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Tables of faculties were removed from where-to sounds of cheerful music flew, laughter and cheerful cries was heard. The teaching table was almost empty, only in the center Dumbledore, on, strongly resembling a throne, a chair sat. He with the absent look that-to recalculated in the hall, without turning attention to noise and music. Directly before a table the big scaffold decorated with multi-colored ribbons, green branches of plants and flickering magic sparks which fervently jumped and ringed as hand bells was located. — Begins Begins. More quietly! — were heard silent shepotki around. Hermione found herself facing almost the scene, in the company of other girls from different faculties. I burst a bravura march and on the stage there was Draco Malfoy dressed in a dress coat, but for some reason on a naked body. Having put a stick to a throat, he cheerfully smiled. His voice strengthened by magic was carried on all hall. — So, I am glad to welcome all audience! At last after long expectation our competition approached the final! And exactly today we learn everything someone will win this prolonged competition! — For the beginning, I would like to invite to the stage of all those someone to a regret, couldn't reach the final that we could give due to their skill! Yes, they couldn't win, but we have to thank them for the dedication shown with participation in this difficult competition! Ladies, I ask on the stage! Almost all girls surrounding Hermione quickly moved forward, a chain coming to a scaffold. She knew many: here the Moon Lavgud with Kogtevrana, here Pansi Parkinson and Dafna Greengrass so Slizerena. The sister Patil, from Griifindora and Kogtevrana. Familiar and unfamiliar faces gathered behind a back at Malfoy and he continued: — So, allow me as to the leader of a competition to thank you for participation and to hand these modest awards! A scene Na there was a guy unfamiliar to Hermione with a big tray. Na a tray the hill seemed what-to badges. And they with Malfoy began to attach quickly them on a cloak of girls. — So, thanks to our participants, and an applause! — A now, we will greet the judge of our final competition! Someone will choose the winner today? Prepare for a surprise! — And it is Draco made a mysterious pause, is Harry Potter! Applause! A scene Na there was Harry, in a snow-white silk shirt and jeans. He fervently smiled and waved a hand to the audience. — A now, I ask to rise by the stage of our finalists! So, participant number one — Zhou Chiang! I ask to welcome! A loud applause was distributed, shouts "Zhou were heard. Give! Kogtevran with you!". — And of course the favourite of our competition who won the previous tour with a huge separation, participant number two — incomparable Hermione Granger! Meet! Ne Hermione expecting such turn of events stood. Standing a number of Loong with her I bent and I whispered: "Give. I always knew that you will win!". Hermione looked back to her and tried to consider the badge pinned to cloak ee. He was a strange form which vyzyvavala not absolutely decent associations. Na him big letters "L. M.H. ". Were allocated she tried poluchshe to consider a badge, but ee was picked up suddenly under a hand by professor Makgonagel and pulled on the stage: — Ms. Granger, all faculty counts for you! You understand that the victory in this competition, it the whole 150 points of faculty is necessary for Gryffindor! It is more than confidence and good luck will be on your party! Hermione herself didn't notice as it was a row with Malfoy. The hall blew up a deafening applause, whistle and what-to shouts was heard. Then amicable chant "Hermione went! Hermione!" — I Will ask silences! — The voice of the leader was carried on the hall — I declare the competition final the Best Blowjob of Hogwarts open! Hermione stood on the stage, and didn't understand what occurs. Around again an applause, whistle and chant were heard. She didn't notice again what image on the stage was a beautiful convenient chair in which Harry settled down. — So, the participant at number one, Zhou Chiang! I ask! It seemed to Hermione that she only blinked, but here already Zhou faces on knees Harry and his dick holds with a hand, and diligently slides on him lips. In the hall there came the silence, to Hermione felt itself as if the soft, absorbing sounds and movements cotton wool laid over. She blinked still time, trying to drive away unclear delusion. "What else Best Blowjob of Hogwarts that for nonsense? Where does Dumbledore and other teachers look?" — thoughts were heavy and resembled sticky sugar syrup. — A now the second participant of our Competition, incomparable Ms. Hermione Granger! I already several time asked our participant from where such, undoubted talent? No Ms. Granger continues to store a secret! So, Hermione, I ask! Nothing without thinking, Hermione tried to find a look of which-nibud of professors. No suddenly I understood that faces on knees Harry with his dick in hands, lip an ee already last forward. The dick seemed to her what-to is unreal thick, the inflated head is one and a half times more than the dick.