves the master's favourite. Max approached Lena got cotton wool from a bag carried out on a bottom of my wife. The dog began to whimper. Artyom brought a dog and he jumped on Lena's back at once began to twitch on her. Max helped to get to the pussy to the dog dick, all others looked as my wife is fucked by a dog. The dog stood, and on legs of the wife the dog cum began to flow, the wife didn't groan she howled as the bitch from it. The dog jumped off from a back and was developed. Artyom held a dog, men approached Lena and began to examine a hitch of a dog and my wife, dicks at all stood on full. Sasha and Sergey approached Vera and began to fuck her in turn. The dick of a dog took off from the pussy of my wife. The dog began to lick the member Lena failed on a floor. Vera approached a dog and the dick to a dog began to lick. Max left the room, and men approached me and I began to suck to them dicks. Max dragged adaptation in which I was already fucked by a dog, I understood me now will couple to a dog. Artyom took away a dog, Lena got up from her a stream the dog cum flowed, Vera helped to take off trousers from Lena and gave them to me. Max told Lena to lay down in adaptation which he dragged. Once again: Lena asked, at us two more dogs wait for the turn. To lay down Max shouted on Lena, the wife повинуясь laid down on this bench facedown. Max bound her legs and hands, covered a back with a blanket and tied him to a body also wound the wife's legs with dense material. I got a jar with lubricant, and I began to grease a bottom of the wife thrusting two fingers into a bottom. The wife obediently lay. Get up dog-fashion on a sofa a stomach: Max told me. I laid down on a sofa a stomach, Max approached me and began to grease my bottom with the same lubricant, fingers easily entered my back probably thanks to lubricant. Max told Sasha 2: try his back, Sasha approached and the dick in a bottom began to push through. I felt pain, but not that that expected. I already weigh in you: Sasha told. I was a little surprised that I didn't feel severe pain. Sasha fucked me having terminated a bottom. I want him too: Sergey told. He is yours: Sasha answered. Sergey fucked me too having terminated in a bottom. His dick all was in lubricant and a cum. The room was entered by Artyom conducting the dogs, Max carried out by cotton wool on my bottom. At first brought a dog to me, the dog was already torn to climb on me. He was brought he I smelled my bottom licked to me balls and a bottom and jumped on me, to him helped to get to my point, and a fucking such I began. I felt as balls of a dog strike mine, at each his push, and here it is the lock, it became a little sick. Max held a dog on me, Artyom with Vera brought other dog to my wife. The truth I didn't see as he jumped on it, but heard sighs. The dog cumed to me to the back, in a bottom of my wife the dog cumed too, Sasha 1 approached me and sat down before my person having spread the legs. I made to him blowjob which ended with the termination to me in a mouth. When dogs left us Lena untied, but it lay on this bench not movably, and men considered a perineum of my wife which was filled in all in dog to a cum. Sasha 2 took my wife on hands and incurred to the bathroom. I went to a shower, from a shower cabin I saw as Sasha 2 washes my wife, caresses her breasts washes away a cum from the pussy and a bottom of my wife. The dick accepted him a horney state, I want to fuck you in the pussy so far there a dog cum: he told my wife. I was tired: Lena told. The second time I won't ask: he answered. And you look: he told me. He got my wife from the bathroom, put on a floor and laid down on her entered the dick to her the pussy. I began to kiss her lips I caressed a hand a breast and I fucked her. I stood and jerked off looking at their sex. I terminated before Sasha, he terminated directly in the pussy of my wife. I got up from her I lifted and I put in a bathtub with water. Having kissed her on a mouth I left the bathroom. How do you feel: I asked her. Perfectly: Lena answered. I left the bathroom, men fucked Vera in all her holes. I sat down in kret ми just began to look at this action. It was very good, I closed eyes, and thought as after all it is good to wish and be desired. Thanks to all for attention to our history.