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And it shouldn't resemble a simple string. It has to close a tummy, to a pubis giving vent to imagination and adjusting mysliet articles of clothing and seducing are almost lost, however, there are still women understanding in them толкТак here my mother wore stockings. Every day. I sometimes saw process of their clothing. Not specially So it turned out. Though has to admit that he so made horney me Well I itself I arranged some accidents. And once I even completely spotted this ritual! No, don't think that the belt is put on as at cinema under panties. Absolutely on the contrary he is carried from above, and so is even much more sexual, than under them. Probably, it is so more difficult to fuck, but "the way out at least one of all stalemates will be found!". "To what all this?", you ask. Yes just from it all and nachalos1. Enlightenment. When I absolutely accidentally found out that our teacher of the Higher mathematics Ekaterina Petrovna wears stockings. I was surprised, and began to watch her more attentively. Judging by the seen by me, secondary signs, she carried them with a belt. How did see? Yes everything is simple. She liked to stand, slightly привалившись to department transferring all weight of a body to the leg, next to a support. At this time her opposite hip was slightly curved, and against the background of the fitted skirt contours of a sexual belt, and sometimes even the elastic bands holding a stocking very distinctly were looked through. How many it I remember, it always came to occupations in quite strongly fitting skirt on a palm an overknee, light blouse and a jacket. In hot days the jacket wasn't put on, and then under fine fabric it was possible to consider contours of the decent boobies delaying a thin lacy brassiere. As far as I knew, it was thirty five and it was very sexy and attractive. Only because of it I didn't skip any additional class and visited all open classrooms which she conducted. No, I didn't fall in love. I just wanted her. I wished all fibers of soul and constantly I dreamed how I will set with it on most Well, you also know! Certainly, I not only dreamed, but also studied it: character; habits; cherished secrets what I could only get. And still it was a wife of our dean. And student's languages frayed that he is a henpecked. Than not a place of application of force for receiving additional bonuses? There was some dark history in her biography before she married our dean, but I couldn't "dig out" her. The only thing that one stranger behind vodka liter told me — it was caught or a story about intimate Katya's relation (so I called her now) and the student emerged. But the case was dropped and buried in the annals and history. Already there passed year as I tempted the sister and got acquainted with sex opportunities. It is possible to tell, I received the maximum lessons of the main disciplines at once. The impetus was given and didn't go to waste. During this time I feathered, easy played love, quickly bringing the passions to a bed. Several times I changed girlfriends. All of them for some reason had one hang-up: "Time we are close, it is time to celebrate a wedding also!". But I wasn't going to marry! I wanted to do career, to receive big money and to live as I want, but not by rules of society including kopeks. Well of course, I didn't sound it aloud, but arrived by this principle. And one more feature I met all the girls when they were in a stressful state. As my little sister blabbed out: — You the Earring have a gift — stroking my dick after the next "last" warm-up in a bed. — This? — I press her hand more strong to a phallus trunk. She some time is silent, and then answers: — And it the same. But, the main thing, you are able to console, at once gaining. You say banal things, but so that you should believe And your great physical shape With you easily make contact, and to Get down further already difficult It bent down and kissed my head and right there put a uvula.2 on use. So far all went to Moray along the corridor institute and I saw the slightly opened audience door. It was "monastery" of my dark passion: Ekaterina or Katya. In principle she shouldn't have been here. As far as I know, now on all departments laid tables and congratulated women. The seventh of March, holiday day Having become interested, I approached and carefully glanced in audience. It was empty. But there was still a closet used as a warehouse and the vacation spot. I was there few times. Cases with grants, an old sofa, a table and even the Door window in a closet it was covered, and the constrained sobbings reached from there. I approached to the door and listened. Sounds were obviously made by one person. It seems that the woman and I precisely knew someone she is. Having quietly opened a door, I entered. On a sofa "my" Katya sat. She quietly cried, hardly constraining sobbings. Her rumpled jacket rolled nearby. All in herself and the experiences Katerina didn't hear me. Having stood for about a minute, I stepped forward and having sat down on a sofa nearby asked: — What did Ekaterina Petrovna happen? Someone offended you. She shuddered, turning to me a tear-stained face, and right there turned away. — Leave — she hardly told — leave, please, Seryozha — I now, I as it should be — also began to wipe the tears which rushed with a new force, a hand. I got a scarf and stretched to her: — Take. He the chistyyona mechanically took a scarf and put to eyes. Then sharply I got up and I approached a window having got up to me a back. The bright spring sun poured her light, played in slightly reddish hair. — I can help?